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Audio Hallucinations Before Sleep Captured as an EVP!

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posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 06:42 AM

originally posted by: JarofRice

originally posted by: GreenGunther
a reply to: JarofRice

Come at me demon bro


You will receive the invitation. It isn't from me.

You already received it didn't you?

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 06:47 AM
I like ghosts. If you act with a ghost like is a real person and ignore the fact they are ghosts, you may achieve higher form of understanding.
I once chased a ghost puf of my house by telling it to get out of here.

Anyway. Everything is possible. There are more than the possibilities thay people explain here.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: JarofRice

Perhaps its an invitation from myself to myself

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 06:51 AM

originally posted by: GreenGunther
a reply to: JarofRice

Perhaps its an invitation from myself to myself


If you have not been invited yet. Then you will be in the next few days. Someone will knock at your door, if you are not home, they will leave the invitation at your doorstep.

It will be before next Wensday.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:31 AM

there is a danger to this level of contact that you are experiencing....if you're hearing things outside of the recordings, it may very well not be hallucination, but you could be going clairaudient..and if you're in touch with malevolent spirits, they will make it a nightmare for you

I just sent you a PM

this happened to me from doing EVP


posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:33 AM
I can try to exorcise the spirits if you have any?

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:35 AM

Some examples:

Here's another account of this I found on the website of a paranormal investigation team's website:

"We took on a case a few years back of a person who started watching all the ghost hunting TV shows and decided he was going to go out to a few claimed haunted locations to try and capture a few EVP (electronic voice phenomena). To his dismay, when he listened to the recordings he discovered that he had actually captured a few interesting voices. Well, one thing led to another and he became so obsessed with capturing EVP that he started doing it in his own home and, again to his dismay, he was capturing voices on his recorder.

After awhile of this he actually started hearing voices with his ear and not on his recorder. This is when we were called in. We did our best to help the individual and we came to the conclusion that it wasn't his house that was haunted -- it was him. We told him to stop recording the EVP and to have a cleansing done on the home, but he refused to listen and continued with his obsession.

It eventually got so bad that he cut off communications with his friends, family and us as well. To this day we have been unable to contact him, but his family has told us on occasion that he is not the same person he once was and that he spends most of his time alone talking to whatever followed him home. Could this be a pre-existing mental illness, an obsessive personality, or an evil entity that found a new victim?"

three more accounts of hearing voices from spirit communication from the Inter-Voice forum

Alan July 26, 2012 at 1:11 PM |
I am also hearing voices, for 3,5 years now, after playing with EVP, I can tell you they are spirits, but not the dead, they are demons pretending to be people.
I also was on seroquel, but haloperidol helped a little less better but without side effects, now I stopped my medications and just ignore the voices.

1.steve August 2, 2012 at 11:01 PM |
Hey ALan, I as well was into the paranormal and was listening to evp’s and also meditating allot before I started hearing nasty, condemning and threatening voices that now bombard me 24-7. I am now on 6mg of invega and it helps, but cant go off because iv’e tried and the voices are still there. I wish they had a support group around me but they don’t. Thanks Steve

August 26, 2013 at 3:54 AM |
I express my sadness upon reading your accounts.
Interesting that the voices began after paranormal phenomena as this happened to me. I was a Reiki Master and energy worker. Intuition was strong in my family and I just accepted it as part of my life. I first heard a voice one single time in 1994 shouting “Stop, go back, it’s unsafe” or something like that. I did heed the voice and a moment later a car careened out of control and likely would have hit me had I not listened. At the time, it was quite miraculous. I never heard this voice again. However, four years ago, I was using a pendulum psychically.
I began to have a notion to get a yes no letter chart, similar to a Ouija board. Big mistake!!!! At first, received happy messages from relatives that used their distinct turns of phrases. Within a month, I got more agitated messages that I or loved ones were in danger. I began to hear communications in the actual voices of my passed loved ones, and no longer needed the pendulum or chart for messages. I had some skepticism so I had a reading from a respected psychic medium in my vicinity. Without telling her anything about what was happening, she said “I am being told that you are an open channel, very gifted, have you considered using your gifts as an occupation? You are very much loved on the other side and you will be aided.” So this confirmation made me relax that the messages were true and real, even though they were agitated and had no factual basis. I chalked it up to my deceased loved ones not being too clairvoyant about future events. Oddly, I began to have physical sensations corresponding to the verbal messages. Within a few weeks, I received a very scary threatening message essentially that I had been bamboozled, my loved ones had never contacted me, I was now surrounded by demons and that I was being murdered and my soul going to hell. I went to the emergency room and the behavioral hospitals more times than I want to count. I have been in therapy for nearly 4 years, as well as had consulations with priest, charismatic Catholic prayerful intervention, energy work, Reiki, diksha, exorcisms, energy tapping, soul retrievals, Native American home clearings, ghost researchers, hypnosis, spiritualism, Oriental acupuncture, Chrystal work… I’ve spent thousands. Those who work with the paranormal definitely expressed that I was not possessed, but through my openness and tacit permission by using the Ouija-like chart and the pendulum, I had parted the veil and attracted a bad-intentioned spirit, and am channelling a being that refuses to leave. I cannot confirm or deny this. I no longer have clairvoyance, no longer feel energy or Reiki or diksha. The voice and the torture (his word and it is true) has remained. Over the years, he hasn’t focused as much on torturing me. But even at a reduced level, it is still torture, especially as I type this brief account.
I pray and I focus on the good as much as I can. Music has helped me and a few friends did not abandon me. Four long trials of medicine made absolutely no difference and hospitalization increased the intensity of the abuse. I’m heading into year five soon. I look forward to continuing psychiatric outpatient therapy, at the very least, I have a paid “friend” who listens to me with intelligence and probes for some stuck feelings. And I am grateful that my partner who hopes that this will all be resolved when some unknown trauma emerges for healing and integration.
Blessings to all!

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posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:42 AM
my story (brief version):

I've been on/off interested in the paranormal for many years

last winter I decided to go active with it and started experimenting with EVP.

I didn't capture any at first but within about 2 weeks all of that changed and I started capturing many many EVPs everytime I did recording sessions

some were pretty clear, most were faint at first, but the more I did EVP and as the days went by all of the faint voices seemed to come into focus in a reached the point where I was holding conversations more or less with the spirit voices I was hearing

I admit, the more I heard, the more I was curious, the more I got lured in

at first all of the spirit voices I was hearing were seemingly benevolent and more time went by, some began to claim to be the spirits of family members and friend who had passed away, and in my ignorance, I fell for it all hook , line and sinker

after about a month, malicious, negative, threatening voices started to show up in my recordings, cursing at me, threatening me, all sorts of nasty stuff

it was slight at first so I just tried to ignore it and keep focused on the more benevolent voices I was capturing on my recordings

but as the days went by, it just kept getting worse and worse with the malevolent voices until they started to dominate my recordings pretty much

then one day while I was at work, near a running fan, I began to hear these same malicious voices speaking to me over the fan noise, quite loud and clear to,

this freaked me out, so I quit doing EVP all together, but it was already too late, I had already developed clairaudience

as the weeks went by, I kept having more and more of these incidents where I was hearing these harassing tormenting voices, mostly through a steady background noise, but not always

something else then started to happen...I began feeling weird physical sensations, mostly as I lay in bed, such as vibration sensations, pretty intense to, also for about a week, every night, whenever I crawled into bed, I would feel what I can only describe as a finger coming up out of the matress and poking me in the lower back, every night....sleep became a problem, so I started taking over the counter sleeping pills, but I was getting into such a panic about this, even they seemed to not be effective

then literally over the course of a single day in early April of last year, it all just exploded to an extreme level, voices everywhere...coming from all around and all kinds....again, mostly though through steady background sounds...I believe this must be the same effect as when EVP experimenters use white noise to enhance EVPs.

the voices were intense beyond belief, the physical sensations got worse to, I couldn't sleep for more than a few hours for two weeks straight...I could barely eat as well

I became a complete vegateble for awhile....I could go on and on, but it's been a year now, I'm still dealing with it, but it's not nearly as intense now, once I cgot a handle on my emotions, this subsided allot, but it's still ogoing for me every day.

I know this sounds like I just freaked myself out from doing EVP, but before that I had never heard voices in my life

since it started I have also found others accounts of this, as well as have met others who experienced it as well, their help and insight into it was the only thing that got me through it

anyway, moral of this post is, bad idea to mess around with this kind of thing, matter how it may appear on tv

yes, it's not that common, and I believe certain people are more sensitive to spiritual influence than others....the danger is, sometimes we may not figure that out until it's too late,

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:57 AM
i first used a ouiji, the room got cold and foggy and the piece moved without us touching it. then i used tarot. 13 years later i started getting what i thought was voice to skull. but now im thinking a group of beings were attacking me. i use zyprexa and put blocking materials up, its not a fun time.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 08:02 AM
Wait for the invitation. Don't think these people popped up out of nowhere.

Wait for it You will get it.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 08:06 AM
Ghost buttlets ate the best. While alive they were buttlers. As ghosts they are still buttlers! You can make them hang your coat or bring you drinks!

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 01:50 PM

originally posted by: GreenGunther
I believe most of you suffer from schizophrenia, or some other form of anxiety induced paranoia. Why choose to believe in demons when you can choose not to?

People believe in Demons/Ghosts/Astral Beings for the same reason people believing in the imaginary friend up in the sky God. It's a part of Human Nature to believe in a Higher Power. Some people choose not to believe in God and in turn society has labeled them Atheists. And baned them from attending religious events and or burned in the stake a few hundred years ago.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 07:39 PM

Hey guys this is my latest EVP. At first I thought this EVP was saying "Hi Stephen I killed you on". And I was like umm ya I am still alive. So I slowed it down using wavepad and found out it was really saying "Hi Stephen I Loved you on......" before being interrupted by me turning over in my bed.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:28 PM

originally posted by: ZeroFurrbone
I can try to exorcise the spirits if you have any?

Na its all good. I have lived in my house for 24 years and nothing bad or scary has happened. I just never realized how active my room was though in EVPs. It would make sense though because my room has always been the Coldest in the House. My hair is always standing up on end in my room. I have lived with these sensations for so long you get use to the Hair Standing up.

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:35 PM

originally posted by: JarofRice Playing with EVP is like playing with the ouija board. It's the intent that matters. It actually could be anything that you are stating your allowance of wicked spirits in your home. The person who responded to your first, saying you should stop is wise. Actually it is wise to not even began to play with the occult. And as far as EVPs that are real being disembodied voices, that is quite wrong. All spirit communications are with wicked spirits. And spirits have spiritual bodies, they are not disembodied. They were never physical, made of flesh and blood to begin with. They are wicked demons, angels under Satan. They are ruthless, evil, and bent on the destruction of humanity. Some may say, well perhaps some are evil, but there are good ones. NO good spirit communicates with you through the use of mediums or sorcery. And they are not dead people who are really alive. The dead are dead, and not more alive than ever. People for some reason think that dead people get supernatural knowledge after they die, so they can manipulate the laws of nature which scientists don't even fully understand yet. As if by dying they become more alive and have superhuman knowledge. They have superhuman knowledge because they are above humans, they are demons. This is how it usually goes with most spirit communication: A lot of times the demons will fool the fool playing around with it, making them think they are a dead person, perhaps a child, or what not, the wicked angels know the belief system of the person trying to get in contact with them, so will use those false belief systems to manipulate them even more. If you believe in ghosts, or are not sure if they are real, they may give you the appearance of being dead people, still alive. If you believe in holy angels (which are real) and guardian angels, they may fool you into believing they are angels of light sent down to talk to you. Some will even pretend to be aliens from Orion, etc. Then as the spirit communication progresses, they will all inevitably get more vulgar, start harassing, bullying, saying nasty and disgusting things. And lie a lot. They are all of them wicked and evil. You unfortunately have wicked demons in your house playing with you. And it appears you allowed them entry.

Not all that is true. There are lots of human spirits that have not passed on and can't pass over because of something. Not all spirits are demons. Do you really think all humans when they die have their spirits taken some place far away and then they can't affect the living in any way shape or form? This is a common misconception.
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posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:41 PM
If you believe in "demons" being harmful, then that will become part of your reality, and they will.

Get some sage and do some smudging if you're worried about bad/evil spirits.

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:18 AM
My cousin and I recently spent an evening in the Bird Cage theater, in Tombstone. Kind of a mini-lockdown, with a group proctored by one of the owners, that can be had for rather cheap money. It was really interesting. Something most should experience, if you get the opportunity.

No signs of malevolence, just some quirky happenings... orbs, lights.. sounds. There is some kind of undefined energy in there, and it was explained in a very professional way by the proctor, who also relayed many of her stories to a very interested bunch. We had fun, and we talked about it among ourselves in a very open conversation. The "spirits" ( conjecture, because no one person really knows what that energy really is) seemed to enjoy our interest and are rather playful.

My experience, and just relaying the info - not dwelling too deep on what it is, but it makes you think how much we all really do not know about the nature of weird stuff like this.. but is was something.

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: Stevemagegod

That's really creepy man. I don't know if it had anything to do with reading the spoiler or not, but I heard exactly the same words. Of all the ones I've listened to, this is the clearest one yet.

What really freaks me out though is the last word "on" which seems to drag on and then kind-of becomes a chorus of voices.

Take care!


posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 08:37 PM
I had Audio hallucinations once. I swear I heard a family member come home and talk to me about 10 minutes before they really arrived. As far as I can recall it even had the door sounds.

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 10:30 PM

originally posted by: Vilehumans
I had Audio hallucinations once. I swear I heard a family member come home and talk to me about 10 minutes before they really arrived. As far as I can recall it even had the door sounds.

The same exact thing happened to me once way back when I lived at home. I heard my Mom's car come up the hill, heard the garage door open, then heard it close and car slowly drive in before it closed.

After a bit I went downstairs to see why no one was coming in and there was no one anywhere. Out in garage no car even. Then I went outside and played some basketball and after a bit heard the car coming up the hill again, but when I went to look, there was no one and no car. This was out in the country and it is very quiet and private.

Years before that I was yanked and dragged out of bed by something, but no one was physically there.
Other family members saw a doppelganger of my sister in the house with her pet Siamese cat beside her, but both were not the real ones. Really oddball stuff has happened there.

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