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N. Korea warns of preemptive strikes against US, S. Korea

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posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 06:58 AM
North Korea is in cahoots with the military powers of the Asian and American community to maintain a military presence both for the US and China. (soon to be as present as America is in Okinawa and Japan) As anyone who follows this (non active) (SAC) Air Force in Asia, it is a game of fear to keep the presence of the US forces in other countries to maintain piece in the south east Asia area, which actually no major war has happened since Vietnam War. There is peace here. Yes, N. Korea shot and kill some S. Koreans, but that was around the time of US base negotiations, wonder why. It's all BS people. If you think China won't shoot down the missiles from North Korea pointed at the US on them man made islands, you are living in a dream world. That's one reason why the US has permitted the islands to be built. Think about it, US backing off without negotiations on North Korea missile program pointed at at all US bases in Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii and the US. Of course, as you read this, you may think, I said "cahoots", hey reality is enemies always change their mind for economic reasons, hmm, maybe that is why the north koreans are eating expired military sea rations.
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posted on Feb, 27 2016 @ 05:49 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

Hmm ok... Where to start.

#1 - The Korean war never ended. Currently their is a cease fire and nothing more.
#2 - The US presence in S. Korea was requested by the S. Korean government.
#3 - The UN approved the use of military force and established the UN Command.
#4 - The UN command comprised all forces sent by those involved (S. Korean side).
#5 - N. Korea invaded S. Korea.

So in reality there is no comparison between Korea and Japan. As for the thought process that there is a conspiracy to keep US troops. If they or any other nation asked us to remove our forces we would and there are examples of that if people look into it, with the Philippines being a prime example.

Out of curiosity whats the military system china has that can intercept icbm's?

N. Korea is going to go "a bridge to far" and either the S. Koreans / allies will end N. Korea or China will.

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