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LaVoy Finicum's Last Ride (with reference links)

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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 08:26 PM
LaVoy Finicum's Last Ride

This is the first of a series of articles about the events surrounding the investiture of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge administration buildings by a group headed by Ammon Bundy...

It is written from a perspective very sympathetic to the Occupiers; indeed, the author describes one of the Occupiers, Ryan Payne, as -- old friend and fellow board member of the Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board.

After describing a recent visit to the Refuge, he begins describing events that fateful afternoon with the departure of Bundy, Finicum and the rest from the Refuge to meet with Sheriff Palmer, in a neighboring county. It's a fairly detailed account of the known events -- according to the author -- with some minutiae, some helpful details, and some conjecture. But no new critical information.

By "helpful," I mean those little things that round out the whole picture. Helpful for me at least. Things like:

Vehicle #1, the lead vehicle, LaVoy’s white 4-door pickup truck, contained Robert “LaVoy” Finicum driving, Ryan Payne at shotgun, and, from driver’s side to passenger side in the back seat, Ryan Bundy, Victoria Sharp, and Shawna Cox. Vehicle #2 contained Mark McConnell, driving his brown 4-door Jeep, with Brian “Budda” Cavalier at shotgun and Ammon Bundy in the rear. This was the position of all of the people as they left the HCRC, and the position of each until they left their respective vehicles...

Or this, which is the first I've heard exactly how the occupants of the vehicles were instructed to "surrender:"

Vehicle #2 pulled over in response to flashing lights and sirens. Those who pulled over Vehicle #2 identified themselves as FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) with a loudspeaker. They then instructed the driver to exit the vehicle and walk toward them, hands on his head. He approached them, he was instructed to lie on the ground, head away from them, and “low-crawl” back to them, where they disarmed him, cuffed him and patted him down. The same procedure was then addressed to the man in the back seat (Ammon), and finally to the man in the front seat (Budda), until all three were “secured”.

The author does not cite or attribute individual sources for any of the information offered. It seems to be compiled from many sources. I recognize much from the video descriptions/analyses I've read, and from witnesses that we've already read/heard, and more that I have not heard anywhere else yet. So I cannot and do not vouch for all of it. I have not, for example, heard the most recent Shawna Cox interviews, nor others. Perhaps someone who has heard all the witness statements/interviews can confirm or deny this? Perhaps someone has other information to confirm or deny something in this? And of course please share any other thoughts and observations regarding any new info -- even if it's just new to you!

For easy reference and/or comparison, these are links pertinent to the discussion, including all of the witness statements/interviews that I can find. I believe Shawna Cox has done two additional interviews to the one I have linked. If you know of others and leave a link, and if I catch them in time, I'll add them to the OP. It might also be nice to add one of the enhanced and zoomed FBI videos if anyone can recommend a good one.

FBI Statement
FBI Video (unedited)
42 Zoomed Still Photos
Mike McConnell Audio
Victoria Sharp Audio
Victoria Sharp Transcript
Shawna Cox 1 Audio
Shawna Cox Transcript
Finicum Family Statement 1
Finicum Family Statement 2
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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 09:57 PM
Links to legal/court documents:

Shawna Cox Release Order
Criminal Complaint Against Bundy et al
Hammond Legal Files (scribd; 650 pages)
Congressional Hearings Transcript

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posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 12:41 AM

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posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: Boadicea

Don't stop. Thanks for compiling these sources.

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 07:10 AM
a reply to: greencmp

You're welcome.

I'm planning to use this as a reference thread for myself, and will keep adding links in comments as this goes along, so others can use it for reference also.

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 02:30 PM
Links re corporate mining interests in the area of the Malheur Refuge/Hammands ranch.

Note: The Uranium One corporation has changed their name to Oregon Energy.

Oregon Live Jan 2012: Malheur County targeted for gold, uranium mines
New York Times: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium [One] Deal

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation.

Jon Rappaport: The Clintons: how Putin grabbed a fifth of all US uranium
Jon Rappaport: The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?
Blue Earth Announces Acquisition of 13MWp Solar Project in Malheur County, Oregon

Construction of the project is scheduled to begin in early Q1 of 2016 with an expected COD date in late Q3 of 2016.

Uranium Energy Oregon/Washington BLM

* * * * * * * * * * * *

ATS Threads:

NYTimes: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation
The reason the Hammond Ranch is under siege?
Clinton Foundation Took Huge Bribe From Russians to Buy Hammond Ranch

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: Boadicea

With mining interests moving in, I wonder how the local population will greet that mess?

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 03:27 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

I wonder too. There have already been some grumblings about it, especially because of reports that uranium mining has tainted water sources elsewhere. Both from residents and from environmental groups.

I guess we'll find out.

posted on Feb, 5 2016 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: Boadicea

Geat work, Bodicea, thanks for the compilation. This will be a good reference. I will help as I can.

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posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 06:33 AM
Indictment Details Charges Against Ammon Bundy, Other Militants

  • Occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge "by force while using and carrying firearms";
  • Warned the Harney County sheriff of "extreme civil unrest" if their demands weren't met;
  • Brandished and carried firearms inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and "prevented federal officials from performing their official duties by force, threats and intimidation";
  • Threatened violence "against anybody who attempted to remove them";
  • Traveled to Harney County, Ore., "to intimidate and coerce the population ... in order to effectuate the goals of the conspiracy."

(I can't help but note that the BLM and other feds have been accused of virtually every one of these "charges" against the people.)

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posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 06:38 AM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie

Thanks Baddie -- I'll appreciate the help!

posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 05:11 PM
I wanna say thanks to Boadicea and all the others on ATS for keeping the information flowing on LaVoy Finicum murder...
Thanks for the updates...

If I hadn't been so busy with work, I'd be posting all over this forum....
Keep up the great work!

posted on Feb, 7 2016 @ 03:19 AM
a reply to: Boadicea

Here's a datamine of this thread:
Finicum did not have a death wish. Mainstream media distorted the facts.
OP links:
LaVoy Finicum: Profile Of A Malheur Occupier(OPB)
AJ+ Interview
Rancher killed in Oregon standoff vowed to die before going to jail(CBS News Article)
The Robert LaVoy Finicum Thread
From page 1(posted by Stormdancer777, video with analysis):

From page 2:
fartsmeller46 was the first to post this video that was the basis for the Breaking Alt News thread of the same name that is here:
Breaking: Lavoy Finicum Tased By OSP Implicates Murder By The Feds
and I posted this after tweetie brought it to my attention in another thread:
Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's last interview with The Oregonian on the day before his death
along with the link to the post where I found it:

From page 3:
I posted this young jurks spin piece video along with a repost of the tarp interview as a comparison:
Militia Man Says He Won’t Be Taken Alive
plus a link to where I first saw it in a post by Xcathdra here, and a link to my reply.(repeat links omitted)
imitator psoted this keystone kops video in a reply(hey, it's part of the datamine):
The Keystone Kops meet Pickles and Peppers ,
and dragonridr posted these in a reply:
Harney county tells Pete Santilli to shut up
The Oregon Standoff: A Community Divided

From page 4:
diggindirt posted these in a reply:
(a couple of links are broken in this post so I'm linking the post here. Good post)
Then Gryphon66 posted these in a reply to me mostly re: 2nd Amendment and Militia:

That's what has come out in that thread so far, and I think that was most of the meat and potatos that were going to come with it. I may do an update of what else comes up in there eventually, but I may not need to, as that may end up comprising the major substance of it. We shall see.
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posted on Feb, 7 2016 @ 04:59 AM
I thought I should mine this thread next:
BREAKING: Armed militia occupies forest reserve HQ in Oregon, call ‘US patriots’ to arms
This was one of the earliest threads on the subject, so much of the breaking news as it happened and new infromation providing a more in-depth view was posted here. It's a 36 page thread, and worth a read through if you want to learn some of the finer points of the event. I'm not going to put names on the links or explain any of them, as there are many(apologies if I post any repeats). to older posts) st-to-hammond-family-persecution/ ource=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow[/ur l]
[url] e-immediately/
continued(out of room)

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posted on Feb, 7 2016 @ 05:04 AM
Where's the link to the report on the outcome of the trial in which the officers who shot Mr. Finicum were found guilty of murder again?

I can't seem to find that here.

posted on Feb, 7 2016 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie

Wow!!! Thank you. That was a lot of work -- very impressive. I knew there had been a lot of information posted on the various threads, but I had no idea how much. And this is great that you mined it all for this thread. I've probably read much of it, but I'll have to read through again and see what I missed.

And for anyone looking for information, this will be a gold mine of information!

Thank you again. I appreciate this!

posted on Feb, 10 2016 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie

Thank you for that ATS link (and links). I'm going to have to read that one again after something I read recently in USA Today, that Michele Fiore blew that up way bigger than the fire chief intended, in that the Fire Chief did not mean that FBI were deliberately posing as militia guys, but that the townspeople believed they were militia guys. In other words, the FBI guys did not tell anyone they were from the militia, or represent themselves as militia; but they definitely were not identifying themselves as FBI.

It might seem like an insignificant point, but it also seems that Michele Fiore has exagerated and misrepresented other facts in this situation. For what purpose I do not know.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: Boadicea

Okay, looks like this one's done for now, so I'll do it next:
LaVoy Finicum (BUNDY) was NOT shot with his hands up! He charged at LEO's. (from others arrested)
OP link:
Links in thread:
Victoria Sharp's Original Recorded Audio Account of LaVoy Finicum Being Shot:
Enhanced and zoomed video of the shooting:
Shawna Cox eyewitness account:

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