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The Illuminati showed me the truth. I am tasked with informing you.

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posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 12:16 PM
NemoNeo, there is one, very special, aspect/process/behavior that I have yet to see mentioned anywhere (even occulted).

It connects to what you call "zero point energy." Science, as we currently know it, is aware of it and there are plenty of equations. But, we have yet to see it as a tool. Perhaps an innate block due to our maturity as a species.. Regardless, I am curious what you think it might be?

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

So what are the people you represent actually doing that "we the people" are rebelling against?

What exactly are they doing for this purpose you speak of and how exactly are their actions going to lead to this end goal of "awesome"?

What should we stop rebelling against exactly?

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Do you have any thoughts on how Quantum Mechanics may tie in to this reality?

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 01:26 PM
Here's the deal, someone's ALWAYS going to put you in fear mode. Someone's ALWAYS going to piss you off in life. That's just the way it is! SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, at SOME POINT, regardless of what you think about "secrets" would have openly stepped on your toes and thrown you into ANIMALISTIC FEAR MODE.

Why? Because we are BORN with the MARK of the beast, mentally. We are born like animals. We are born uncivilized. We are born as babies that are only selfishly working towards the perception of sensory and emotional fulfillment and we will continue being greedy until we understand that this world is based on animalistic, fear-based consciousness that was then CIVILIZED by this process in ancient times.

Until we go through this process, we won't be awakened from fear.

Again. Why? Because SOMEWHERE, at SOME POINT, something would have happened that would've knocked you into fear mode regardless of anything anyone is doing today in the world. That SIMPLY IS what the world is about without civilized man. There are only animals and animals respond to their perceptions of emotions as if that is the real world. It is not. It is a projection that the brain creates until the true awareness of what is called the "soul" is seated properly within the brain, basically the mind must be balanced.

One term that is used in the secret circles is called "sweating the quill". All the symbols you see are informational logos that represent parts of the brain, aspects of the soul and cycles of consciousness.

The only way to gain power over the part of the mind that loses control to the physical neurotransmitters of the brain is to literally throw the brain into panic and fear as someone previously posted and to then TAKE CONTROL and REVERSE THE CHEMICAL FLOW and the energetic forces of your SPIRIT OVERCOME the physical BRAIN and matter.

This is literally the first step to converting thoughts into literal matter or using thoughts to influence material reality.

This is a electro-chemical process through which the amygdala is activated through a certain process. The higher mind forms concepts and environmental projections based on certain filtration of the lower amydala. The emotional sensitivity heightens until the person experiences fear.

When this is attained, and verified, then the flow is reversed at the will-power of the initiate. When this happens, a bio-chemical alteration occurs within the brain. The brain is no longer in control of the mind, but the mind in control of the brain. A fractal patternization of the entire faculty of the rest of the brain occurs and every single "Cartesian" point of the brain/mind interface is no under control of the single mind. One gains more and more control over the creating/generating power of the entire brain by doing this.

The problem with this is that no one can go into your brain and MAKE YOU BECOME FEARLESS. Changes can take place where FEAR can be "input" into the brain. But nothing can go inside, find the soul, and tell you, "Be strong do it", and make you take control of the bio-chemical processes of the brain. YOU HAVE TO DO IT, EVERY TIME, ANYTIME IT IS DONE. Only the INDIVIDUAL can do it. That's it. It's impossible to MAKE someone strong, they simply become strong when they find themselves deep inside their mind during one of these electromagnetic/biochemical "tests" and they choose to posture-up, man-up, look up, and literally begin rising upwards out of the depths of darkness and fear into the world of a higher dimension and then back into "home" reality of the 3.5 D physical world.

Some do it faster. Some do it slowly. Some get caught up in the machine, in "no-time-time" and literally come back as scrambled eggs. There are precautions against this and again if anyone is sitting there telling you, "i was in the machine, it's bull#, we need to shut it down", they simply don't remember what the entire experience was about and didn't "pass" the test of over coming their own emotions, there own machine; the brain.

This switch literally occurs in the amygdala and there is an obvious flow reversal when the "soul" of the person, completely over powers the body and brain and their mind becomes "Godlike". Then no fear can touch them or interject into their reality stream or consciousness/mind

The other problem is that this can happen, but a person can hold on to fear and not let go. When this happens the person is literally "trapped" within the machine. They go amnesiac and come out not remembering who they are or what's happening. They forget the previous portions of their life and many memories that they now have access to are only the most traumatic memories which serve to reinforce the fear-signal in the brain.

Fractal like constructs literally form within the brain, where the mind connects, through the brain, to a literally delusional realm of reality where certain memories and details are censored out like a bad dream and only the bad is detected. This is when fear takes over the mind. This is the mind breaking, this is the negative side of this and this is usually the only side of this you'll see because this is the only time a person would want to destroy such a system.

The other problem is that there is no "100%" point where the amygdala is fully overloaded with the fear signal. There is no light the comes on when the person is ready to transcend fear because they are "full of it" and effectively "had-enough" and are ready to man up. So in inducing these frequencies in the brain and thus throwing the mind into "other dimensions" the technicians had to basically first experiment on subjects who were ready to take the plunge. It was kind of a cloak and dagger kind of thing because there is no possible way in reality to inform someone of what this kind of project entails, without literally killing them and bringing them back to life.

In continuation with the mention of the last "problem", there is basically no known amount of "Frequency" of fear that works every time, everyone is different. Everyone is literally so infinitely different it's almost impossible to tell through a detection device.

"Handlers" for this system are essentially psychologists for this process. They know how to gauge the psychology of the individual, measure, project, record, categorize, profile, etc etc, and "break" this person's illusory mindset by overloading just the right fear frequencies and elements through this machine.

This sounds more scary than it is, remember. Afterwards, any time it goes "bad", you come out of the machine and they replay the visuals on the wireless, mind operated "tv" screen. You then see all the "evil" aspects in all their cartoonishly funny and silly "horror" and most of it are things that your handler specifically put in there knowing that he would not only be able to scare the # out of you with it, but also afterwards prove to you that it was not real and it is literally something he made up out of your vulnerable and silly memory/mindset/belief system.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Hmm ok I`ll play along...

well some of your thoughts hold truth, for the rest I have my doubts but if what you are saying is true, then I can see why they kept trying with you, the way you are wired has to be of some value for them.

You said these ”beings” age slower than rest of us and are looking for specific people to put them into their ”sacred” tech machines. Can you elaborate this part a bit more? I would like to know the details, why do they need recruiting if they are all powerful and all, surely there are other ways to wake up people than conducting all sorts of experiments.

I like the way you percieve God which more or less applies to my truth but I see no good reason why would his so called ”disciples” be sending us into God like state where we can meet the Creator and/or create other worlds if that is not in grand masterplan. I mean if it was, why sending us into this realm in the first place? It sounds like cheating, bending the universal rules, the God`s rules, therefore yes...I can understand why they are referred to as ”fallen angels", because most likely they are.

So yeah you may think that what you have found out is the same they were pointing you to but devil is not only in our is in the details also. Tell me one thing...why would God create this realm, this universe where earth is a beautiful place filled with waters, mountains, trees, plants, animals...only to be replaced by high tech futuristic cities? You also speak of animals and their instincts very negatively, is this something they fed you up with? As far as I know they are also God`s creation and we can and are able to live in harmony and no they are not our projections as they have a soul of their own.

My final thought is that I sense a great deception, just unsure whether it is you or your ”illuminati beings”.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:23 PM
I'd love to have a radio show to host stuff like this, but I don't.

But why don't you just use YouTube to speak about your thoughts? You don't have to show your face and you could speak of your interests at length with no interruptions. It's the format people follow these days as traditional radio is pretty much dying.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:29 PM
Now bear with me here as another disclaimer. This will probably be like banging your head against the wall if you have highly specialized technical knowledge of University level and beyond applied math and physics. Note I said applied because I was told this is considered "theoretical physics" to the Universities, but to the elect of the elect they are brought in by the government and have been working on the toughest of these mechanical challenges since the early 1940's.

So, from what I remember, I described the system they used in the ways that I felt it and I was able to build basically a crayon diagram of how it worked.

In order to covert "thought waves" into digital format one doesn't use a "linear" computational model. As a result it can't be done with regular computers or computer chips themselves. Nothing is fast or capable of processing the singularity of information that is consciousness.

What they've done is figure out how to get a pressurized tube/chamber and this is filled with some kind of conductive gas which is then charged and stabilized and turned into a plasma field. It is essentially a pressurized/stabilized resonating plasma chamber. This is what holds the "consciousness" of a person. This is what "accepts" digital information that has been modulated or treated in some way and literally will then resonate at the level of that digital information.

This same chamber then, also, because of the way all energy ties into physics and electromagnetism, will "accept" those same "thought waves" i spoke about before.

That is the toughest part of figuring out and understanding but some of the diagrams in those patents that have gotten out do some justice.

The plasma tube that is carefully and specifically created to be able to resonate at the level of either digital input or human consciousness is the key to the whole deal.

After anything is input to this through digital means, that resonating chamber is picked up and absorbed into a beam. I'm fairly certain this looks like a little (or maybe big, i haven't actually seen it, and if they did show it i'm sure i wouldn't even begin to understand, almost like those biblical tales) particle accelerator where the plasma tube in one portion of the ring is then intersected by a focused laser of the same energy or some kind of carrier energy that will carry the information within it.

The laser then carries or is encoded with the resonant frequencies of the plasma tube which can be coded by digital, or "thought wave" energies. This laser is converted into a beam of some sort which is directed into the neural field of the individual that is being stimulated.

Any energy that is placed into the device which integrates digital information from a linear and regular computer will then be absorbed into the plasma tube and turned into a wave-form of bouncing, vibrating energy, like a self-contained, fractal vortex, where all the math will retain itself and literally transfer into laser/beam form and get absorbed by the person's brain and neural net and they will literally think, feel, or experience whatever information is encoded into that beam.

This is how artificial "telepathy" works. How hallucinations or emotional states can be induced.

The telepathy would be perceived as someone "reading" YOUR mind when the machine flowed from you through a detection of your thought waves and a transference of them into the plasma tube and then into a digital format on a screen.

The telepathy would be perceived as YOU reading SOMEONE ELSE'S mind if the machine's operation was reversed and the plasma tube was fed with "thought waves" from another individual that was then decoded into digital format, displayed into an image or a sound or whatever, then re-encoded into thought-format and directly displayed into your mind.

You would effectively see any one's thoughts that this machine was pointing and could literally watch their inner experience like a TV show.

It doesn't necessarily have to be converted from thoughts into digital and then back into thoughts to see it, but in order for the computer to sense it and record, manipulate, etc etc, it has to loop back through that.

And yes, the super computers are so powerful that they effectively operate faster than your thoughts, faster than your brain. Faster than what we call "reality". So that way it can effectively trick you, through tricking the brain and literally supersede it's electrical activity and show you a virtual world.

What's more interested is that they've refined and fine tuned this over the years so that it's not basic any more.

And remember, this all started with having magnets and electromagnets/magnetic fields around certain parts of the brain in a "God" helmet or a "God" chair of various kinds. They removed all that and found out how to literally do that with just laser beams, electromagnetics and plasma tubes. There are of course a bunch of other complicated parts, even on the public diagram that was released, but I am not too formal with these electronic components. I am learning, however.

The plasma tube basically induces some kind of phase shift in which the digital information becomes the same format as "thought" energy, or does something that some how allows the brain to "perceive" this digitized energy as the very same as "thought energy" that we think when we think a thought or experience reality.

This may be an exploit that is related to the fact that we don't ever experience reality, but only a projected simulation that the higher brain produces within the functioning of the brain itself. This is proven in science and even eons ago through philosophy and gnostism.

So in continuation, the other result of this is that they have refined this device so well, to such a degree, that you can literally program the computer to create any kind of sensory, perceptual, emotional, or intellectual experience and you will literally experience it as vividly as one possibly could in life.

This has to do with scalar physics and the entire "map" of the brain turning into vector points that can be isolated and integrated into a system of a whole picture which a super computer processes and integrates into information that can be digitally understood.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:30 PM

originally posted by: gottaknow
I'd love to have a radio show to host stuff like this, but I don't.

But why don't you just use YouTube to speak about your thoughts? You don't have to show your face and you could speak of your interests at length with no interruptions. It's the format people follow these days as traditional radio is pretty much dying.

I must pretty much come out to the public now. The time is now. Humanity will be left behind by future discoveries and inventions if they still feel like wallowing in the dark after all these ages.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:31 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

I rebel against you and your elitist friends. My reasons are simple:
1. I don't like people who care about me less than I care about me dictating what I'm to do with my own body, life, property, etc. Your friends seem to think they care about me more than I care about me. They want to tell me what food and drugs I cannot have, what I must say and not say to people in a position of authority, and the list goes on. If I want sodium cyanide for breakfast, that is my right because it is my body. Killing myself or loading myself with psychedelic drugs is a personal choice that I have. I decline those options, but reserve my right to have them. Are you friends going to support all my rights? If not, I don't believe they care about me as much as I care about me and my family. Therefore, they shouldn't be making decisions on what happens with me and my family.

2. I don't like people who are less intelligent than I am telling me what I must do with any of my time or resources via taxation or any other means. I'm an intelligent person. Therefore I don't need to be told what charities or governments should spend my tax money and how they spend it. I can decide that 100%, but your friends who are my overlords don't give me such an opportunity. My tax dollars should be 100% decided on how they are spent by me under an official social contract that is signed and dated by me. Don't just shove me into your friend's system without a valid contract.

3. The politicians you speak of as your allies don't base their policies on evidence. I like policies based on evidence. For example, a capitalist system with a low tax rate is proven to cause prosperity. Evidence is that such a system reduces the divide between rich and poor. Instead politicians do things based on guesses. I like things done based on evidence. That does not happen in modern government. So, I rebel against that. Its to such an extreme degree I find modern governments to be a total joke... a religious cult of nearly zero help for anyone.

In reality I'm naturally apt to conform and blend in. However, the world is so excessively stupid that I simply cannot conform to such idiocy. I'll wear clothes outside on hot summer days and that should be good enough for you and your friends. Other than that, just leave me alone as I leave you alone. I have every intention to allow your society to instill its authority over those who wish it upon them, which is most people. I believe most people have a lot of respect for their governments. However, I know too much of the truth to respect them as authorities.

The truth hurts. The truth sets you free.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:41 PM

originally posted by: combatmaster
a reply to: NemoNeo

Ah touche....

This is the reason they are, in the true context of things, worthless.

Despite all this power, for thousands of years they still fail to achieve their goals. If what you say is true, then these 'elders' are nothing more than another organism in this universe with somewhat different (manipulative) natural characteristics.

There is no hierarchy, its all a matter of perspective.

But ignore my rant.....

I totally accept your view on this. I want you to voice your opinion. I want you to know and proclaim that your view is special because of what it means to you. I want learn and grow into a view that is Universally prepared to face the truth and you have to first start this whole process in order to get there. No one is perfect, no one is free of mistakes and flaws and that is exactly what makes life interesting and progressive rather than stale. Life is never stale because it can't exist in that state, that is literally the lack of true life!

Like someone special said previously, "left foot forward" means that we are not only capable of making mistakes but that is actually how we start to learn. No other way, up on top of down, not down on top of up.

originally posted by: combatmaster
What i really want to know is the intrinsic detail of how this group of elders manages to control/manipulate world leaders/modern society into doing what they want. Furthermore (and more importantly) how do Black budget SAP's fit into this equation? Surely, they would have to be in control of that from the start, otherwise it would all be childs play to begin with, no?

I'll explain this as carefully as I can.

The people who are "at the top" are those who revere and know the secrets of the true inner workings of mind and consciousness. That is what the age-old symbolism filled "secret movement" is all about.

The people who know the bigger picture, are essentially those who know the mind. The bigger picture, IS the mind. Those who know this have the power to control THEIR world and make it better for THEMSELVES. Does this make them mean? No! It means we are MEAN if we see people SUCCEEDING and we hate on them for it. It is truly a flaw of our own doing.

Can they help that? Not if people just assume things and throw hate without knowing the bigger picture.

Why does this seem like a never ending battle? Because the masses of people who think and add to this world without eradicating fear are literally poisoning the mind-streams of every person and turning the world into a big paranoid, shill fest!

Now this is the difficult part. Why would you think that the people who know the secret, who have the TRUE POWER to create, NOT VIOLENT POWER or MATERIAL power. How would you think that these people then would DESTROY the world? Is the world not what gives them their power? Is the knowledge of the true inner workings of the world not what maintains their connection to this power and their view of the bigger picture of this world?

So what this means to me is that this world is like a big, nearly infinite fractal picture.

The person who can see the most of the picture gets the most power.

The 100% view of the picture is neither scary, or bad, it is purely amazing and beyond dual-bi-polar human emotional explanation.

That is literally a safeguard.

When someone gets enough inner sight to actually gain enough view over the whole fractal that they can actually get enough power to control portions of it. The very experience and process of doing so eradicates fear from their being otherwise they would've fallen into a hell realm and NOT been able to do it!

The only people that get true power are those who learn to eradicate fear, then they see the bigger more clearly picture of that overall fractal, then they can do whatever they want out of reality.

It's a cosmic impossibility for someone who has any form of fear, negativity, or falsely projected "evil" in their heart to enter into this state and come out on the other end as "God" or having the power of the truth. It's self-protective. The truth protects itself and the experience is "gifted" to those who fight the beast of the brain and overcome it as the mover of light.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:42 PM
As far as SAP's. Guess what.

The people that have anything to do with this process are THE strongest and most accurate people in the world.

Of course the military would sell their General's hats in order to get in on this process.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 03:47 PM
Well, there are still options to use Internet Radio to get your message out.

Link 1

Link 2 (Must use Google Chrome)

Podcasts, Twitch, Twitter Communication is all about these apps these days. If you need exposure, use them!

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: AVoiceOfReason

It's "Christ", dude.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 07:01 PM

originally posted by: Murgatroid

originally posted by: NemoNeo
There is no devil!

FAR too many reliable sources disagree with you...

Scripture for starters, that alone would be enough...

I have no problem whatsoever believing you work for the Illuminati.

I have studied the writings of ex-Illuminati for years and your claim that "there is no devil" contradicts almost every single one of them.

Svali, Arizona Wilder, Carolyn Hamlett, Cathy O’Brien, Daniel Yoder, Dr. Darlene Russell, Kathleen Sullivan, Kay Griggs, Mary Anne, Vicki Polin, John Todd, etc. all disagree.

Add to that the numerous former high level ex-satanists who have had face to face personal encounters with satan:

Ana Méndez Ferrell, Elaine Knost, John Ramirez, Daniel Mastral, Edward Caez, Bishop Samuel Kanco, etc, etc.

Thousands of other former shamans and occult Grand Masters such as Iyke Nathan Uzorma all disagree with you as well...
Thanks For The Research Leade. I appreciete it

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 07:16 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

You are nothing but a pillar of:

Lies, deceit, false promises, ignorance and occult.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 07:18 PM

originally posted by: blueman12
So powerful secret societies want the earth to be about truth, beauty and love; yet the world is in a constant flux of chaos.

Give me a break...



It hurts the evil minds, it cases them physical pain

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 07:42 PM
a reply to: raedar

I feel sorry for nemoneo

They obviously broke him through totrture, he admits they tortured him

They fractured his personality, created Stockholm syndrome

Poor guy probably has suicide trigger words for when he is no longer useful or experiment ends

God bless you nemoneo

May you eventually find peace.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 07:49 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

If this were all a dream and what things you say were true....could you describe the transition. Specifically those who resist. Those not included in the 64%

How much different will it be for them after they make the transition from a less stable parting point.

Are they a loss or are they a reworked version of their former self after the transition, but still in a denser differenciated frequency range from the rest.


posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: tadaman

The guy just stated on page 5 or 6

How they use kids for experiments because of lesser chance they will be scrambled and damaged

But that's not something that would hang you up, oh no you are intrigued aren't you

Speaks volumes about your moral compass

Actually you know what

I hope you get recruited and you get to play a 50/50 chance with your sanity

Oh and

I hope they don't give you a choice either

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posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Using the world to gain power is kind of like following "The Law of Attraction" thoughts attract like things. The more you see it and believe it, the more of it will materialize in reality for you.

I am liking your discussion...very interesting. Keep going. I am keeping an open mind without holding judgement on what you have to say and I am keeping my opinions out of mind until I hear your full story

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