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ORI2016 The Brothers...Once Again

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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 05:55 PM
The Brothers….Once Again

It was still dark and the brothers were a little cold but took comfort with one another. The room was small yet accommodating and they had been there for the better part of a year. They had food and water and found their surroundings to be acceptable and did not fuss much about it, even though there were other people outside of the room who often chastised them with pokes and prods.

“It’s time little brother”, claimed Mark, the oldest of the two.

“Are you sure, I still hear them out there. There’s been screaming all day, I think…it sounds like an animal being tortured…I’m sure you’ve heard it!” said Chris.

“Yes, and you know why. It’s just trickery, part of the plan. But we still have to go now.”

“Listen!” Chris notices that the screaming has stopped. “Who’s that man? I know that voice.”

“Probably Mike…(laughing)…he’ll be glad to see you I bet.”

“Not funny!” Chris becomes noticeable upset and sees the wall in the room being moved and shaken by someone on the outside. “What is that? Do you think it’s Fran?”

“Look if we don’t leave, then they’ll take us for certain. We have to make our move now.”

“I’m not going anywhere. You know, I don’t even know why I am here. Dad always puts me in these messed up situations that I end up suffering at the end. This battle shouldn’t even be happening like this. What’s wrong with people? I’ve given so much,” scowled Chris.

Mark sensing his brother’s dismay, takes Chris’ hand and reassures him, “Well, Dad hasn’t exactly been fair with me either. But I do remember when Dad left you and it took you like three days to get back home. But all is fair in love and war, my dear brother. Plus, we both know you’re the good least this time around. And despite of what you think Dad still loves you. He gave me all of his land, and even when I tried to give it to you, you turned it down because you thought I deserved it, plus that would have really pissed Dad off. Your problem is that you’re too smart for own good; always the revolutionary; always forward thinking; knowledge; and information. He loves us both and never forget it.”

“What about Mike. I hear him loud and clear out there. Talking that same ole’ crap. He’s militant for sure. And then there’s Fran.”

“I think Fran is waiting for me...(laughing)...look we both have a job to do. And we can work together. You’ll get Mike on board and this thing will be over in a flash. Don’t worry so much. Really, if you think about it, most of your job is already done! Fran has done most of our work. Fran has always been loyal to me, like any good dog. We just need to get out of here.”

“Look the wall is opening.” Chris squints as the new light enters the small, dank room.

“Yep, now they are coming to get us. What the hell. I told you!” The wall opens more and more and the brothers are unwavering, hand in hand.

“Listen! Mike is here to take me to my step-dad and I know for certain that Fran will want you, we’ve seen to that. We will be apart but never forget the mission. Fran and the others will get what they are asking for, they think they are so smart; don’t forget the plan.” Mark grasps Chris’ hand tighter, “Both sides are working together on this one.”

Chris says, “I know what to do. Killing is in our blood. I don’t have a problem with that. Just don’t forget about me.”

“How can I forget you. We look just alike and actually are one soul! Except for your crazy scar, we are the same. Dad told me look after you and I will. We’ll get through this and start a new life together with Dad. I promise. How many times have we done this before? Remember who you are.”

The wall is now totally down and the light bursts into the room overwhelming the brothers. The voices get louder and louder and the brothers started screaming at the top of their lungs after being beaten by a strange man in white. Their hands were pried apart and the brothers were immediately separated.

The man in white looked at the boys and then towards Mike and Fran. “Well, Pope Francis, which baby do you want? They look exactly alike.”

Pope Francis takes a look at the twin brothers, running his hands through their hair, “It is he with the Mark of the Beast, 666, that is the Anti-Christ. Give him to me. We have much work to do.” The nurse hands Chris over to the Pope.

“What of the mother?” asked Pope Francis.

The doctor turned to the mother and placed a sheet over her body, “It’s just a jackal. We’ll bury it later.”

“What took you so long my brother,” Mike says to Mark embracing him lovingly.

“So now you have your Christ reborn and I have the Anti-Christ with the Mark of the Beast. Good luck to you, Saint Michael,” the Pope hands Chris to his attendant and blesses them both, “Thank you Barry.”

“And same to you dear Pope. If I had not seen the Anti-Christ born with my own eyes, I would have said that you are the beast himself and Barack was your demon of destruction.” Saint Michael turns to leave with Mark and is met by Gabriel and Raphael.

The Pope exits the White House with Chris in hand, a nurse, and Barack at his side declaring, “You are not wrong, dearest Saint Michael. We are legion.”

Around the corner Saint Michael are approached by a large man cloaked in darkness “They’ve taken my son and I want him back. This was the deal.”

Saint Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael stop and turn to the cloaked man with Mark in hand.

“Is this he? Born of a Jackal?”

“Yes, Lucifer, this is your son, the Anti-Christ. The deception is in place,” Saint Michael hands Mark to the cloaked man.

“Once again we must all join together to save man from themselves. Their current agenda is not to my liking, luckily for the three of you. And the Christ re-born?” asks Lucifer in his husky voice.

“Chris(t) is with the Pope and the US President and will be destroying your rogue demons as agreed. The Virgin Mary re-born is his nurse and protector. The plan is in motion as discussed. Thank you for your help. Leave it to us. As we are legion.”

The End.

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: jazzy4

Very interesting. I dig it

Good luck!


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