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Turkish President's Bodygaurds Beat Women and Diplomat In Ecuador

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posted on Feb, 8 2016 @ 12:40 AM
So this little scandal here went unnoticed in most of the media. I was digging through some foreign unaffiliated news outlets when I found it. Or perhaps its made up I really cannot say. If an event happened, and it does not get reported by Western press, does anyone believe it happened?? This guy is really getting to be a bully.

Most of this will be in Spanish.

Turkey presidential bodyguards beat MP in Ecuador
00:04, 06.02.2016
Theme: Politics, Incidents

The bodyguards of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were involved in a scandal during his trip to Ecuador. During the visit there were protests against the Turkish president, and this enraged Erdoğan’s bodyguards, according to Sözcü daily newspaper of Turkey.
Erdoğan’s bodyguards attacked the protesters during one such demonstration, and also beat Ecuadorian MP Diego Vintimilla. He informed that, as a result, he broke his nose. Vintimilla said Erdoğan’s bodyguards had attacked the protesting women, and he had tried to protect these women, but he was beaten. The Ecuadorian National Assembly president condemned the Turkish presidential bodyguards’ violence against the women and the MP.

I don't know if his nose is ACTUALLY broken, but they did give him a little bloody nose based on the picture.

Published on Feb 5, 2016
Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Ecuador ended badly as demonstrators protested the Turkish state's policies against the Kurds in the capital city Quito. Protestors gathered outside the National Higher Education Institute amid tight security hours before Erdoğan was due to arrive. The demonstration began peacefully but scuffles broke out between police and protestors as the Turkish President entered the building with protestors shouting, "Murderer" and holding banners reading, "Long live Kurdistan." The protest continued inside the building when several women stood up, as Erdoğan was about to speak, and shouted, "Stop killing Kurds" and "Murderer."

The women were bundled out of the conference hall by Erdoğan's bodyguards, who were later condemned for their heavy handed treatment of the protestors. Bodyguards also broke Ecuador MP Diego Vintimilla's nose as he tried to prevent attacks on protestors.
Speaking to Telesur activist Giran Özcan said, "the people of Ecuador are showing solidarity with the Kurdish people and people of the Middle East against aspiring dictators such as Erdogan and evil organisations that he supports such as ISIS!"

Over 300 Kurds have been killed by Turkish state forces in the past six months during 24-hour martial lockdowns and sieges of Kurdish towns.

From the description on the youtube page (translated by google)

Six of the seven women who were attacked yesterday by Turkish security while conducting a meeting in a conference of the president of this country Recep Erdogan, described today, February 5, 2015, that these attacks are not only against them but it is an attack against all Ecuadorian women and the country's sovereignty.

So yea, it looks like people in Ecuador do not like Turkish Dictator Erdogan murdering Kurd's, and he continues his brutality against protesters in a foreign state.


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