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Japan lays first Criminal Charges over Fukishima.....

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 11:42 AM

After dropping charges twice already Japan has laid charges against the chairman of Tepco a Mr Katsumata of "negligence."....
Prosecutors declined to go to trial twice already....but a panel has insisted they do....
Two other execs were also charged though nobody has been taken to jail.....
Aparently the management were aware as early as 2009 of the tsunami danger but did little to anticipate such a disaster.....
So three guys will carry the can two years and more later for the disaster that sank Japan.....and poisoned the Pacific Ocean......
Japan has restarted 4 of its 43 reactors......the rest are still offline for safety checks etc....

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 12:11 PM
they did not sink japan or poison the pacific ocean.
overreact much?

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 12:18 PM
No, it's true.....

he's not over-reacting at all.....a reply to: stinkelbaum

ya see ....the Scripture says the Earth is wearing out like a garmet.....

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 12:36 PM
Don't be such a grumpy buddy.....
Japan is toast for half a billion years now....Wait till that crap comes up through the food chain.......and it WILL RECIRCULATE.....for aeons.....
The Pacific is steadily sucking up all that cesium...its being detected all round the rim....
Whats not poisoned?
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