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For you Blend57 / Robin Hood

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posted on Mar, 12 2016 @ 12:24 PM
A story told many times before, you know it as Robin Hood the prince of thieves..
The story is a lie, but still, doesnt mean its not the truth..

It was played out in Romania a very long time ago, you know it as the story of Dracula and his curse..
The King held a seat of the Dragon order of the old.. He was betrayed by his people and his son was tortured in a cell in a faraway mystic land..
His son was released and saw the making of what his people did and killed them all with a wooden pole behind closed doors.. The ones who lived to see another day went underground.. The Prince sent message to the highest order and declared everyone of them outlawed, the ones who didnt fit in was cursed to wander the land for 700 years only promise to sleep one night at each place, only could the curse be lifted if a gypsy found the three nails Jesus was nailed with.. So they all fled to Scotland, where Gods hand couldnt reach.. The same people held the truth to the scriptures of the old, what people didnt know it only held something already known..
So they made a poor mans chapel, Roslyn its called, Telling stories of the old.. The curse was still held, so they fled once again, only to be lifted if someone found the three nails.. I did found them, and a lot more.. The curse, well its lifted.. And the truth is worse than i ever could imagine..

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