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any thoughts on area 51?

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posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 05:49 AM
hi i'm new here and i would like to hear what other people have to say on area 51. i've spent months trying to go through in my mind on what goes on and how to find out.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 05:54 AM
Welcome. Area 51 has been discussed at length in many different threads in this forum. Use the search feature and you'll find lots of info.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 07:52 AM
Welcome chrisamatic Seems you have come to the right place,
Area 51 has been a popular topic here im sure you will find alot of intresting reading here on ATs,
A good thread to start on is

ats hand book

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me

You will find your u2u's in the member center

and also there is a message when you recieve a u2u

also need help getting your avatar up (or pic in your profile) check out this link


posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 07:53 AM
Yes as djohnsto77 mentioned, area 51 has been discussed many times already on ATS . If you check the top of your screen , you will find the ATS search button. There you will find you can search the site via google or with our more advanced boolean search.

here is an ATS google search on Area 51 to get you started.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 07:57 AM
thanks all. i feel a bit stupid for not recognising that but at least you were all nice enough not to laugh in my face.
i've looked up stuff on area 51 now and it is cool.
if you want to look, i've already posted my own idea on how to break into area 51.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 09:12 AM
Welcome and enjoy your stay here at the great ATS!

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 09:18 AM
Hello and welcome to ATS chrisamatic!

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 09:26 AM
area 51 is real for sure . and the norwegian gov-ment is in on it- i was trying to do some reaserch on the spitsbergen incident and other i am a norwegian councilor in oslo for the state . after all this research i was monitored for many years and still i am . they are all in on it the french .norwegians uk.israel why did the usa not say anything to the israeli nuclear program and they just let them keep on .they in on it to - the tbm lasers was esmbeld in norway .and norway has them to because they are using them for digging under the fjords .

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