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Brand New ...Member that is...

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posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 10:17 AM
Dear Folks ......I wish I was in my 20s but I'm NOT I am however old enough to know the Difference between the " New" Bush Government and the FOR THE PEOPLE Government of Day's Gone By Or should I say BUY ? But anywho ... Folks Because I have been around long enough to recall Iran / Contra Damned Near Word for word ... I feel as is I can speak to you Honestly ...Why? Because I don't get my kicks throwing stones at My America ... I DO HOWEVER TAKE IT PERSONALLY WHEN THE VERY SOBs WE INTRUST TO WATCH OVER OUR Constitution Us it as there Own personel roll of toilet paper without so much as Grunt from the rough edges... Now Guy's and Gal's you can Go back to sleep if you like Because Ole Mr Push Me I'm Coming Bush Told you Hell the Economy was GREAT ... THE WAR ON TERROR IS GOING GREAT ....Our Medicare System is Great and being repaired as we speak Hell if you don't believe him just look at His Lip moving ? When WE Finally Impeach this Bastard and put him behind Bars.

get Rid of this Bastard

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by Arbusto69
get Rid of this Bastard

Believe me I wish we could.

Welcome to ATS bud!

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 10:27 AM
Nah, I vote we keep him. At any rate welcome to ATS

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 01:05 PM
Can't we promote him to a position where he can do less damage? Sort of like Clive Davis.

Welcome to ATS. I'm "knew" too.

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 11:45 PM
You'll get plenty of info and views regarding your thread all over the(ATS) good luck ,have fun and welcome again.....

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 05:18 PM
welcome to the club


posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 05:44 PM
Welcome Im sure you will find many things of interest, So take a peek
> around and if you need any help feel free to u2u me

take a peek at that link it may help

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me

You will find your u2u's in the member center

and also there is a message when you recieve a u2u

also need help getting your avatar up (or pic in your profile) check out this link


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