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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR


And as an aside, that bee connection found in many esoteric works... what's up with that? Related to Mystik's glimpse I wonder?

It first came up when I read (the 99.7% b.s.) Holy Blood, Holy Grail when a teen, but notice bees (and to a lesser extent honey combs) arise in occult symbolism again and again...

argh... darned real world bothering me again! *scurries off to work

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

That had me spray my monitor (with coffee... dirty, dirty!)

Thanks for that, sir.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

And this! YES.. that stomach exercise is exactly (and I mean EXZACTKLEE) what my Dad taught me as a wee one.

Also, it is somewhat lost in the noise, so thanks for the reminder...

AND it brings up a whole lotta weird... like when I would do these weird positions and movements as a kid that just "felt right" and years later, I see that I was doing some "high level" yoga moves on my own before even hearing that term...


eta and also brings to mind that some of the "new age goobly-gook" at least lets folks glimpse a greater reality at first and most posting and reading here could likely start a cult movement if they were a-hole enough to wanna.. .and that some of this stuff is either innate or inherited info and thus folks like...say Charlie Manson happen... heh (gulp)

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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:37 PM

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear

originally posted by: beansidhe
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

I love it too, I'm entranced by it. There's just so much meaning packed into it, and so much truth.

Have you ever read "Encounters with Star People" ?

In it, at times at least, little orbs/glowing beings fly around in swarms and then "materialize" into a "seemingly solid form", say a "Star" "ship".

Does anything from your lore appear to be able to duplicate that sort of "magic"?


No, never read it but I'm going to now. This is my second book recommendation today; you have no idea how happy it makes me when people take the time to suggest some good reading.

The only lights I can think of are will o' the wisps which appear at night as balls of light and lead you off the beaten path, usually somewhere dangerous. They don't turn into anything though. I'll have a read and see if I can find an equivalent.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Nikola Tesla was fascinated with the hexagon. There's much to the hexagonal shape. Never experienced the 'Bee People', but do have transcendental (it's [transcedental] a bit hyperbole, but it was profound) experiences with the hexagon shape myself. Although, I'd venture a guess the genesis of my and Telsa's fascination of the hexagon's shape is borne of different means.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:49 PM
a reply to: Baddogma

I won't answer, but I will say that I DID enjoy the dialogue - my apologies if it came off the wrong way.

Crazy active thread. Again, great job with the thread

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:57 PM

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear
All humans are strongly tethered to her, and it's human nastiness which corrupts an innocent micro environment....turning it into the black sludge monster...and feeding "she who must be obeyed".

We could heal the world by healing Her and ourselves.

And, how would you go about "healing Her" in order to "heal the world" and ourselves?

Because if 'she' is a 'feedback loop', then it should be possible for 'us' to get some healing happening for Her - and I am definitely interested in attempting something like that...

...My guess is that it would have to do with projecting 'love' as an energy - not the kind of love that involves 'wanting/needing' something from others (as in romantic relationships)...
...What I mean is the kind of love that is 'giving'/'nurturing' (as what we feel for children in need).

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Also, if you've not yet read them, give E.O. Wilson's books on bees a read. The bee is so incredible and its of legit concern this past decade's significant die-offs. There's a famous Einstein quote about bees I can't remember off the top of my head, but if you do please share it. Otherwise, I'll drop back in and post it after using the Google...

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: BeefNoMeat

Ya mean this one!

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:12 PM
Wow! I knew that bees had something to do with Goddess worship, but oh my gosh, I had no idea how many cultures 'bee mythology' encompasses!!!

Here's a link to a great article - kind of on the long side, but well worth the read!

bees in folklore and mythology

beansidhe - I think you, in particular will like this!!

edit: trying to get link to work
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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

I'm lazy. You're not doing a good job of helping break that habit. Yessir, that's the one. Thanks for saving me using the Google

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

That's an excellent article. I was aware of that theory. I certainly love the explanatory power of science above most things.

Are those hexes that two of us saw "just that" or "partly that"?


But that increases the validity of some theories...and makes one wonder about other theories.

Its all good.

That's exactly the purpose of science.

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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:27 PM

originally posted by: BASSPLYR
Whats prison love in this context. Is that like where you have to explain to your cell mate "No! No! Tyrone I'm Bi -Lin -Gual it doesn't mean what you think it does!!!!" And he's all like "I've been watching you this whole time and you haven't cleaned behind your ears or nothin! You can call me the health inspector!!! Now Pick up the Mother F'ing SOAP!!!!"

How do I get out of that situation or is that strictly up to She who must be Obeyed.

We are all stuck with the consequences of the myriad poor choices humans have made all these millenia.

Digging ourselves out of that hole may or may not be possible. We either try to help or we don't.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

Loving up the black sludge monster (or just sending increased blood flow to the affected area) sounds like a winner.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:33 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

This is the reason behind that quote you loved so much.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:37 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

There are people who posit that will o wisps and UFOs are the same phenomena sometimes. Keel, Valee, others.

Thanks for checking.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

So it's my fault She who must be Obeyed is abusing me? So if I just do as she says without question and in disregard for myself she'll just......keep on doing whatever the hell she wants regardless of what it does to the host? She sounds like one wicked dominatrix or something.

SWMBO: Do as I Say!
Me: Der....OK
SWMBO: BAD!!! (wack)
Me: Eeeeiiiiiiii!!!!!

SWMBO: Do as I say!
Me: NO!
SWMBO: BAD!!!!! (Wack)
Me: Eeeeeeiiiiiii!!!!!!

Is that how it works with her. No wonder she masquerades around as black n shiny sludge. Dominatrix wear that patent leather stuff. It's sorta Black n shiny. This is all beginning to make sense.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 07:38 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR
I hope you don't mind me saying so but she sounds like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction. Is there any way out of that mess?

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 07:52 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR


Please answer one question first before I answer that one. I have to get a little personal. Feel free to trash me if it helps your mood.

Now sir, you are someone I respect. You have some sort of science / technology background like I do.

In fact your response on calabi-yau was better than I could have quickly written up. The bit about the 3 families was great.

You can probably tell that I use science more for comparative purposes and metaphor than 'actual fact to the last decimal point'. That probably annoys you and makes you want to 'debunk me'.

Well debunk away. You can't debunk a metaphor. I just like to explore possibilities....share experiences and stir the help encourage fresh thinking.

I don't claim to see (our) of the 10 to the 500 or more possible manifolds....I never said anything like that. But I did say 'maybe'...or some other structure.

And guess what? You came along with the visual cortex structure....which fit within my 'maybe range' if indeed that's the total answer.

And I do NOT for one second believe that 'swmbo' knows that either.....its not wise to listen to her anyway, shes 99% a liar.

But back to the personal stuff.

I know that you also appreciate the paranormal.

But you may be like want to fit in...but whether it's science or mysticism, some joker is always (really sorry brother) - "giving you a huge run for your money in terms of contributions (social status)".

I know that I was most disagreeable sometimes in the A**** threads....and frankly I was over the line sometimes....I apologize.

But here comes the point....

If there are feelings involved with that...(I may be wrong)...feel free to 'debunk me' and jump up and down on me As much as You like ----- I welcome honest interaction.....and if all my words are BS then I will thank you for helping us think more rationally.

Now do you really want to talk about she who must be obeyed?

Or is something else going on here?

Thank you for your response...I'm 100% certain you won't be shy about responding.

I look forward to it.


posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 07:54 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

I think the way it works with SWMBO is that were the gimps. all in bondage to her service. she does whatever she wants making her the dom. hope she's at least good looking, that would make our enslavement easier to deal with.

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