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Mums with Kids and Prams!

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posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 08:39 AM
how much does being polite cost a person???


so, when i am out and about, i try to be the nice guy (even though people say i always look angry
). i'm the kind of person who gets out of my seat for an old person when i'm on a bus. i get out of the way for wheelchair users. and if someone opens a door for me, i always say thanks. even if i am in a bad mood, i still mumble "thanks"

but what is it with (most, note that i said most) mums when they're out with their kids and/or babies in prams?

they are absolutely bloody crazy!

now, just in case anyone is sitting there thinking "Daystar has absolutely NO idea", i have worked in a school. kids, especially when they're around the age of 5-10, are incredibly difficult to look after. i have an idea of the constant demand kids place on people

but still that is no excuse for mums to hold entire aisles in supermarkets hostage! and then to be rude about it when someone else tries to get past! A perfect example: i went to my local supermarket to get a few odds and ends (like you do), and i was walking down an aisle when i saw, at the other end, a woman with a double pram and a kid that looked about five, come at high speed into the aisle. she comes speeding down the centre of the aisle towards me with her five year old trying desperately to keep up.

she sees something, so she stops. but while most people would steer out of the centre of the aisle, thus allowing other customers to move past freely, she leaves this pram in the middle of the aisle and steps over to the shelf! meanwhile, the two old ladies in front of me have reached the pram, and they wish to get past. so politely one of them asks Little Miss Roadhog to move her pram. i have now almost reached them and i was amazed to hear the woman tutting, huffing and puffing (very dramatically)!

Jesus! talk about anti social!

and its the same everywhere you go! trainstations, bookshops, sportswear shops, buses, trains, libraries, parks...

funny thing is people, they get extremely bitchy with you if you dont move heaven and earth to get out of their way!

a few estimates:

1 in 10 mums with prams will smile and at least acknowledge your existence if you are polite to them

1 in 20 will actually say thank you

1 in 50 will actually be nice and let you go first (i admit i wouldn't expect anyone wheeling a pram around all day to do this, but hey)

i have full respect for people who are bringing up kids. they do a hard job. but come on people, being polite never hurt anyone. and like i said, it don't cost a thing

so please mums, if you're out and about, try and be aware of other people, especially disabled people and old folk. most people will try and get out of your way (hopefully), and then all you have to do is be polite back by saying thanks! think of the spiritual rewards!

PS remember, i said most


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