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Iraqi sercuity forces are a joke

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posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 03:25 AM
They’ll learn the way we train and the way we fight, compared to the way they train and fight," Williams said. "It will be about discipline and instilling a sense of esprit de corps." Once trained, the new force would handle things like crowd control and natural disasters, he added. They would spend time on the shooting range and learn crowd-control measures, undergo basic combat training and be taught the international laws of war.

Crowd controll ,natrual disasters I think Bush and some military leaders must live on another plant. Given the current sercuity situation in Iraq you have to question why the focus isnt on counter insurgency warfare.
But wait there more.......

The first mistake, according to those in charge of the training program, was that the Iraqi soldiers' salaries were too low. Privates earn $70 a month -- about half the amount paid to the people who fill sandbags around the Baghdad headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation authority, Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton said. For several months, Eaton has been asking for extra money for the soldiers.
nother problem, Eaton said, was that a civilian company was hired to conduct the training rather the military. The $48 million contract was awarded to Vinnell Corp. in the spring, when U.S. forces in Iraq were stretched thin and cutting loose several hundred soldiers to oversee the training would have been difficult.

Looks like it time to face facts if these trends continue Bushs exit stragerty will fail and Iraq will descend into a civil war. Civilians training military personal dose Bush think if he pays enough to private companys they will replace GIs in Iraq?
Heres what needs to be done .
Sercuity needs to be improved to ensure that insurgents dont infiltrate the Iraqi army. The Iraqi army should train in the outback and take lessons from the aussie SAS and american special forces getting the best of both worlds. The result would be a formidable fighting force that would defeat the iinsurgency.
There also needs to be a second base not in Iraq or the outback for sercuity and to make sure the people are up to special forces training.

Before the Iraqi army can become a force into its own Bush and his cronies need to wake up and spend some time for in the real world. Sadly I doubt this will happen because Bush and his cronies would have to admit that they were in the wrong and that Iraq wont fix itself.
It would take over a year to train a Battalion of troops (thats if enough make the grade) of course this dosnt fit Bushs quick fix plan to disaster.

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