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I have heard the noise, and seen the explosion.

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:54 AM

.. I am in my bedroom, watching an old movie, and I drift off to sleep. I am taken to a city, with a spirit called Michael, and I see the Empire State building, Carnegie Hall,then I hear a very very loud BANG! All of a sudden, there is a mountain of fire and smoke, I try to leave, I am frightened but when I look again, SOme of New York has disappeared, it just vanished, I cannot see the empire state building, or any building for miles around. I see people who are farther away from the blast, screaming, I hear them, they are saying, "My eyes are burning, I cannot see,", I see skin hanging literally off of peoples' bodies. Crying they are trying to escape and leave New York. People to the east west north and south of New York are leaving New York, there is wide spread panic, I hear someone say 5,000 were killed instantly when the 10,000 kiloton bomb went off. There are people who are blind, burned second and third degree burns, building are vaporized, New York is in flames. This is in the year 2012. It is horrifying to see this,very sad, the man behind this attack is a feared leader in afganistan,and is getting justice for the war in Iraq, I hear him say, "it is done!"
Now, I have no understanding of science , and I have never heard of a bomb, with that name, so I may be wrong, but I do write down everything when I dream it, so if anybody knows if there is a bomb that has that name or doesn"t have a name like that . and I am hoping there is none, but if there is none, maybe it will be a bome that will be developed?
I was told to tell about thiss dream so people can prepare as it will be devastating, and for those who belive will avoid it, by leaving the city before that year.
This is all I have on this dream for now, may dream in more details about this, as I have done on others, and will post it if I do.
Please just let me know about this bomb or explosive. Thanks.

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 12:25 AM
hisprophet, thank you for posting your dream. This is very possible considering the attack on 911 and the idea of New York being attacked again. Even though this is a dream and most people won't believe that it may be a real event in the future, keep answering their questions and posting any future dreams you may have. Remember that if you are truely the one to warn people, that it's those who listen to you and make arrangements to move away from the city that make all the different, which is probably a very small percentage. The skeptics and doubters are the majority and they will always be insulting and attacking. It's the 1 percent that you get through to that make it worth getting past the 99 percent. Don't let them bother you.

My question to you is on the 2012 date. How was that date given to you in the dream? I had a dream in the second week of January, in the dream a person I knew was yelling "my eyes are burning". From other clues in the dream, I have determined that there would be some kind of chemical attack in Denver Colorado. This was just a dream, not a prediction or prophecy. Anyway I just wonder about the dating in dreams, the clues that gave me the city and state would not mean anything to anyone else if they had the same dream.

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