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Rise and stall: The political trajectory of Marco Rubio

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posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 06:30 PM
I just found this lengthy expose at the Tampa Bay Times, and it's worth a read.
Rise and stall: The political trajectory of Marco Rubio

It discusses Rubio's entire political career, and how many bridges he burned on the way.
It also includes his flip-flopping history and how he maneuvered his way into the Senate.

The guy is a sleazy rat who can't be trusted, basically.

The political trajectory of Marco Rubio took off not long after that Clearwater dinner seven years and seven days ago. It has been steady and at times soaring as he reached the top tier of presidential candidates — elbowing a mentor out of the way — but now Rubio's fortunes are in free fall.

When the final Florida primary votes are cast Tuesday, he is expected to get beat by Donald Trump, and his future moves to the place Rubio hates most: uncertainty.

This portrait comes from Tampa Bay Times interviews of more than 40 people who know and or worked for Rubio, as well as documents and more than a decade of journalistic coverage of the senator. Rubio and his staff declined to be interviewed.

The traits of Rubio's success, as they often are in politics, make up the foundations of his failings. Impatience. Ambition. Opportunism. Confidence on the campaign trail, indecision in the halls of power.

Once thought to be the most marketable Republican in a crowded field, a young Hispanic candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton and make history, Rubio seems to have few allies to call on.

DiMatteo helped Rubio after that dinner. He sums up Rubio this way: "He is extremely skilled and ambitious. He is also extremely not loyal."

I thought I had seen somewhere on the web that he'd been called insupportable, even for dog-catcher, by someone.
Turns out it was Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez, a kingmaker in Dade politics who had connections across the state.

Rubio betrayed him regarding a controversial school-funding fracas where Marco failed to fix some "differential spending" on schools he'd promised to do, and Rubio also raked in a lot of donations and spent it on himself....

He's a backstabber, a flip-flopper, and doesn't have many pals left in Florida. Even Jeb! was astounded by his duplicity....

Martinez said Rubio would call him all the time but suddenly stopped in 2005 when Martinez left office. A couple of years later, Rubio asked to meet for lunch at a Latin American cafeteria in West Miami. He was thinking about running for Miami-Dade mayor and wanted help. Over a Cuban sandwich, Martinez let him have it: "I wouldn't support you for dog catcher."

Anyway, I found it interesting and worthwhile reading. I'm not a fan of his, but am glad I read it in case he gets further in this campaign.
Please do note, that contrary to some info posted here on ATS recently, Trump is definitely expected to win Florida on Tuesday.

Just in case any one else is interested to know more about this person.
What are your thoughts?

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posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 07:14 PM

The guy is a sleazy rat who can't be trusted

So he is the standard kind of politician right?

posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 07:22 PM
I'm surprised there are not more replies here. I read the entire article you cited. It strikes me that a lot of "ammo" that the article cited came from Rubio himself criticizing himself. I'm unsure how to treat those sorts of "exposes." But clearly Rubio is a GOP Obama in many ways: A first term senator with not much experience, a minority with charisma. There are so very many parallels here that it is uncanny. On the immigration issue I don't think he is actually wrong. The problem is that he has pissed off the conservatives who thought he was on their side, plus he flip-flopped on them. Frankly, given his background I don't see how he could come down hard against immigration. He's a beneficiary of it.

But it's obvious his charisma and good lucks have failed him. He hasn't done well at all. Perhaps this is due to inexperience, or perhaps it's because his real record, when you actually look at it, isn't so hot and some of those skeletons in his closet have been exposed. What really galls me is that people did not look as hard at Obama as they are looking at Rubio now.

In any case Rubio doesn't have a chance, and some of it is because of his own choices. However, I think we'll be seeing him in national politics for some time. He isn't going to fade into the night.

Thanks for providing the article.

posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 07:56 PM
a reply to: schuyler

I think there are not more replies here because no one really cares about or likes Rubio.

I can't remember meeting anyone who supports him. I don't think I've even seen a thread or post here endorsing him.

I don't know if anyone actually expected him to get the Republican nomination.

As was already posted, he's just another typical scumbag politician. Just like all the others.
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posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 01:10 AM

He's a backstabber, a flip-flopper,

You just described 99.9% of the population of the US....

posted on Mar, 14 2016 @ 06:06 AM
I'm not surprised that it's getting no 'traffic' to speak of, but don't forget that there are 100s or 1000s of people who read and lurk, but don't even join.

If ANYONE is thinking Rubio is their man, I can only hope this will help them make an informed choice.

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