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What's up with Dubai? Prep for disclosure? Something else?

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posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 10:16 AM
a reply to: JetBlackStare

Defaulting on a loan is a crime in Saudi Arabia. Credit is both more obtainable and more respected by those who would like to avoid long jail terms and forced restitution etc... There is a reason why you can watch videos of abandoned super cars in Dubai. The buyers left the country in a hurry!

Not that I am advocating this, just saying.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 07:45 PM
Aliens won't choose to stay in Dubai unless they are from planet Arrakis (Dune novel).
That place is always covered with sand from sand storms.

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 04:15 AM
Hate to link dump, but...

For once, the mainstream media might hold the answer. The TL;DR version is thus.

"The dangerously muggy summer conditions predicted for places near the warm waters of the gulf could overwhelm the ability of the human body to reduce its temperature through sweating and ventilation. That threatens anyone without air-conditioning, including the poor, but also those who work outdoors in professions like agriculture and construction." - From the times article.

This isn't just for the elderly and for children, within 100 years it will likely kill healthy, well maintained people with adequate hydration to be outside at least some of the year in the UAE, which Dubai is part of.

My suspicion is that the ultra-high income folks there heard about this way before the mainstream news did, and are effectively building up infrastructure in preparation for this. After all, it's probably easier to have you slaves maintain buildings you already have than construct new ones when being outside for more than a few hours is deadly, right?

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 11:59 PM
Not sure I see anything earth-shaking going on in Dubai. After all, look what happened in China and SE Asia during the 90's.

Heck they built entire cities in China only to abandon them (google abandoned cities in China, and you'll see). Where I lived in Malaysia while stationed there is now unrecognizable with all the skyscrapers and investment properties...mostly all unoccupied. The money spent is staggering.

The only difference I see in Dubai is it gets a lot more western attention (i.e. MSM) than non-coastal China does.

posted on Feb, 22 2016 @ 03:10 AM
a reply to: JetBlackStare

Crab people, craaab people.. dom dom


Maybe Dubai does not have oil, but maybe those who represent Dubai have oil money.

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 06:43 AM
You have no idea what you have just stumbled upon...there is people who think they are it, money isn't anything to them...their power comes from manipulation. And money is only a tool they use to gather more power...I'm starting to think they are the workers for someone else...something this the new Babylon? Or Are they building a Zion?
For who?...the signs are there...its all there and meet here in the city in the desert, I have dreams about being there. Why is all my searching just lead me here to this thread...why did this man I met at work tell me about being in Dubai and make me curious about this post?
Coincidences are becoming harder to ignore and its almost if they can't hide anything anymore..or are leaking things on purpose.

So many questions so little time.
All I know is there isn't a coincidence in the ancient god(s) need for gold and the Egyptians want for it to please them...what did they offer in return? Eternal life...but how?
Or is it a trick and we are all just created organic drones for work?
The slaves back in the day...they obeyed even though their numbers were far see that today..
Middle class is slaves..we work on hampster wheels always giving as we are taking.
..we build their cities and their ships and weapons of war and we fight each other for their reasons...we have no rulers
We have manipulators and then the manipulated...I don't think this world is what we are thinking it is..
We are all being lied to on a scale greater then you can imagine mentally. Most of our History and science has been lies all day since day one...we are subject to servitude at a whim and we are not free. We are kept from understanding the true totality of living and life and being present in the moment through a mental barrier. If we cross it, we die. We cannot know the truth. Our minds are built to not understand the actual truth of this life.
If we knew why we are here we would shut down and die from a glitch in your mind that can't handle the amount of chemical released to activate your full mind. We are in their image ...but to their them gods or aliens or demons or what ever you want..but we are being USED...and something bad is coming...I can feel it in my my the earth and the way she sleeps and wakes up...she is restless...and the elite are preparing for something that they know and swear pact to not tell about...
Now tell me is any of this makes sense to anyone?
Have your clues lead you to some kind of conclusion of this sorts?
I can't help but see with my eyes wide open, I'm looking everywhere and just seeing it for what I see...but sometimes my imagination wonders and I go off trying to understand what I don't know yet...and I always wondered what the world was...and why it was and where will it be in 1000 years or even 100...I truley believe there is a shadow government controlling the whole world. Everything that happens is planned and that our planet and its atmosphere are changing. And not just global warming...earthquakes and trembles and loud vibrating noises are happening everywhere...something under us is happening on a global scale
..and they know about it....anyone here willing to risk their life searching deeper into this or can dive into the deep ass dark sea that is the forbidden web?, alot of money is being pooled out of certain companies who work black budget for the shadow government and im certain they are coming here or singapore/malaysia, if those towers go down like the WTC thats how you will know for sure they are hiding a "build fund" Its far more expensive to build then to destroy (wars)...what are they building? And where? Is it on earth? Under earth? The moon? Or is it a massive gate made from gold and other rare elements that controls time space to make a wormhole portal to another world? To a place within the omnipresence of god? Maybe...maybe I'm just crazy and this is all bogus or're crazy and what you understand is can you really really tell anything is really even accurate besides what goes up comes down from gravity...something about Dubai...its presence isn't coincidence.. It was put there on purpose.

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 06:53 AM
Mind.. ....BLOWN

posted on Mar, 22 2016 @ 04:37 AM
To my mind, It attracts wealth, just like large American cities, or cities across the world. Just like Lady Gaga is famous for being famous, some cities attract wealth and tourists because they have wealth. You know, that it's not only about the oil, because it's 6%, it's all because of rich tourists, who are crazy about all of these golden hotels with English speaking stuff, limo services like this one with automatic air conditioning and leather seats, exotic food in restaurants, super clean beaches and perfect people around them. You know, I must admit, that it even sounds amazing

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