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Drug use established by the Government

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posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 12:34 PM
As we are all aware, the used of prohibited drugs is an occurance in every country whether this be Cannabis or Heroin etc..

However, these drugs have not always been prohibted, for example Queen Victoria used Cannabis, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson used Cannabis. Although the users of such a drug have not experienced any severe side effect different from current legal drugs (alcohol or cigerettes) and the use has not led myself or anyone else I have met to do harder drugs (many who do find that they do this because they want a buzz and have said they would have tried harder drugs regardless of ever using cannabis)

Cannabis does not lead onto use of harder drugs

Link to Cannabis use

We all know that it is human nature to always want that which we cannot have or is not good for us or is dangerous, whether it be a chocolate cake, drugs, driving fast etc..

Many of us know the effects of Cannabis upon us.. it is relaxing. (how many fights/heated arguements have you instigated whilst on it?)

I also hear that Fluoride amounts found in the water pacify the consumer..

Fluoride used in Russia and Germany to Pacify Prisoners

Is the use of reverse psychology(to effect the choice of whether to experiment with cannabis) and the addition of Floride into water supplies a way to prevent people from being argumentative about the society manipulated by the establishment around them and questioning the government which controls them?

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