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Twelve Sky 2

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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 09:55 PM
There is a game called 12sky2 that i used to play alot back in the day and i just found an american server... its a korean mmo made by Alt1.

Basically you kill tons of monsters to level up, this server has 3x exp and new players start off with 9999 minutes of exp pill x2 exp.

To make money you farm monsters, you grind on them until they drop something good, or you kill bosses and sell the enchantment materials to other players.

there are four factions the fujins, quanyin, jinong, and nangin.
This game is all about PvP and to be honest its kind of a pay to win game.
i mean its free and all, and you get beginner rewards which give you gears and a pet as you level up.
but once u get to a high level u might want to spend a few dollars on the item mall to sell to other players so you have enough to get an elite gear.

This is a picture of my character at master lvl 33.

There are 112 regular levels, 33 master levels, 12 god levels, and 12 rebirth god levels.

this game is nostalgic to me and i just thought i would share.

Twelve Sky 2
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