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Who wins the blame game?

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posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 04:00 PM
As the Presidential race continues, I see people getting increasingly worked up along party lines.
Conservatives believe they defend CONSTITUTIONAL liberties & rights; that we need to limit the size of the bloated federal govt, restrict immigration, and kill muslims in their homeland. And they think Liberals promote infanticide, corruption of morals, illegal invasions, and support taking away constitutional rights. They believe Liberals want more govt for more welfare, more food stamps, and more financial support when these are things that one should do for themselves. They believe Libs ignorantly support the wealthy, and that their ideas are packaged as for the good of the poor while its actually to their detriment. They believe libs sacrifice precious freedoms for the illusion of safety (forgetting about the patriot act and the bush years in the process.)
Correct me if Im wrong, or I left anything out. Id like a good summary of conservative ideals, and beliefs about libs.

Liberals believe they defend CIVIL liberties & rights, that we need more government to control more things and give us more money, more welfare, more food stamps, ect. They believe in open borders policies, abortion, gun control, speech control, wealth distribution, and in some cases, socialism. They think Conservatives not supporting infanticide makes them sexist. They think Conservatives not supporting more welfare makes them racist. They think conservatives supporting free enterprise and having a do it yourself mindset equals bigotry. They think conservatives supporting gun rights makes them fanatical. Not supporting wealth distribution means them support the elite. They think conservatives support the wealthy and hate the poor. Correct me if im wrong, or left anything out. Id like a good summary of liberal ideals and beliefs about conservatives, and I feel I really summarized libs poorly.

There are merits to both. I think freebies keep you from upwards social mobility because you become dependent on it; you dont have to work cause you get checks for free. People need to take responsibility for their lives, and financial situations. My father once lived on the streets after his dad died. Now he owns a business. Never had welfare in his life.
Everyone agrees govt is corrupt and ineffective, yet some of you want more of it with more control. Its backwards. Borders should be effective, or nonexistent. Since we have then we ought to secure them. Muslims from Arabia get blamed for blowing up our towers, so we blow up EVERY building in their countries (except Arabia) like we got the moral high ground, then we wonder why they hate us. It aint our freedoms, its our missiles. Its called blowback, and the solution is not to kill more muslims. See Einsteins definition of insanity. Abortions is murder for convenience, and there are better forms of birth control. Murder should not be on the table, but its the law, therefore should not be hindered till its repealed. And who gives a frak what gay people do with each other? They aint doing it to you, mind your damn business. Anyways thats what I think.

i see the differences:Gun control, abortion, war, immigration.
But what are the similarities between us?
WTF is the difference between Civil liberties and the Constitutional ones? How are both guardians of liberty, yet opposed? Who REALLY supports the rich, or poor?

posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: MayanBoricua

Constitutional rights are those inalienable rights granted by nature and nature's god, the Creator, and are self-evident; i.e., whatever you can do for yourself and by yourself (or with other consenting adults).

Civil rights are those rights granted by the civitas -- the government -- with respect to government functions and applying equally to all.

Civil rights cannot rightfully supercede Constitutional rights. Such "laws" are really just under color of law.

The blame game is all about divide-and-conquer and the winners are the sociopaths in government and big biz. Dividing us by "liberal" and "conservative" labels is just one way this is accomplished.

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