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SCI/TECH: Entrepreneurs Bet on Exergaming Future

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posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 11:42 PM
Instead of electronics companies trying to get you to buy big TVs that enhance video games and remotes, a small group of entrepreneurs have some new gizmos that will make you work up a sweat. They call it exergaming or exertainment - a combination of video games and physical activity. Here's a new marriage of exercise and video games. It could be the new fad that may help beat obesity in this nation.
LAS VEGAS - Consumer electronics companies commonly cater to couch potatoes by pitching bigger television sets, more mesmerizing video games and remote controls that can even place online orders for pizza. But a small cadre of entrepreneurs at the world's largest technology exposition hope their gizmos make you work up a sweat.

Company executives insist that "exergaming" or "exertainment" — the marriage of physical exercise and video gaming — is becoming a hot new niche, and the most bullish aficionados say it might even help reduce the nation's obesity epidemic

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This sounds like a winner to me. Now kids can get excercize while they play video games. Physical exercise is needed more then anything with kids sitting and playing games and on computers all day, they don't get much exercise.

Now if we could get them off of junk food, we might be on to something good.

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