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Polls and Why Some Are Skewed in S.C. and My Thoughts About Southern Voting

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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 09:19 PM
So I am at my dads out in the country and the phone rings, he sits there pressing button, Im like what the heck dude, turns out its a poll. My dad has no cell service so he needs a landline at his house. So I am sitting there thinking that only elderly people and country folk get these landline poll calls. In South Carolina that means old religious people.

Yes, I know there are all types of polls but if these folks don't have cell service then they probably don't have internet or even own a computer. it is unlikely that a country person over 60 in S.C. even owns a computer of any kind. It is very likely that they are old and religious. The local news with an antenna and the local paper just doesn't cut it for making a politically knowledgeable person , I wouldn't think.

I will do democrats first. The polls show Hilary ahead in this state and its so bass akwards here that I can see it. I think Bernie will do better in S.C. than the polls indicate because the younger people aren't doing the polls here as much as the elderly. The church is a factor in the black community here, Im generalizing here so no offense, and generally most go with what the church says, the churches even supplied busses for people to go and vote Obama. Im not sure if Bernie will win here but Bernie will do better than the polls indicate. Bernie will probably Bern her in votes in the following states.

Now pubs, Some but not all older people in S.C. , if they can make it to the polls, will vote Cruz. I don't need to even go here and tell you that Trump is on top here like every other state in the polls but Trump will DOMINATE S.C. Record poll numbers will be set. I know people that registered only so they can vote for him. This is going to be a crazy election day, mark my words people, Trump will shock everyone on this one. The losers will be close in votes among each other but Ben Carson may beat Bush and come in 4th. Trump will dwarf their numbers here, you heard it here.

Myself, I am voting Trump. NO, I don't think he will make America great again, but I do think he has as good of a chance as anyone else. I dislike Trump, but I hate the others, except for poor Bernie that has a huge uphill battle ahead. I would vote Hilarys lying self in a second over any other republican. If Bernie wins then good. Also from day one Fox news and now Obama has said that Trump will never make it. That does something to people and made me register to say that "they cant tell me who to vote for", call it a hate vote or whatever, maybe it is.

I like the idea of a president that is liberal on everything except spending, border security and military and that is hat he seems to be. I have found that most people only listen to soundbites and if those make you dislike someone then the media wins. Trump has said enough dumb things that they don't need to lie about him and they do quite often because mainly he isn't their establishment female dog of the week, they use him for ratings.

Its crazy that my dad and I are on the opposite ends of the spectrum on just about everything, Im liberal, he is conservative yet we are both voting Trump. The mix of people was surprising at Trumps speech here. It wasn't the farmer types and country boys I expected, although they were definitely there,There were hipsters, gays, all types and that's when I realized that this guy really isn't a joke that he seems to be, people like, really really like him and I didn't feel so stupid for being there all of a sudden. What I don't like are the racist comments people write underneath articles about Trump, I don't feel that way and that behavior isn't doing anyone any good. I live on the beach and Im around and friends with all types.

Basically everyone I know is voting Trump here except for two. One guy is gay and is voting Hilary, when I tell him how unprincipled that is he tunes me out and wont budge. The other is dirt broke and is voting Bernie. Oh wait there is one more, my crazy neighbor lady that is old and catholic, she thinks God willed Ted Cruz into being. She told me today that it is Gods will that Cruz wins and that God controls everything even politics. I then said so if Trump wins then that Gods plan right ? She said no that it doesn't work that way and that she knows I don't know that much about Jesus so I wouldn't understand. I then say that at least I know his real name, not a translated name given to him in latin and pronounced incorrectly. Issa in Arabic is as close as it gets, she says that's ridiculous. So that's what Im dealing with.

Point of the story, Trump wins record BIG and Bernie does better than the polls say. I hope at least one person gets a kick out of my antics.

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