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An American Reprobation

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:39 PM

Hello again ATS.

These are the words of a forty-nine year old man who has lived his entire life in the United States of America...

The first time I can recall ever actually being engaged on any level at all with politics was in the year 1977. The previous year had been the US Bicentennial and my parents had gone out of their way to ensure that I benefitted from the festivities. We travelled to Washington DC in the summer of '76 and I took it all in. The White House, The Capitol Building, The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, The Museum of Natural History, The National Air and Space Museum, Fords Theater... all of this and more. All of it. We spent our last day at Arlington National Cemetary where I saw the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and Kennedy's Eternal Flame. Additionally, in 1976 I also boarded and toured the American Freedom Train where I was able to stand within inches of George Washington's own personal copy of the Constitution. The Bicentennial woke something in me and by the following year, 1977, when my school interrupted class so that we could all watch the inaguration of Jimmy Carter - I was absolutely primed and wholly interested in the political process. I was an optimistic ten year old kid, fixated by the magic and lore of our great Republic.

From that point forward the passion for politics never left me. Not even after I got old enough to fully comprehend the topic and to endure the overwhelming loss of innocence that comes with such understanding.

I will grant that Social Studies and Civics classes in Jr high and high school did not teach me much. My jaded and older self is fairly certain that this lack of education in these areas is as much deliberate as it may be chalked up to issues like overburdened teachers, classroom overcrowding or outdated curriculums. However these classes did manage to teach me a few things in very clear and concise terms. One of the things that I did learn was that The United States is not supposed to hinge upon dynastic rule. That is a cornerstone in the very foundation of our freedoms and values. Sure, there are the studies that show that nearly all of the Presidents share DNA... but if one researches the subject, one learns the truth... The same can be said for a vast, vast segement of the US population. If you shake the family tree of a lineage that has been in the US for a hundred or two hundred years? An English monarch is likely to fall out of one of the branches.

On paper and at first glance, the issue of dynasties does not seem very troubling... We've got a couple of Adams - father and son. We've got a couple of cousins named Roosevelt. We've got a couple of Bush's - father and son again. Six out of forty-four doesn't seem that troubling... Four out of forty-four, if we're only counting immediate relatives even less so.

But at second glance?

After that first inaguration that I can remember witnessing, the next was when I was fifteen years old. It was the inaguration of Ronald Reagan. A very exciting time for me. Those who were not alive cannot fully appreciate the road that lead us to Reagan. This was the world before cable news... before the Internet. This was a world where the news came on television exactly three times per day, 7:00 AM, 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. This meant that the news had to be a lot more direct and terse in their presentation. There were far more facts and far less commentary presented. For commentary people mostly still relied upon newspapers and magazines. Oh and this was also a world where the Smith-Mundt Act was still in effect... A world where domestic propaganda was forbidden and illegal. Yes, it still happened - but far less often and usually in a much different way. The propaganda then was usually accomplished by exclusion, not by outright lies ( I said usually - so put the keyboard down! )

This tangent about the news is important to this because the year and a half prior to Reagan being inagurated news had changed. The Iran Hostage Crisis had captured the nation. Every single news program began with a graphic, counting out how many days the hostages had been held. This was totally new ( at least to me and to the best of my knowledge ). Where stories had tended to be terse and even long running subjects did not dominate ( Vietnam may well have, but I was three or four at that time and don't recall it ) to any degree - the Hostage Crisis did. In fact Ronald Reagan rode a wave of nationalism over that crisis into the White House. Carter had been seen ( at the time ) as innefectual and weak. Reagan has promised to basically bomb Iran into a radioactive pane of glass if he were elected and they refused to release the hostages.

The hostages were released just as Reagan was giving his Inagural Address.

The Reagan tangent matters to this text because as a fifteen year old kid, I found myself wholly caught in the nationalism and populist zeitgeist. In fact it would take roughly two decades for that spell to break and for me to lose the emotional puppet strings left over from that era. Reagan was strong I felt. Reagan was right in my eyes. Reagan was an authoritarian and I, coming from a broken home and bereft of a caring father, ate every bit of it and asked for more.

And, as it turned out, I now see Reagan as the second US President in a dynasty. One that, while including a hereditary connection, is not hereditary - but agenda based. The first President I see in this cycle, for the record, is Richard Nixon. Nixon is ground zero for the pattern we now see. It also turns out that my first political memory - of Carter being sworn into office, represents the only aberration to this pattern since.

One could almost phrase this like a book from the Old Testament... Nixon begat Reagan, and Reagan begat Bush and Bush begat another Bush... Intertwined with another line of descent... Cllinton begat Gore ( who won and lost all at once ), Gore ( and Clinton ) begat Obama and Obama begat another Clinton.


If I were to seek to provide the necessary sourcing, nuance and historical context for the above - well this would stop being a thread and start being a book... And I simply ain't got no time for writin' no book. However I do earnestly encourage anyone who isn't already well read on the topic to do their own research, as time and leisure permit, and come to your own conclusions and form your own opinions. I will state that I am fairly confident that your results will be similar to mine. Maybe with variations or a subjective philosophical spin. But, still, similar.

Today roughly two thirds of the headlines I've seen on Internet homepages - Yahoo and MSN - were concerned with two people. The first a member of one of the above mentioned political dynasties, Hillary Clinton. The other being the American rights angry response to these dynasties... One Donald John Trump. My mileage on this may be uncommon as these pages customize based upon a persons search and viewing histories and, as I've established already - I'm a bit passionate about politics. My feed might be a bit more politically targeted than usual. Whatever the case, even if your feed is far less depressing / frustrating than mine - these stories still top most news venues.

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:39 PM
They also show the seemingly inescapable trap we find ourselves in today.

Some of you may be aware that I have been a very active political voice on ATS over the past several years. For a protracted period of time, nearly compulsively so. Some of you may also have noticed that my voice went rather silent some weeks or even months ago. This silence was and probably will remain my sincere reaction to the dawning realization that the words "Trump V Clinton" are in our future. The silence of a man who, for the first time in his life fears.

True fear.

Not fear that Bernie isn't going to have a chance to "give me" stuff, as I imagine some might conclude or even suggest.

Not fear that the ACA ( Obamacare ) will end up gutted or stripped.

Not fear that policies I happen to perceive as highly regressive and antithetical to the well being of the US might come into play under a GOP dominated government. Issues like religious freedom ( or the unabashed use of so-called "religious freedom" to hinder and deprive others based upon dogmatic and ideological thought ), Roe V Wade and womens access to reproductive heathcare and rights, or four to eight more years of what George W. Bush himself called "voodoo economics".

But fear of this stark truth... There is every indication that the US is about to either elect yet another dynastic regime in a line of increasingly destructive dynastic Presidents... Or we are going to elect an authoritarian with very apparent racist proclivities and a demonstrable disdain for the rule of law and for our Constitution.

Death by a thousand needles for another four to eight years or diving headlong into a dystopian nightmare that could otherwise only exist if Lovecraft and Orwell had collaborated together.

Six months ago I would probably have said something in this post about being a proud liberal. I would have felt true to myself by saying it. Today? Today I don't even care about such labels at all. They feel empty and pointless. Today I simply identify as human and as an American. It is from that point of view that I have written and close with the following.

As it is election season my Facebook feed has seen a lot of posts, mostly from Libertarian friends, mocking the "illusion of choice". These posts also fill the halls of ATS right now. I offer that this analogy, while previously accurate, falls short this time.

There is no illusion to this. The curtain is pulled back and even the least interested or informed among us should be able to easily recognize it. And, worse, given the voter and campaign fraud, the open discussion of legal bribery through campaign financing, super delegates openly showing their true power, and the shameless and rampant pandering from all sides of the isle and from all candidates we cannot even continue to tell ourselves pretty little lies about there being any choice. There is none. Even if one did exist, we missed the boat for it. Super Tuesday saw it sail over the horizon. Now we just sit back and watch to see which one wins... The pounding tribal drums of hate or the money of Wall Street making a whore of our Republic.

Either way, history is not going to look kindly upon us. God help us all.

Thank you for reading this. As always, please add your thoughts in the comments. I will do my best to read them all and reply to as many as time and patience permit.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:54 PM
Nothing I can add. I just cover my fear with sarcasm, lame humor and avoidance of a foreboding dread.

God help us indeed....
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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:54 PM
Not really much that can be added to that.
This country is quickly spiraling out of control and there's just not much we can do but hang on and hope the crash is not as bad as we fear.
We're screwed. No matter who finally wins, we are screwed.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:57 PM

The National Republican Party is in disarray..

The National Democrat Party is in disarray.

We will witness the biggest exposure of corruption real soon.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 10:18 PM
I've been saying to my peoples for a long while that one day the elite will step out from behind the curtain and rule in open sight.

Then I had visions of men in black robes chanting.

Then I got sectioned.

Then I moved on.

3 years later, and one of Them is now Front runner.

Game over, ladies and gentlemen.
Game, well and truly, over.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 10:21 PM
In 1982 there was a band called The Alan Parson's Project. I bought that Eye In the Sky album because I liked the title tune. Then I heard "Children of the Moon". The lyrics shot straight through me as nothing less than truth and that song has hung in my mind ever since as a eulogy for us all. I would imbed it but have forgotten how. Here they are anyway.

Pay no attention to the writing on the wall
The words seem empty 'cause there's nothing there at all
We let the wise men beat the drums too soon
We were just children of the moon
No one to turn to, nowhere to run to even if we could

Too late to save us but try to understand
The seas were empty there was hunger in the land
We let the blind man lead the way too long
Easy to see where we went wrong
Nothing to live for, nothing to die for

We're lost in the middle of a hopeless world
Lost in the middle of a hopeless world
Children, children of the moon watch the world go by
Children, children of the moon are hiding from the sun and the sky

Children, children of the moon watch it all go by
Children, children of the moon are blinded by the light in their eyes
No one to turn to, nowhere to run to even if we could

Follow the pilgrim to the Temple of the Dawn
The altar's empty and the sacrifice is gone
We let the madmen write the golden rules
We were no more than mortal fools
Nothing to live for, nothing to die for

We're lost in the middle of a hopeless world
Lost in the middle of a hopeless world
Children, children of the moon watch the world go by
Children, children of the moon hiding from the sky

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 10:45 PM
Excellent post Heffcide

For me it all came apart with the death of Kennedy and it all fell in place with the presidency of Johnson...

Kennedy wanted to go back on the gold standard=bankers didn't like
Kennedy refused to implement "operation northwoods" = CIA didn't like
Kennedy laughed at the suggestion we would be at war with Vietnam within a year = Military Industrial complex didn't like
Brother Robert was trying to get rid of the Mafia = CIA and FBI didn't like
Kennedy refused helping Israel get the Bomb= Israel and their lobby didn't like.

The corruption has escalated since his death and many of us, myself included, didn't see or understand the enormity of what was before our very eyes.

I can only hope our children can forgive us.

posted on Mar, 3 2016 @ 12:52 AM
Good read, sir. Thanks for putting thoughts to paper.

I hope your fear compels you to take part instead of cower. Silence too is a choice. We need to throw clear thinking into the mix, and you would be a valuable voice among the shrieks of that herd.

posted on Mar, 3 2016 @ 01:16 AM
a reply to: Hefficide

That was so good. So true.

I wish you were wrong. This is our world and these are our people. History will not judge us. We will not be mentioned. We are already dead as a republic. We are dead as a democracy. We are dead as a people.

Trust me though. Nothing is as it seems. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is the worst thing.

People need to change their very nature. Sadly the whip and leash are effective to this end.

Some will accept slavery. Others will open their eyes to a new dawn of freedom. Freemen are not born, they are made.

Our people are not worthy of being free. They do deserve the leaders we get. We have failed to make new generations of free countrymen. So now, there is darkness in our nations.

I will only say this from now on. Find your place. If it be by the side of slaves fighting over bread or as a free people to smart to suffer for the sake of fickle savages.

They will turn on you. Get far away from them or risk becoming them.

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