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The Apocalypse Number 1260 and Ares the Greek God of War; Mars

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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 06:09 AM
In Revelation chapter 12 we read:

She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days. [ESV] Revelation 12:5-6

The number 1260 is used twice in Revelation (source), only introduced in the previous chapter 11 about the period when two prophets will keep the world on edge. 1260 written with Hebrew numerals is (read from right to left) א`רס (alef with a ` beside it means 1000, resh is 200 and samek is 60 source) in Hebrew or simply ארס. In Hebrew this number forms a word ארס /ares/ means 'poison' or 'venom' which is relevant in the story of the mother of the Messiah whose encounter with the Water-Dragon and his venomous bite, symb. being lovestruck. Heb. לארס (lit. «of venom») means to be engaged for marriage (in Norwegian the word for 'married' is 'gift', same word as for 'poison'/'venom'), which is also relevant, thinking of the story of Jesus' birth and how Mother Mary got pregnant while engaged, not fully married.

Read as a Greek word, however, it makes even more sense to the Apocalypse narrative, ארס becomes Gr. Ἄρης /ares/ the ancient Greek word for «Battle» and the name for the Greek God of War, Ares, the one called Mars in Rome. Mars was the god of the Caesars, and Caesar, the king of kings, was the incarnation of Mars, God of War. Gr. Ares and Lat. Mars are basically the same word, added the element of water as Mare/Mari means Sea or Ocean in Latin (and Mares in modern French). The Dragon was sacred to Ares, like Mars and the Sun which trad. aligns every 777 days (or rather 777 days + 3.5 days = during 780th day, since Mars' and Earth's orbits are at an angle).

In Greek mythology, the slaying of the Water-Dragon by Cadmus during the Founding of Thebes, results in Ares (Mars) giving Cadmus a penalty of 8 years to serve as his butler. Cadmus was the brother of Europa (with her crown of twelve stars), whom Zeus abducted, leading to the slaying of a dragon, and Europa, who is seen as «Godmother of Europe» later turns into the twelve stars of the Zodiac while Zeus himself turns into a white bull merging with Taurus (astr. Sun in conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus, geo. place Thebes?), and Cadmus also served out the Greek or Hellenistic alphabet and a few more things as a result from his endeavours, a founding hero of Hellenism. Cadmus was a hero like Heracles/Hercules. The Woman and the Dragon story of Revelation looks like a variant of the story of Europa and Zeus and Cadmus in my opinion. The numbers of Revelation don't lie. They seem to speak volumes though its being there is sort of serpentine venom.

Look into how these numbers used in the Book of Revelation speaks their own ciphered story when you follow the pattern, e.g. writing the numbers in Hebrew numerals, and then transfer the letters into Greek and read them as Greek words. Looks to me these numbers are consistent and highly relevant to the surrounding text. Again, this is hardly coincidence. I bet it's deliberate and is intended to serve as some kind of hidden manna so to speak, good or evil, I don't know, but it's there in the Apocalypse and wherever these numbers show up their Greek/Hebrew namesakes speak a kind of ciphered midrash language.
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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 06:50 AM
interesting read...

but being a bread-n-butter guy I am...
i'm thinking that the 1260 number (42 months) also 'half-the-week" also corresponds with the Orbit of the huge, Battle--Ship sized Space Rock we call Apophis

Apophis has a 7 year orbit (42 months= 1260 days outbound of Earth & 42 months= 1260 days inbound toward Earth)

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 08:11 AM
a reply to: St Udio

I discovered this suspected esoteric dimension involved with the numbers used in the Apocalypse, when simply writing 666 using Hebrew numerals and counting the way they did in the days of John of Patmos producing words of direct relevancy to the surrounding text, I made a couple threads about that, so I won't skin that chicken again.

The number 42, on the other hand, becomes Heb. מב (mem is 40 while bet is 2) which doesn't realy have a Biblical lexical entry, but if it was a word would sound like /mav/ or /mev/ etc. Heb. אב /ab/ or /av/ means Father (as in ABraham or AVraham or Abbas -- Ab-Ba) is the name of the fifth Hebrew month (July–August) and with the prefix מ (Heb. letter Mem) in front of it, Heb. /mav/ or /mab/ would mean «From/of [the month] Av» or «Of/from the Father». Adding the missing A, Heb. מאב can also mean Moab as in the desert carrying that name and the name of one of Lot's sons, but that's a long shot I suppose. With different vocalisation it may read Heb. אב /ev/ meaning blossom, a flowery bud or a young shoot as in Heb. צמח «tsemach» (translated branch in English bibles mostly, but really means shoot or sprout) see Isaiah 4:2 (and note the verse number 4:2 as in 42 the number in question). I guess it is a long shoot eh?

Anyway, in Greek there may be some further synchronicity evident when giving this Hebrew «number-word» my Greek treatment: Gr. μή /me/ means no or not, while Gr. οὐ /u/ means nay or no or «auch!». Also not likely to be coincidence. Me Gr. μή οὐ would means something like «Doesn't hurt» or «No pain». Again, c-section?

Do the numbers of Revelation speak of a young pregnant girl who delivers via a painless Caesarian section in the middle of the Moab desert? Doesn't this sound just like the narrative of Revelation 12?
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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: St Udio

Also, 3.5 would be a decimal number, and I have a hard time finding any sensible way to express that according to the supposed system I found involving some of the other «number-words»-- and the old Hebrews used elaborate systems for fractions and numbers less than 1, and they don't seem to have a number zero or 0.

However, «Three and a half» would likely read out Heb. שלוש וחצי «Shalosh Uhatsi» that is «three and a half». A half week would be Heb. חצי שבוע «Chatsi Shavua» according to -- Closest to Heb. חצי /chatsi/ (half) in Biblical Greek would actually sound a bit like the voiced reading of 666/616 or Gr. χξϛ (666) which would be /chexts/ or some other impossible guttural tonguetwister, where ch is like in the name of the composer Bach, only with an additional iota at the end as if to hint about χιϛ (616) the other number of the Beast. Go figure
If the Greek number 666 (Gr. χξϛ (666)) was a word, it would sound a bit like the Hebrew word for «one-half» Heb. «Chatsi» meaning «one half» vs. Gr. «Chexts» 666. Nah, maybe not. That said, /chatsi/ sounds a bit like Heb. רזי /ratsi/ «secret» or «Mysterious» found in Heb. רזיאל -- Raziel (an angel who supposedly wrote Sefer Ha-Razim, supposedly the elusive «Spark of Heaven» Noah brought with him in the Ark).

In Hebrew gematria 3 is ג (Gimel) and 5 is ה (Heh).
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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 12:07 PM

originally posted by: Utnapisjtim
Closest to Heb. חצי /chatsi/ (half) in Biblical Greek....

Here's another contender to what Greek word could correspond to Heb. חצי /chatsi/ which is highly relevant to the narrative of Revelation and esp. Rev. 12: Gr. ῥίζα /rhiza/ which means «root of a tree» and fig. «offspring», «progeny» or «descendant» according to my Biblical Greek lexicons.
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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 04:20 AM

originally posted by: Utnapisjtim
In Greek mythology, the slaying of the Water-Dragon by Cadmus during the Founding of Thebes, results in Ares (Mars) giving Cadmus a penalty of 8 years to serve as his butler.

It takes planet Venus 8 years to draw one complete pentagram (AKA morningstar cycle) in its chart:
Venus aligns with Earth-Sol every 584 days = 1 point.
365 days x 8 years = 2920 days
2920 days / 584 days = 5 points, one Earth-Venus «Morningstar» cycle.

It takes Mars (Ares) 15 years to complete a heptagon (seven pointed star) in its chart:
Mars aligns with Earth-Sol every 780 days = 1 point.
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days
5475 days / 780 days = 7 points, one Mars-Earth cycle

Cadmus was the brother of Europa (with her crown of twelve stars), whom Zeus abducted, leading to the slaying of a dragon, and Europa, who is seen as «Godmother of Europe» later turns into the twelve stars of the Zodiac while Zeus himself turns into a white bull merging with Taurus (astr. Sun in conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus, geo. place Thebes?),

Zeus as Jupiter is directly related to the Canaanite version of Zeus King of the gods, who is Baal the Bull AKA Bel or Marduk, the Golden Calf-- so it may not be a mystery why Zeus merged with Taurus, the Bull. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one round with the Sun, and he leads a pantheon of Twelve Olympians. Below you can see the twelve stars of Taurus:

The myth of Europa:

Europe was a beautiful princess, who was abducted by Zeus, brought to Crete, and born three sons – Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Sarpedon, who all became judges on the Underworld. Zeus was the father of all the children of Europe but he asked her to marry Asterion, the king of stars. And she did.

To relate to Revelation 12 again. The name Asterion a merge between Gr. Astra (Star) and Therion (Beast). Rev. 12 also speaks of an eagle. The imperial eagle Gr. άετός Διός «Eagle of Zeus» (/dios/ is genitive of Zeus) was sacred to Zeus, and though Zeus is the Devil, he actually helps Europa on her way to glory, making sure she is all right and even serves her a husband she loves as well as giving her three children. The Eagle could also be the Phoenix, Europe rising up again after a certain other Eagle wreaked havoc and laid the continent in ruins and ashes. This might be the time to reopen 3rd Ezra apocalypse again. It has the Roman eagles in it.
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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 08:29 AM
a reply to: Utnapisjtim

Forgive me for spamming my own thread, but I share alongside researching. I'm amazed nobody follows

The complete Mars-Venus-Earth cycle is 15 x 8 years = 120 years. Genesis 6:3 states that God ordered the lifespan of Man to be limited to 120 years after the Great Deluge. 120 terrestrial years equal 10 Jupiter (symbol ♃) years, and when you place the grand pentagon on top of the chart the points are spaced 24 years apart.

Venus is Woman, with symbol ♀ means female and the alchemical element copper and supposedly depicts «the Mirror of the Goddess», i think it is a circle and a plummet, and the cross also depicts a square, so square and compass, beauty and perfection through accurate geometry. The name Venus is related to the English word venom, and also vén the Norse word for beautiful and Venus also lent its name to the three great Norse Vanir; Njörðr, Freyr and Freyja. 120 years x 3 = 360, the complete circle.

Mars means Man, with symbol ♂ means male and the alchemical element iron and supposedly depicts Mars/Man armed with shield and spear or the traditional Greek hero's club and hide.

And here's some eye-candy for ya....

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 05:18 PM
Interesting not much to add.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: Utnapisjtim

And in a few weeks less than 12 years Jupiter makes one orbit around the sun and with a synodic period of c. 398 days, it draws an eleven-pointed star, an endecagram. Here's some more eye-candy.

In order to construct an endecagram, you first need to construct a hexagon or otherwise divide the diameter of the circle into seven, and then dobling thediameter of the seventh sections to make 3.5 cicles, and where the half circle crosses the main circle, there is your eleventh measure, but this method is not entirely accurate, but 99.6% is close enough.

Here are the ones for Venus and Mars too so you see them together. Notice how these planets draw stars reflecting the first regular primes, 5, 7 and 11:

If you take the period it takes Mercury to align with Earth (synodic period), and if you divide the length of a terrestrial year, you get Pi with an accuracy of about 99,67% or 365.2425 days / 115.88 days ≈ 3.15. And if you divide the synodic period of Venus by the terrestrial year, you get the approximate Phi : 583.92 days / 365.2425 ≈ 1,6. That's an accuracy of 98.8%

This solar system is a practical joke!
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posted on May, 30 2016 @ 09:21 AM
a reply to: Utnapisjtim

In year 2000 Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction inside Taurus, I have showed in earlier posts and threads how these conjunctions are central within Biblical hidden lore. After 2000 these conjunctions will appear every 20 years, so in 2020 Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction at 0° Aquarius— on winter solstice (conj.: GMT 18:22, solstice: GMT 10:02). Seems like a nice place to start off the Age of Aquarius, eh?

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