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Sweden accuses Daily Mail of running anti-refugee propaganda campaign

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 10:52 AM

originally posted by: Swills
a reply to: Metallicus

So you're saying all the refugees are terrible?

Before asking that question it would be better and more honest to start at the root and the facts and so with the answer to:

Are all refugees actually legit refugees?

The answer to that is a resounding "NO". Most of them are not actual refugee's. most of them are young man and Almost eclusively young man from iraq,somalie and a dozen other countries that are not syria.

The smalles part of all these so called "refugees" are from where they are supposed to be from and it just so happens that that small part is where you mainly see actual families comming along. Those are the ones fleeing from a actual war torn country.

Obviously this also explains the great disrespect most of the "not-Refugees" show and how they demand instant job's (good and very well paid jobs even) Fancy cars and instant pay outs. People working at those centers trying to help refugee's had a huge wakeup call. I can find you interviews with those people if you like. Thjey were on a daily basis , threatened, harrased and abused, these refugees even ignored the female counselers they got assigned to simply because they were female unless they were told they would get money , cars and jobs right away. If they were told that is not possible yet agression and violence followed, even murder and rape and being followed to their homes.

No , not all refugees do this. In fact im willing to bet most refugees dont do this but only when you talk about the real refugees and truth be told not a lot of them made it here because all these fake leeches have taken their spots leaving no room for them,camps are full everywhere but not with people it was supposed to be for.

Or at least the people we were told that they were for.
All those bleeding hearts got played and a lot still are letting themselves be played. To those willing ignorants i say RISE UP and use your freagin IQ's and eyes for once and allow yourselves to see what is really ,truly going on around you.

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 01:14 PM

originally posted by: LittleByLittle
We should have a unified refugee camps at the border of EU where countries ...

Or e could move all the refugees back to the camps in situ. Then we could deport all the economic migrants who are using this sad crisis to get into Europe.

Ultimately numbers of both types are unsustainable in Europe. The public does not want them, although many politicians and others seem to think its OK, as if the experiment of multiculturalism so far experienced in many countries has been a roaring success.

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