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TENS - Microcurrent Pain Cure...

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 05:26 AM
My life was over. I wanted to die.

Suddenly.. a little device that I had been perscribed a few years prior - that when used usually just annoyed me more then anything - started working for me.

These things work. I just want to tell you if YOU are suffering from extreme chronic pain.. or someone you love to try this. I'd say its nonhabit forming but to tell you the truth, the relief it can bring is pretty addictive (I have a spinal injury, lower back). At one point I was taking enough narcotics per-dose to kill a grown man several times over.. this has managed to reduce my painkiller needs. I figure if things keep up this way - the more I use it the more it seems to reduce the pain in general - even when not in use - that is a new development - it use to just work for as long as I wore it and now its paying off even when not in use it seems - if it keeps up I'll be cured in a couple years I think.. or hope anyways..

There is a start page for ya'll.

I'm a non-believer when it comes to "cures" and I wouldn't tell anyone to waste their time looking in to something that wouldn't give them a hand (I have no investments in the technology either ... other then my own sanity and health) .. I just had to talk about this somewhere. I mean I had to use a wheelchair if I was on my feet for more then an hour.. and some days was not strong enough to raise a fork to my mouth (which is a frelling awesome thing to go through when you are a young good looking revolutionary).

Hope it helps folks. BTW... did you hear about the version that is 'just for girls' ... can you guess why its just for girls?

Good thing it doesn't work on guys or I'd NEVER leave the frelling house.

And I can't find the report.. but.. this is SORTA it..

But the long story short is that the Canadian government did a study and found that after a month of use patients who said that they WERE getting a benifit from it (about 10%) dropped to only 1%. In other words.. "TENS units are not as good as drugs."

A TENS unit you buy once and replace batteries.. drugs are needed to buy every month. If TENS worked for everyone all the time.. drug dealers would be out of business.

A device that can kill pain AND make you climax... and the government says "there is nothing really to it.. go back to your drugs".

Go figure.

Let me know if you get ahold of one of these and it works for you okay? I'd like to know about your experiences with it.. specially if it involved success.

BTW: If you try it and it doesn't work 'right away' there are 100s of combinations of places to put the pads, types of pads, and frequency and voltage and amplitude (all adjustable on the unit itself). And like I said, when I first started using it, it bit and shocked me more then anything and after a couple hours a hated the thing. BUT, for no reason at all (might have been a pad change from plastic to cloth) a few years later its started to work. Good luck.


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