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India, India's Govt and UFOs: something interesting is going on

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posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 12:45 PM
It looks like something interesting is going on in India, involving UFOs, the government, the military, and international political attention.

For the past several months, I've read numerous reports and articles attesting to this, and I'll try to list some of the things I know. Anyone who can help with supporting/rebuking data (not vague insults and statements of personal superiority please), or anyone currently living in India: comments and help welcome. Let's try to figure this out:

-There have been numerous UFO sightings in India recently, particularly in The Himalayas near the India/China border
-Accounts of flying lights, sightings of physical craft, entities, and most interestingly: allegations that somewhere in the Himalayas there is an extraterrestrial base
-The Indian and Chinese military has been unusually active in that area recently
-There was an account of a lake simply appearing in the Himalayas, and when the government was alerted and forces dispatched, it simply disappeared, leaving people in confusion
-Some Indian media is claiming that the government has been contacted by extraterrestrial powers and they are now deciding whether to disclose this information to the public
-Linking to the last point: international attention has been given to India lately: Russian president Putin and various US senators have paid visits to the country, all nuclear bans are being lifted from India, and it has been recently accepted into various international organizations (ex: WTO)

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 01:06 PM
Sorry, there are other threads on this subject

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 01:09 PM
Covered here thanks.



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