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US Pulls Back From Parts Of Fallujah; Booby-Trapped Houses Detonated (from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 04:04 PM
US forces pulled back out of parts of Fallujah after a biggest fight yet. Claims of over 450 US troops were killed and over 200 injured also 140 tanks, 53 Humvees, 5 helicopters and 6 unmanned spyplanes destroyed. 18 prisoners were captured, 3 of them are injured. 26 prisoners were killed earlier in the day when they had to evacuate the area and were unable to transport the prisoners.
At sunset, the US pulled back from edges of Shuhada' and al-Jubayl neighborhoods in Fallujah after the fiercest fighting yet.

Mafkarat al-Islam is reporting that after extremely hard and bloody fighting, US forces had withdrawn from the ash-Shuhada' and al- Jubayl neighborhoods in Fallujah, which they had intensively assaulted since early morning. Fighting raged there from 8am until around sunset at 5pm, and before that, the Americans had overrun Mujahideen positions in an-Nazal neighborhood, from which the Mujahideen withdrew.

The correspondent reported that before they pulled back at sunset, US troops used loudspeakers from a distance of 500 meters to call on the Mujahideen to surrender themselves to the occupation, after claiming that Mujahideen commanders 'Abdallah al-Jannabi and 'Umar Hadid had "fled from the battlefield, leaving their fighters to face death," as they put it.

Mujahideen responded to the US verbal assault with a barrage of forty 82mm and 120mm mortar rounds. After that the Americans pulled back towards the an-Nazal neighborhood

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This article is from an Arab site, is what they say true? Will US admit to the amount of deaths or will they continue to cover it up? Does US have to destroy Fallujah in order to liberate it? How will this all end or will it never end?

This year will be interesting to watch and see what happens in Iraq. Hopefully US troops will move out and help Iraq rebuild itself. It's a shame that there has to be so much violence, maybe a solution will come about this year.

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