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No Christian is Involved in Politics

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posted on Mar, 18 2016 @ 12:13 AM

originally posted by: JarofRice
There is an upcoming election in the United States. If you are not in her, even still you are interested, because she affects the whole earth. I am a US citizen but do not reside in the United States.

All over the world "Christians" involve themselves in politics, even though Jesus did NOT.

And the Christian faith is that people of all sorts out of all tribes and nations and tongues will be saved.

And we know, as Christians that we cannot kill our brother and love God.

So anyone involved in politics and wars of the world are NOT Christian.

That is right. Do you make up the majority of people that worry about politics and are in Christendom? Then you are a part of Satan's system of things.

Because Jesus said that Satan was the ruler of the world. And Jesus never took sides in political disputes, but said that his kingdom was "not from this source" from the world.

You are not Christian and hate how Christians can take political sides and murder each other, and force their laws on people? Then you have valid arguments. Jesus did not nor do his followers. Satan has counterfeit "Christians" that are doing all these things and leading you away from the truth.

"What is truth?" some may ask. If you have that attitude it is possible you will understand, because you really DON'T care, and don't want to.

If you are a reasoning person, and realize all of the above is rational. Then you also know that God is a God of love. And that his people must have love among each other everywhere in the world.

That is logical. So really, people who will respond to God's message are those who are reasonable, not intolerant, not extremist. They realize that love is the important factor in all things.

Not all people realize this. Do you? Then you are special. And if you don't, can you mold your thinking ability to be able to understand it? You can. You can break free from the fetters you are in, but it takes a thinking and reasonable mind. That is all. That is all that is needed.

Know this: ALL government in all countries is under Satan's control. NO person voting for office has God's approval. No religion that involves itself in politics is approved by God.

Easy to understand. Logical. Not ALL religion therefore is bad. But ALL religion expect ONE is from Satan. And if you are not of that one, then you are indeed part of Satan's system of religion. And if you don't believe in it, then perhaps that is why. But you are still mislead by Satan.

Simple, clear, logical. And not only that, when you think it through, correct. And loving. Thinking minds with eyes to see and ears to hear will be able to discern it.

Not unthinking illogical ones only bent on arguing and hate. Not those.
Christianity is politics.

posted on Mar, 18 2016 @ 08:20 PM

originally posted by: BELIEVERpriest
a reply to: namelesss

Or maybe you should just not comment on things you don't understand.

Sounds like a 'stock' (impotent) answer to something that 'threatens' the ego.
One could respond with that to each and every response here!
Ok, feel free to make me 'understand' how my words are incorrect!
So far I stand behind them 100%!
Let's examine what we are talking about, you said;

"Self defense is entirely different, and when it comes to defending the homeland from invaders, we are to take up the sword."

To which I replied;

I guess that >you< have more of 'value' to 'defend' than Jesus did...
For which you would kill!
I wonder why Jesus told the rich man to sell it ALL and give to the poor, AND THEN come follow him?!
Perhaps you are missing Jesus' entire point because, as the rich man who sadly walked away from Jesus, you have 'too much to lose'...?

And I still have no reason to abandon the Perspective!

And stop making assumptions about my character and faith!!!

When you come here with the avatar screaming BELIEVERpriest, you are making a statement, in public, which invites response. And then when your words belie your vanity moniker, someone is going to reflect that right back in your face.
If you don't make claims, you'll not have anything to defend!
And when the BELIEVERpriest is attempting to validate killing people, using Jesus as your excuse, well, there must be plenty others who would be happy to stand and call 'blasphemy'!
At least, 'hypocrite', and far from being a 'Xtian' according to Jesus's definition of being unconditional Love!
And after dumping everything that you might be tempted to 'defend'!

Jesus told His disciples to arm themselves

And as soon as the first blow was struck, he healed the victim, and told them all to drop the arms!
Did you miss that?
Unconditional Love!

, but He also told them to respect authority unto death,

What does that even mean?
If the 'authorities' told you to violate Jesus' teaching, you should violate the teachings?
Is that how you twist that 'alleged' quote (and I doubt that the quote is as you say)

so at some point, you have to determine for yourself the appropriate course of action. Or are you ignorant of the actions of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and David...acts of war that God sanctioned?

Your biblical references are irrelevant!
There are tons of violent ignorant insanity in those writings, all of which Jesus 'subsumed'/abolished in his NEW testament revelation/demonstration of unconditional Love!

I think you erroneously conflate 'belief' (an infection of the imagination/ego, 'vanity/Pride') and 'Faith', an unconditional Virtue of unconditional Love!
No one deliberately harms other people, unless they host some 'BELIEF'! *__-

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