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Oil Production Halted in Iraq: The Whole Point (from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:04 PM
Recently has listed a small post indicating that all oil production in Iraq is currently halted as a result of insurgent attacks on oil infrastructure. A Google query identified this ITAR-TASS article which is likely the source of the Rense claims. Additional articles in the Observer indicate that a primary goal of US and coalition forces was to secure the oil infrastructure of Iraq and protect it from potential attack. However, significant articles have also demonstrated significant efforts on the part of Iraqi insurgents to disrupt the flow of oil from the country.
CAIRO, January 10 (Itar-Tass) - Oil producing companies and oil refineries in the northern part of Iraq have totally stopped functioning because of a series of acts of subversion, staged over the past few days. Oil exports have also been stopped, an Iraqi official said in Baghdad on Monday.

This is the result of repeated attacks of rebels on oil refineries and oil pipelines, including those which supply fuel to power plants. Oil production has been suspended at the largest oil fields in the northern part of Iraq.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

After hearing this news and considering it alongside the massively bloated no-bid contracts which have gone to Halliburton and KBR for oil-infrastructure rebuilding, I have a thought:

What if we invaded Iraq for its oil? Not the way one may think, but to disrupt the Iraqi oil supply for two reasons:

1) To enable a neverending supply of broken/sabotaged oil infrastructure to enable a multi-decade hegemony of American oil infrastructure contractors in the area.

2) To ensure an additional 'strategic reserve' for the US through the 'sabotage' of Iraq's oil infrastructure and subsequent production halts/slowdowns.

I don't know if this theory has been raised previously, but what about the possibility that the US is not simply trying to install puppet regimes in each of the world's largest oil producing countries, but that it might be happy about the lack of oil production in Iraq as the Iraqi oil industry reverts from a producing entity to a US stockpile for use at our discretion?

Maybe the administration knew all along that they were not going to be well-received in Iraq and invaded on that pretext...stopping all oil release from Iraq through targeted instability.

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 06:35 PM
That they know EXACTLY what they are doing. And everything that is going down was well planned. You think Bush didn't know Enron was going to crash? You don't think he knew about 9-11?

I think you hit the nail right on the head man. But I also think that it is COMPLETELY untrue that the oil has stopped flowing. I mean, S.Arabia(?) and the US pull off a terror attack in order to start conquring countries and it just so happens the first two they go after happen to have SOMETHING to do with the oil industry.. go figure. S.A. had issues with Iraq. Afganistan had that little pipeline deal. THAT OIL... is flowing smoothly. I wouldn't be surprised if its actually being rerouted to some other deposit (despot?) that is about to run out (peek oil) ... so it doesn't run out.

I bet in a few years we'll hear that Iraqs reserves are much less then previously thought.

OTOH, maybe Saddam already sold all the oil? And the big conspiracy isn't the missing WMD but the missing oil? And THAT is why it isn't flowing! Geez, one can go anywhere with these conspiracy theories can't they?

(wouldn't that be something?)

PS DUDE: Good post, thanks.
PPS: I'm not familier with this point system thing.. but we should be able to give away points when a member does something constructive like this individual has. No?

"Flowers trump wormholes?"
"At the moment, yes."

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