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Weight loss frustration

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posted on Mar, 10 2016 @ 11:22 PM
a reply to: Bluesma

I know your frustration somewhat, a friend of mine is going through this, i do know that 'Muscle burns Fat' but you won't notice it for about 6 weeks then it will begin to increase the loss.

I've also know phen375 burns fat fast and safely. (i'm not a doctor, not qualified to tell you what to take or not take but i know others who have said it worked for them.)

Anyways remember 6 weeks, do weight training 3 days a week for 30 mins, and get a mini trampoline/Rebounder, a good one like Needak. I have one myself and it is amazing. It clears out your thyroid gland which is the waste deposit of your body and just does amazing things for muscle strengthening.


here's a quote from a Trainer.

Susan Retzlaff, NASM Elite Trainer , Fitness, answered It may take up to four to six weeks to see a reduction in pounds on the scale, but you may feel a difference in how your clothes fit. This is why: You may be losing fat, but you may also be gaining muscle if you are also doing strength training. Muscle weighs more than fat tissue so the scale may not budge. The good thing is muscle burns more calories, so you want to be building muscle. Muscles are our fat burning give it time and you will see body shape changes, even if the scale stays the same. Pound for pound muscle takes up less space on your body so you may see a loss in inches before a loss in pounds.

As a side note and you most likely already know this, but Carrots will slow down your weight loss efforts along with of course Sugar, which stops your body from burning fat for something like 24 hrs. Keep in mind that bread and just about everything these days has added sugar in it. Something to curb the appetite always helps though.
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posted on Mar, 11 2016 @ 02:46 AM
This is a goldmine of information, peeps, thanks!
I really love hearing others' stories, those make me feel less alone and help me see the different ways this can go or be experienced.

This morning my horoscope said, "You may be discouraged this morning because it feels as if you're running on a hamster wheel without getting anywhere. Honestly, even your most dependable rituals don't seem to contribute to your progress today. Paradoxically, your smartest strategy is to loosen your expectations without giving up on your goals. "

So, my fit of frustration is caused by the stars! (gotta place blame somewhere!

Weighed myself this morning, and apparently I got to my pre-established goal for this week. I had originally drawn out a plan for losing 1 kilo a week, and it turns out that is exactly what I've done. I am just being impatient.

This is actually the first time I have ever dieted like this. Up to now I never looked at a scale - I believed it was bad to do so because it makes you more focused on outside sources than what you are feeling inside, making you less tuned to things like whether you really are hungry or not. (I believed a big problem today is people eating when they aren't truly hungry, but not listening to that).

But since my usual subtle methods seemed to be not working, and I am new territory with the hormonal changes, I began to question my previous ideas and thought I should try the more common methods.

I am lucky in a way because my lifestyle and environment is pretty conducive to healthy eating habits- some people mention things like sugar or sugar substitutes, which I am not really faced with. The french do not trust sugar substitutes, nonfat milk, fake low fat butter.... those never caught on here. People eat real food. I do not have a sweet tooth, so I haven't found that to be a problem. Even fruit, I can't stand citrus fruit.. I only like a few things- blueberries, strawberries (if not very sweet), apples, pears. So I don't consume much fructose.

On the other hand, wine is a challenge, and cheese.... my own fridge is filled with a collection of really different and wonderful cheeses, and that I miss! Goat cheese! Mmm.....

I have been surprised to find that my cardio workouts (running or elliptical trainer) don't seem to make as big a difference as weight training, or yoga! Someone explained that here, and it is nice to see I wasn't wrong on that perception. Yoga has been a huge discovery in that way.

I have to take my photo and do comparisons now. But Perhaps I will consider ways of lessening up all this control, because I think that is what is causing the emotional backlash. I don't want to go to war with myself, which is what it feels like right now. I'm losing the pleasure in it all.

Thanks again, you guys are a real help!

posted on Mar, 11 2016 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: Bluesma

Wine and cheese--both okay in moderation, but terrible for weight-loss purposes. Of course, I'd keep them both in your diet, enjoy them moderately, and lose weight just a little bit more slowly while enjoying life. As with many things, weight loss is easier to achieve and then maintain if it is done slowly, but that also means that you need to weigh yourself at longer intervals and take progress pics at longer intervals in order to see the progress that you may be looking for. I'd push off the photos to at least every month, and weighing in no more than ever week.

Remember, though, that hydration can be a big changer in weekly weigh-ins, so don't get discourage if you don't see the progress that you want, as you just may be more hydrated that day, or were a bit dehydrated on the previous weigh-in.

What matter is that, overall, you keep going in the right direction, but every road has a few speed bumps along the way. Definitely keep rolling over them and you'll get to your destination.

posted on Mar, 11 2016 @ 04:07 PM

Reply to Bluesma

I admire your resolve and good on you but don't beat yourself up even if

you remain within your personal ideal weight around the age of 50yrs

your shape will change.

Acceptance is the key angst and constant worrying gets etched in the

face take stock and come to terms.

I believe you have grand children? your life is going in a different

direction, not worse not better.. just different!

I have been where you are now.

The dreaded old fashioned word *the change* sums it up perfectly.

Something I was told, and no one here has mentioned is....

You have a choice.

"A few extra pounds equates to a few less wrinkles"


" Less pounds more wrinkles"

The choice is yours !!!

GOOD LUCK! It does get easier.

posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 08:09 PM
Bluesma, I worked at a men's health clinic where we focused on Testosterone replacement therapy and weight gain and the inability to lose weight was a common problem among men we saw. You may want to get your testosterone levels checked as "Low T" could be a contributing factor. I had mine checked and even at 32 my testosterone levels were extremely low, so I started testosterone replacement therapy, which consist of weekly shots or a daily topical cream and it helped with weight loss and helped with energy levels. This can be the case for both men or women, so maybe it's worth checking into. Just thought it might help.

posted on Mar, 17 2016 @ 04:34 AM
It turns out I continue to lose exactly what I set out to! (1 kilo per week)
The increase in muscle strength and mass is becoming evident to the eye too - it almost seems like letting go of my emotion in this rant de-blocked something.

I read everyone's suggestions, and then let various points arise in mind as my subconscious wills, so I am reminded of certain things to try or to focus on, according to the moment. I decided to take one day off each week, in which I will not work out, and will allow myself to eat more, so I can go out with hubby and friends. Even ate a peice of cake last weekend at a restaurant, but my weight loss continued correctly to today.

I upped my weight lifting work out, as well as yoga - keeping up a 30 minute cardio each day, but putting more focus on muscle development. I'm also really excited to see my flexibility increasing so rapidly. I had assumed that was never going to get better at this age!

As a side note, I've had some problems with sciatica the last couple of years, but that seems to be completely gone, due to the yoga. I'm feeling much more positive. It really does wonders to exchange with other people - I can't thank you guys enough! Kisses and hugs all around - thank you!!

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