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What is the ultimate aim of the Illuminati?

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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 03:06 PM
A look into what the Bavarian Illuminati was about will offer you a glimse into why they formed and what they hoped to accomplish. Amazingly enough, it wasn't world domnation, nor control over the masses. It was quite the opposite. They wanted to remove the power structure that was in place, and return it to the people. The structure was the King and church. Both together had complete control and could enact laws, punish anyone they saw fit, and do just about what they pleased, with no recourse.

Adam Weishaupt was interested in dissolving the power structure by any means nessecary. He was an anarchist who had the public interest at heart. This is a fantastic way to tell the story and it was done by one of our members. I hope you all enjoy this.

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: uncommitted

I see what you're saying. Well in this case my point still stands. Those who control the money control the world. Those who control the money are zionists.

I don't blow it out of proportion though. We are masters of our own destiny. I am controlled to the point I am forced to work. But I have managed to work to a point where I am comfortable.

I do however blame many problems on money. And as such I guess that by blaming money I am blaming the zionists?

Who knows. I'm happy and that's what matters!

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: Keplero

The Bavarian Illuminati was an anti-monarchist think tank. They don't exist any more as their aims are now irrelevant.

From the Illuminatus trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, the (fictional) Illuminati want to "immanentize the eschaton".

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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 03:44 PM
a reply to: chr0naut

That is precisely why I thought the OP was referring to TPTB or similar etc. Semantics again.

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 05:09 PM
When you get down to the core of it, they don't really have one goal. It's a mix of everything you stated, and then some.

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: Keplero

The Bavarian Illuminati are no more. However, they stood for the complete physical, mental, and spiritual liberation and freedom of each and every human.

Today's "Illuminati" are:

• Economic and political centralized-globalists

• Central Banking cartel

• The Congressional Pharmaceutical Industrial Military Complex

• Celebrities riding the band-wagon of occult symbolism

Meaning, there is no "Illuminati", just a straw man containing no substance, used as the perfect scapegoat to deflect attention.

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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 02:21 AM
Having read Zachariah Sitchen, I think they are trying to recreate the situation roughly two hundred thousand years ago. They want to be the Annunaki (gods, masters) and the working class are going to be the slaves.

The evidence to this. Ask yourself what are the three things they are trying their damnedest to keep secret from us.

What will be their eureka moment? The minute they find a skeleton or remains of an annunaki with enough useable DNA to create an immortal annunaki being. Once that takes place we are on a countdown to hell.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 03:09 AM
My personal theory is that there is no group that holds meetings that identify as such, but that there are a variety of factors which are labeled the Illuminati.

One of which consists of the people behind the scenes, politically. Military industrial complex people. They have plans and are corrupt. They want to bring about a one world government to further their wealth and power. I believe there are also a number of one world government supporters that are there for the right reasons.

The other frequently identified aspect of the Illuminati is in the entertainment industry. This one is a bit weirder. It often seems to feature very symbolic messages, sometimes images that represent corruption. I'm not talking about stuff from a socially conservative viewpoint, but Miley Cyrus being sexually provocative in a baby outfit, or many fashion pictures which fetishize death and decay. The occult aspect of this is often mentioned, usually by Christians. One small bit of hypocrisy is they want to point out that whenever Christianity is mentioned by these people, it is presented in a mocked or corrupted form, but the Christian conspiracy theorists never make that claim about the occult or pagan practices that are often featured which are also represented in a dark light. My claim is that their images are often a corruption of everything and are paradigm neutral in that respect, but I digress.
In addition to social issues they also have lots of gestures. The hand over one eye (which is not an extremely bizarre pose I think), and the ok sign over one eye (which is extremely odd and cannot be attributed to chance). Speaking of that ok-eye sign, I was watching last seasons Survivor, when I saw one of the contestants, Jeremy, make that sign at the camera at the end when the screen gets small when they're running credits. I thought, "he's going to win". He made this sign early in the game, and sure enough, he won. Coincidence? Possibly, he always came across as the likely winner. But it's weird. It seemed like Louis CK dropped it in his show as well. It pops up in all these weird places.

It could be zeitgeist. Photographers, producers, whoever are probably aware the whole Illuminati thing is popular and look for ways to increase views, and shocking images and weird hand signs could be part of that. But where did it come from in the first place?

Or there could be something weirder going on. I'm sure you'll get people saying they sold their souls, but that's lazy speculation I think. Where's the evidence, why this hand sign now and not 50, 100 years ago? What is the point of the hand if you've already sold your soul? Just to indicate you have? I don't think so. I think the whole issue could involve magick, I'm just not sure how.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 03:49 AM
a reply to: Keplero

The very best source for an insight into to the aims of the Illuminati
Are the surviving writings of Adam Weishaupt

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: artistpoet

And his professional path, his early life and training under the Jesuit brotherhood as well as his esoteric philosophy would suggest he was likely a member of the (original and secret one not the AMORC or any other open derivatives) Rosicrution brotherhood or had been mentored by one or more members of such, he was undoubtedly familiar with the meaning of the seven sided tomb.

But given the divergant nature of the Illuminati from the Rosicrution principle's (but broadly similar goal) he or the chapter he was possibly a member of, the Rosicrution chapter which had seemingly broken from the main order of the Rosicrutions in Spain, Austria, France, Britain and Italy in disagreement with the other chapter's over how secretive they really should be (up until that point they were a brotherhood of influential scholors, priests and statesmen but mainly alchemists whom practices in secret), there ultimate goal, how much power over human destiny they should seek to attain (there intentions were of course supposed to be good) or the other view of how much they should try to influence human destiny and whom they should recruit are probable factors, this was also a time of rising occultism and some rosicrutions before the dissolution of the brotherhood (in most nations) saw themselves as Alchemical guardians facing the black cult's that then ran rampent among the ruling class of europe including the hellfire club - the best known example - in britain and several others around europe), this chapter he was a probably member or Initiate of before the Illuminati founding (or his chapters rebirth as the Illuminati) also merged (or a sub chapter of it did) with a certain German merchant guild called the Free Mason's).

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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: Keplero

The ultimate aim of the Illuminati, NWO, TPTB is control over every aspect of our daily life.

Fact is our society has reached the point where a one world government is a requirement for us to become a type one civilization. We need to put aside our petty differences and come together as a species or our society will ultimately become stagnant and tear itself apart. How we get there however is a whole other kettle of fish, we need to achieve such while retaining our individuality and freedom which quite frankly is not part of "There" plan.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 07:39 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

Of The NEW illuminati also called the NWO this is I BELIEVE the truth, the NEW illuminati (however misguided the old order was) are truly not the same in principle with only darkness at the heart of there intent but like the proverbial narcisus they can only see there own reflection which they are in love with but they were once scholors, philosophers and priests rather than politicians, bankers and gangsters though perhaps they are perhaps directly linked and this is one reason there tenticles based on the legacy of the older order may have become so lodged among these institutions.
It is worth noting however also that those Scholors, Philosophers and Priests of the older order were actually often influential members of the ruling class so maybe the rot goes back further than I think?.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Possibly as far back as ancient Babylon, especially so with regards to the Priest cast.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 10:45 AM
a reply to: dollukka

Why October?
The date was 8/16/2014 or 8/14/2016. August in both cases.
Is it just a mistake?

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: olbe66

Hey, all the answers are good answers. I know now: my question has unlimited results.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 10:53 AM
So, the problem is the term "Illuminati", right? I mean, there are political and military organs but it's the same, or not?

originally posted by: Sahabi
a reply to: Keplero

... there is no "Illuminati", just a straw man containing no substance, used as the perfect scapegoat to deflect attention.

"Used" by whom?

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 02:34 PM
There are several organisations groups and individuals who use the title Illuminati.

The term was originated by Adam Weishaupt though originally he was going to use another term
He is recorded as writing to a close friend ...
... that if he died tomorrow he would have achieved much to be recognised as founder of The Bavarian Illuminati.

Well we owe Him that much for it is true ... and his thoughts and ideas are remarkable ...

"Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind. Despotism has robbed them of their liberty. How can the weak obtain protection?"

"And what is this general object? The happiness of the human race.

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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 06:27 PM
From what I heard they split into two groups

Both super rich the bad guys and the good guys keeping eachother in check .. They have meetings last one I heard of they were photographed at Palm Islands

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:46 PM
a reply to: Keplero

In their own words. ..
"To immenetize the eschaton"
That is to say, make the apocalypse happen as efficiently and functionally AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
in order to bring about utopia. Where humanity evolves into superhumans and join the rest of civilized cultures in the universe.

Research Albert pikes letter to the p2 lodge leader of the time where he outlines what must occur during the three great world conflicts.
WWIII being the final event to immenetize the eschaton.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:48 PM

originally posted by: prevenge
Research Albert pikes letter to the p2 lodge leader of the time where he outlines what must occur during the three great world conflicts.
WWIII being the final event to immenetize the eschaton.

Propaganda Due Lodge did not form until 1945, Pike was dead for over half a century by then. How did he send them a letter?

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