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Everybody plays a little part

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posted on Feb, 8 2016 @ 09:54 AM
I sat alone dwelling upon why people cant see, i made this journey not knowing if i would break like everyone else a few can pass unharmed, i wasnt one of those, i was badly beaten. But i did it, cause i lost hope and dreams but most, i lost the will.. I always thought i was wrong, i was mad, i saw things others didnt see.. My gut said, wrong or right, but my mind said something else.. Like a magic trick telling you what to look at. So i met the monster inside my head, head on collision.. I needed to shackle the demon, lock him inside in his cage, a place he never been since he always was allowed freedom to do whatever he felt like..
And the world i saw, was pure.. But it opened doors to things i also once believed in and a war began.. My mind played tricks again, cause someone found out i was lurking around in the hall... And they feed the monster and it grew and grew and smashed the walls inside my head into pieces.. Until one day, it said; "Its magic" And for the first time i saw you all. The monster inside my head, grew tired of the games.. He usually do, the sole reason i can recover is cause, he is easily bored with magic tricks.. And i turned to you that August morning, and you sounded the alarm.. I watched for three days and learned how you knew.. I played the same game you did, and you call it an enigma.. Maybe we will never met, but i opened my door, since i dont hide anymore.. Now its your turn, to play your part..

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