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Here's more evidence that our universe is a Quantum Computer

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posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 12:46 PM
Quantum entanglement is bull# and the whole quantum theory is based on adhoc assumptions.

First of all, Bell didn't prove #. He just assumed that local realism would require the results of measurements to be linearly proportional to the angle of the fired entangled particles.

This assumption is not challenged by anyone; why it is not challenged, is a mystery to me.

Secondly, the idea that particles are waves and have a function which collapses and then they reveal specific properties is also bull#. I will come around to explaining why the double-slit experiment is bull# below, but for now let's stay with this.

Thirdly, the reason they say entanglement is 'spooky action at a distance' is because they think particles' wave functions collapse and its then that entanglement is created. No sir, entanglement is created when the two particles are created, not when they are measured.

Now, to the double-slit experiment? why it is wrong? it is wrong for the following reasons:

1) what is a particle's wave shape? examples and videos compare this wave with a water wave. A water wave is parallel to the surface of the earth, due to gravity. So it is assumed, in the classical double-slit experiment, where bars are vertical, that the particle wave is flat, like a water wave.

If one does the double-slit experiment by rotating the slits 90 degrees, then the bars appear horizontal!!! what is then the shape of the particle wave? is it flat and parallel to the earth? apparently, this time it is perpendicular to the earth!!!

Now instead of using vertical slits, let's use circular ones. Do we see bars? no, we don't. We see concentric circles. What is the shape of the wave then? is it circular? is it flat? is it parallel or perpendicular to the ground???

If the wave was flat and parallel to the earth, like a water wave, then rotating the slits 90 degrees would make the bars disappear, since the slits width would now be bigger than the wavelength of the particles. But the bars don't disappear, they become vertical!!!

This totally proves that particles are not waves.

A much better explanation for the results of the double-slit experiment, with rotated slits or circular slits, is that particles can't get through the slits (the slits are smaller than the particle wavelengths), and they crash onto the slits, and part of them continues in a trajectory that allows for the bars to appear, depending on the slit orientation.

Putting a detector between the particle gun and the slits changes the outcome of the experiment not because the presence of the detector makes the wave function collapse but because it absorbs the particle, and then reemits a different particle, possibly of lower energy/smaller wavelength, which fits into the slits.

posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 01:22 PM

originally posted by: masterp
Quantum entanglement is bull# and the whole quantum theory is based on adhoc assumptions.

He says, communicating using a technology that wouldn't exist without quantum theory.

posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: neoholographic

Could this be the beginning of an explanation for the Mandela Effect? From your quoted text:

“There really is something very deep going on here about the nature of quantum mechanics and time,” Cotler says. “Our best description of the past is not a fixed chronology but multiple chronologies that are intertwined with each other.”

The only way to reconcile all the observations, Cotler says, is to conclude that the photon went through multiple histories in parallel. When the researchers made the final measurement of the photon, those alternate timelines merged.

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