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Diary of the wife of an evil dentist

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posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 05:52 PM
Dear Diary,

lately Maggy and I played a trick on Jack. Maggy, his assistent, told him she is having a love-affair with me, his wife.

To get to know that his wife and his assistent are lesbians was too much for him. He got a heart-attack as I confirmed that this is true. I'm sorry for that.

Maggy and I have thought about how to teach Jack a lesson for a long time. And we both thought that telling him we love each other would be what would make him think about his ways of behaving. And it did. He fell to the ground, grasping for air as I confirmed that I love Maggy more than just like a friend.

His face, as he asked me if that really is true, was worth the lie. Maggy said she is still laughing about how he reacted as she told him about our "affair". Jack is in the hospital for a week now. We both, Maggy and I, are glad that he survived it. We surely are. Come on! In the very was just a joke.

Yes we, Maggy and I, are mean and evil liars too from now on. No doubt about it. But it indeed was worth it.

Hanging out together with Maggy and Sally, and her female lover, is such a pleasure. They are "big girls now". And so am I.

He's gonna survive it. That all what counts. And I'm not into devorcing him! I vowed I will support him in good and in bad days. And I'll keep my word.

Seem as if this is the beginning of a series of bad days for him.


Tonight we, Maggy, Sally and I are invited to a party. I can hardly wait to wear my new dress. I hope it's not a go to a party while my huband is in hospital. Nah...I think it's not. Tomorrow I will visit him again. I will do anything to make him as happy as he made me! That's what marriage is all about!

Ohhh...the door-bell is ringing...I gotta go now...

Good night.


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