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Possible lost memory found while dreaming

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 05:42 PM
In my dream state I have experienced lots of weird stuff and this is just another thing that happened to me recently. What happened was that I while dreaming suddenly had the feeling that what was now showing was something that had actually happened.

I was shown that when walking at the road from the bus stop to my parents house I was stopped by a man. And then the thought kicked in "but this was no ordinary man because he was covered in hair" and "how the hell could I forget this?!". I remember seeing a man next to the ground approaching me from the bumpy,bushy,rocky landscape (not woods though, just a landscape not easy running around in) and that he was full of hair, not very long hair either and he looked more "grey" than "brown" too. And it was like I walked towards him and then just fainted or stopped storing the memories, my vision basically faded to black...

And then I woke up totally confused and started wondering if this was actually a suppressed memory! I have no conclusion though. But I do remember that when walking that path I don't remember any lost time, but I do remember that I did felt a little dizzy in the area where it happened and that I for some reason thought a little about that dizziness (but not giving much of a damn).

I've had several weird experiences in my life and it is just recently when learning more about people who call themselves abductees (and their experiences/memories) that I has started to wondered about whether I could be one of them... It could explain my feeling of knowledge which I just has coming to me and feeling that the world is not as it should be (from I was a little child to this date). But I don't know if I actually do believe it too much, I am still trying to come to any conclusions...

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 06:14 PM
So some people think or believe that we meet guides, teachers or ancestors in dreams…

Sometimes they are 'familiar' or 'a friend' but we don't recognize them, can't remember their name or face later or what the hell they wanted…

And it was like I walked towards him and then just fainted or stopped storing the memories, my vision basically faded to black…

Those are lessons for later. Don't trip, It is kind of flattering from a certain perspective. Would you rather the spirit world take no interest in you?

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