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Greek navy helicopter crushed in Kinaros Island

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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:22 AM
A navy helicopter crashed in Kinaros Island, carried 3 men and all 3 are still missing. PM ordered immediate investigation of the crash and up to this moment the reasons of the crash are unknown. Many articles popup that all 3 men bodies are collected but official word dismiss these articles. The helicopter fall vertically in the island (more like pinned in the ground) and many other media even speak about Turkish involvement.

Nothing is certain till the investigation takes place and give us more updates.

In addition, turkey once more tries to violate and block any search and rescue ops in our seas, by calling our airspace and seas as theirs.

link , link , link

I repeat any information about dead bodies is not real, because the minister of defence made a statement, they havent found them yet. link The helicopter debris found in the Island but no info for bodies from officials.

Here is the twitter of Minister of Defence you can read his twitts with twitter translation.

Update : 2 bodies found 1 missing.
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