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Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns, Crowds Stop Firefighters From Extinguishing Blaze

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posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 02:41 PM

originally posted by: TinfoilTP
Residents of Bautzen (in Saxony) cheered on Saturday night as a planned migrant center burned in what very well may have been an arson. “Some people reacted to the blaze with derogatory comments and undisguised joy,” Deutsche Welle notes, before adding that “the incident in Bautzen comes shortly after a mob shouting anti-migrant slogans blocked a bus full of refugees in Clausnitz, also in Saxony.”

All this proves is that just because you're German, it doesn't necessarily follow that you can't be an arse, too.
edit on 26-2-2016 by JohnnyCanuck because: yes indeedy!

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 02:50 PM
a reply to: DutchMasterChief

I don't think I'm the one being obtuse.

There are many in your country who are willing to live in peace and NOT lose their own culture. Just like there are many Muslims who also want to live in peace and not lose their own culture. It IS possible to live in peace AND retain both of your cultures.

I am beginning to think you just don't like Muslims in general.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 02:57 PM

originally posted by: kaylaluv
a reply to: DutchMasterChief

Maybe I'm just saying to learn from history and don't make the same mistakes others made in the past. Instead of fighting and trying to kick out another culture, start learning to live peacefully with each other right now. There doesn't have to be war.

If you had learned anything from history, you would agree that one culture shouldn't invade the other culture because it will be destroyed. You are being completely hypcritical about this.

You are saying that the "mistakes" made, are not rolling over and letting an invading force take over without a fight.

I have seen enough out of you.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 03:00 PM
a reply to: kaylaluv

It IS possible to live in peace AND retain both of your cultures.

No it is not. You don't know what you are talking about. My culture is already being broken down as we speak.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 04:25 PM
Don't worry Germany, once Trump gets in and kicks out all the illegals the rest of the world will become jealous and demand for the same, which will give rise to new leaders who will get voted in. The Trump effect will have coat tails across the globe.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 05:45 PM

originally posted by: kaylaluv
a reply to: CranialSponge

Exactly. And without those two brain cells, the mobs don't realize that the refugees will just be moved to new buildings - at the tax-payers' expense, and now, the refugees REALLY hate all Germans and will swear retribution. So it will cost more money and cause even more violence than before.

Way to go dummies.

While I don't condone the destruction of anyone's property and I feel the fires are overkill. I do understand the motivation behind the act.

Many of those people have had their communities destroyed and their livelihoods affected. They have been, or know others that have been victims of crimes, from some asylum seekers, and they see those criminals as usurpers, ungrateful, and potential terrorist.

Their government officials have ignored their needs and concerns. Some of the German people are also feeling helpless and hopeless. They see the only possibility of saving themselves from the invaders, is to make their government official sit up and listen.

As for the asylum seekers being angry that they are not being welcomed anymore, under these circumstances, they should not be surprised or angry.

the refugees REALLY hate all Germans and will swear retribution

Why would there be any retribution? It was not their property. If they won't fight for the land and the property that did belong to them, how can they be justified, or even feel entitled, to fight over a land and property that is not theirs.

At best they are guest in their host countries. They have no right to demand anything. If they are not getting what they desire from their host countries, then the only right thing to do is to leave. Either return back and fight for a land that is theirs, or seek entry in another country. Maybe the next stop will be better, if they realize that there are no streets paved with gold, and if you come with nothing, anything you are given, is more than what you had before.

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