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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Well leaving the future bare in observation without grasping with the mind or consciousness to add form? Then yes terms like ghost etc. are always going to be short of the experience... it is best thought of as "thought forms" residual energy or karma of intent oneself or others have had. This intent that builds karmic waves takes place in three locations or kayas; the triloka or trinity of body, speech and mind.

If one has intent towards a specific subject; whether it be deemed good or bad it will form an infinite circle or loop towards that contact or subject one has taken as a matter... of course in doing so? One becomes then subject to it. As all of the intent forms a net one casts in planting such seeds in mind, then speech, and carried out? In body. Mental formation, sound formation, and carried out in the gross form.

So what happens when one ceases such future intent? If you have ever been moving forward in a boat propelled by a motor, then suddenly drop the trottle and put it into reverse the wave or wake of energy behind the boat one was causing then passes by you and continues on in that ripple of energy ahead without you.

The same can be said for all of that formation in those three spheres of existence. When one ceases mental formations and attachment, and simply observes... the wake of past karma of grasping and attachments catch up if one watches without grasping or any attachment and resolves to keep on in such a manner... then karma of mind, speech, and body in the various formations of intent pass on by. Ebracing them in truth and release instead of running or hiding in cognitive dissonance and allowing all of the pain and suffering one caused heedless to such slide by and pass, in observing and letting go.

Of course, there are the karmas of all others making such waves as well not only in intention of positive but also negative... this energy both gross and subtle arises and passes with empathy one can change the energy of such things but; since one is not the owner or possessor of them any longer unless they are the ones oneself has created or set into motion? Then it is simply a line of fate or fetter of their own attachments... it can take great resolve to not react to those energies that then try to provoke, trigger, or control what they do not understand being subjective and still plowing on ahead in their boats in intent both positive and negative.

So what occurs when someone loses their form; to where all of those mental and speech formations no longer have a vessel in which to carry them out? Average reincarnation is less than 30 days; if someone has left what they feel is a lot of unfinished business then of course, they can get stuck or trapped in a bardo state or realm until whatever it is can be resolved.

There are three types of death associated with such things, in mind(meditation will kill it and its mental formations), in speech(vow of silence will kill one's vocal vibrations), body or form(meditation sitting in the void or all pervasive space is the formless realm; Nirodhasamapatti) that does not mean a subtle or gross body ceases, one can detach from the gross body in what is called Phalasamapatti or the state of nibbana itself flowing through the all as an energy without differentiation.

I have put off such a thing; a boddhisattva vow is a difficult thing to let go of... there is a lot of energy not one's own begging and pleading with such to stay and help to maintain formation as long as possible to aid others in their progressions. Such a thing without proper meditative absorptions and even with them can be very draining and very stressful... as such a thing does not only occur from the realm of form but that of the realm of formlessness.

A conduit between all realms of existience is one of the most taxing things to observe in experience of it; at times it honestly seemed easier in retrospect just to continue on plowing about in the infinite waters of subjective experience that really get no where except in the formation of imaginiation created by the mind, speech and body to be taken as a reality when it is not as far as the absolute goes.

The three do transform; into the kayas of Nirmana(formless/enlightened realm), Dharma(form/formless teaching realm), Shamboga(desire/ghost form and formless realms)

Awareness is is a simple thing, calmly abiding as all of these beings with various attachments takes strength, resolve, empathy/compassion, unconditional love in order to help absolve as well as commit other beings into another realm or life. Some of them aware do not want to incarnate at all, and will find those with those intentions from the seven within the body and swarm around them like bees feed us the nectar of what we are attached too or we will sting you with pain and suffering... not attached? Then they go to those closest... this sort of thing goes on all the time in unawareness; but there is no self... just these energies binding together to pull one like gravity into those vortexes and convert them in intent that becomes a self to have an excuse to embody such things as an attachment.

However, being a husk for such energies? What are they going to do? Where are they going to go? Where are they going to dwell? When you are no longer an inn keeper for them? To be honest they get extremely pissed off no longer able to use you as a vehicle for whatever purpose, they can also turn into a poltergeist... or manevalent and try to deny anything you enjoy no matter how small; even manipulate others you may care about.

Existence is suffering; whether it is known or unknown, whether form or formless...

Eventually, these things will go away... there is a small child energy somewhere in the ages of 8-11 he is a huge pain in the ass and very strong willed, since there is no form that can control him as a parental authority he is typically all over the place and into everything and throws temper tantrums... he also has a very strong vampiric nature of draining energy. If you find something soothing that attaches him more, if you try to reason or ignore he throws a fit.

He has been very interesting to observe... but between you and me and the rest of this board? A huge pest.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

It's all crazy sh1t BB. I shy away from reality trying to put it into fiction, but I am so out of original ideas, the other day I included zombies in my notes...
We're dancing around the bushes. Unwilling or unable to connect the dots.

But besides that I admire you for your endurance, your smiles, your strength...


But at some point something will happen, or someone notices something and the dominoes will start to fall... I seriously hope that's true.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

No sorry. If you state stuff like "it takes 30 days to reincarnate" with all certainty my alarm bells go off.
You can't possibly know that. I mean of course I gave you a star, because there are several points worthy of consideration, but as in all religions, just because they got a few subjectively observable effects right, doesn't mean it's all gold.

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: Peeple

That voice called "thoughts" is not you. Perhaps that sounds an obsurd; but of course attaching to that mental phenomina as a self makes such a thing extremely hard to see.

Sit in meditation and work to drop all thoughts; what occurs? Rapture, bliss, as all of that sheds and falls away better than any drug I experienced; I tried pretty much every single one afterwards to see if any even came close to it... other than massive amounts of nitrous oxide inhalation sans any thought, perception of body, or even other sounds, sights etc nil nothing nada just pure bliss of being... nothing else even comes close.

So then what happens? Chasing the damned dragon of that of course... sitting there trying to get one's fix. Until of course the concept of impermanence ceases to be a concept but direct knowledge there at all times unforgettible and need not even thought about to see it directly in every single thing arising and passing in the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, touch or basically all contact itself.

So we have all of these labels and words we've given a meaning and latched onto them as a tangible reality; when all used to be in the state of rapture and bliss I mentioned in a formlessness of consciousness... and then sound making concepts and weight giving form to a subjective reality that is the illusion itself.

Sure none of this or the above is going to mean one single thing at all without direct experience; like looking at a complex math problem and not having the skill to solve it but yet know it is math.

Bringing objective observations into the subjective; on a forum such as this, is not an easy thing to do... sure there are hundreds I could speak of, write about, do art work of... but making it a subject is to create intent making a cycle of karma in doing so.

Of course; that is how the world of subjective reality works... and it is extremely painful to deal with, where a single sentence can mean an all out assault for days; sharing things certain others do not want you to share... because they lose control of others walking the same path in non-attachment.

One less victim to feed on when one picks up the path and walks it... sure in unawareness one can wade their ass all around in it wallowing like a pig in some idea that it is them wallowing when it is not them at all; that would be nice if that were the case. But you and everyone else in the unawareness of such; meh no big deal it's stories it's writing nothing to it or about except maybe writers block... well take away all of the food that these engeries used to use you and conglomerate in you for; and see what happens. You essentially leave them homeless with no where to go like a slow controlled exorcisim.

Of course they are going to hate it; or course you are going to be tempted to say ah feck it, but when there are no more thoughts just awareness seeing without labels, hearing, taste, smell and touch the same withut a good or bad stepping entirely out of the circle or vortex of attachment found in the gross form for those in the subtle form... they get super irritated not playing host to them in ones body, speech or voice as some self any longer.

With not mental voice as thought? The phenomia of their existence becomes very apparent.

About 2.5 years ago if I read any of this; from someone else? I would have been oh BS you are imagining things, have a mental illness, or simply delusional. But taking practice very seriously? Such a thing has been presenting itself; in so many varied forms... not all of them like the child; some very helpful, but which ones of them do you trust? Which ones of them simply want to use you as some sort of husk to enter and then try to control you and act like it is some existent self? When one has gone beyond such things and know directly that such a thing is and yet is not... the is? Is simply awareness unbound to any sense consciousness by the mind cluttering it up with useless concepts... the eye becomes clear in seeing through all dimensions normally covered up or hidden by such chatter, the ear not attached to oh that's a plane, a phone etc. becomes the same way... clairaudence arises where you can hear someone's thoughts directly, as well as those disembodied.

The contact of energy as touch; if connected can feel like needles and knives, swords and axes hacking away at you and in clear seeing watch it occuring, hear their anger and hatred in doing so... of course not a good idea to allow so many senses to experience such a thing directly or else they become as solid a reality as one you may later read this in.

I have some residual attachments to be prefectly honest that I have been on the fence of letting go of; perhaps using the boddhisattva vow is an excuse to allow such to continue so that those few attachments may come to pass... also I have some stupid material crap like a one of a kind Piccasso etching that is a freaking masterpiece to behold, also this living will inheritence hanging over my head... and very love sick for someone in particular; that set me directly on the path of all of this unfolding.

Yet at the same time; it is almost like being a zombie in some pharohs tomb... like wtf am I even doing here? One foot in the realm of life and one foot in the realm of death; as all of these parasitic energies feed off of me and use me as a conduit since they can no longer use my form as they once did? It's almost like vultures heh heh we know his few attachments lets hang out and wait all it will take is a matter of time and then whoosh we feast yet again. Of course; benevolent ones knowing them too? Will be sure to press the issue on into that of complete detachment.

Thousands of past lives seen, the creation and destruction of the universe time and time again to nearly moot. I have a "celestial wife" whos energy embraces me in an unconditional love that feels 10 miles thick when I want to simply give up. I feel guilty being attached and incarnate in gross form; here in $h!t town instead of being with her. The feelings I have for my twin flame that set me on this journey; that I saw we were both in our last incarnation together; baldheaded a monk and a nun teaching children in a monastery and in so much love tied and bound by fate... makes me feel torn and adulterous to the golden celestial one that lifted me up out of death with maggots at both ends in pure love.

So seriously; what can I do? Between both worlds... having been slammed into fate beyond death with a past love and stuck in this sort of limbo... except continue to practice and observe and see where it leads... speaking of dettachment so often and yet torn, between the gross and subtle. I am a fool the longer this nonsense is allowed to go on; but yet no where else to go except off into the uncertain formlessness leaving this body of filth behind.

It is choosing the death of form, where the mind and speech have already died... the last "hurdle" I know it will be alright; but yet how many times have I died already in this silly incarnation... only to find myself right back yet again over and over. Perhaps, it is because the love and compassion in empathy on that otherside is being kind enough to let me see the what if instead of passing on.

No response needed unless someone wants to. Perhaps I will go speak to my abbot... although, I can see him just kindly smiling and repeating impermanence. to my impatience.

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 05:30 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I strongly disagree on the your thoughts are not you. Because at least they're a part of me, not all of them and I'm more than just them, but still. That's a very misleading thing to say.

And I loved the rest.

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

And subjectively speaking, I struggle with it so much, because deep down I indeed am a materialist. That adds a great deal absurdity to my woo history.
I am, or was a totally rational, unemotional spoiled brat. I just didn't notice. Then all of the sudden, everything and everyone went crazy and me too. But there were actually effects on material reality. Things so perfectly timed and numerous, they weren't coincidences.
Never have I felt so much bliss and never was I more devastated.
I don't really know if our stories are comparable? There was one particular message I can't remember for the life of me, but I am convinced it contained what this is about and maybe even hints about from whom the message comes.
The part I remember could include as addressee Israel & the Vatican, USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, all kinds of clubs and organisations. Why the hell did a guy from the bank call me? Which bank makes house calls and then just says, here is the bank?
But time passes and I look for something whatever promises a hint to solve the riddle and all I find are distractions, labels carelessly thrown around as if they'd magically explain anything.
It's quite the obsession. What is the other? What are UFOs? Are they related? How is it connected to or consciousness? What is it's agenda?
I'll keep pushing. It's not a matter of if I want to, or not. Other more beautiful things I wanted were made impossible. Because of this story. Now this is all that's left and the only thing that has value enough to pursuit it.
Because something is going on and we have to know.

Also, Trump is investing in military, erdogan calls everybody a Nazi. Oh wow stuff is heating up quickly. Tomorrow Wilders or Rutte? Then I believe Brexit negotiations? Or France? The drums of fate. Something will go wrong... what would you bet? Friday Merkel meets Trump, I believe? German news, she has to explain him the basics of cooperation.
...there aren't enough face palms in the world sometimes, seriously "my people" are so stupid. Arrogant, impossible self righteous freaks. Very very very few exceptions. Nazis. It's sadly true. Trump has German roots...they're everywhere!

If this were a conspiracy, which side would be the one getting majorly surpressed? The hippies? Or the conservative patriots? Would the hippies be who the "500.000 population" people let live? If you're worried about the planet, naturally you bond with the tree huggers...
So in a way is there indeed a war white supremacist against hippies*ltbd and minorities? Ideology wise of course.
I believe the real war has already started, just more a cold war with casualties.

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And if I think about the person I want to be I have a feeling in mind I want to achieve. We share that I think?
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posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 04:28 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I strongly disagree on the your thoughts are not you. Because at least they're a part of me, not all of them and I'm more than just them, but still. That's a very misleading thing to say.

And I loved the rest.

Yea I agree.. I no longer have the thoughts that are not me consciously.. I have to use my brain on my own.. obviously subconscious still has its thoughts hunger and all that.. it is weird though when you are 100% observer mode.. then "your thoughts" are just this ego dude.. he sometimes notices "you" as a spirit or something.. it's kinda cute.. well mine is anyway haha.

And yes I'm working towards the domino fall as are many others .. it's like a damn holding back an over full lake of wisdom spirit knowledge.. that damn is weakening.. it's been leaky from the get go. Nothing can hold us back forever or indeed much longer either.

No one can control the course really.. it's speeding up.. the dam fixers last hope is AI smart enough to predict 7.5 billion humans actions in real time.. otherwise nothing out smarts the truth. And because that's my allegiance I'm sitting in a good spot. Color me excited

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posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Your history and what changed you is just like me.. I was a self righteous ass who knew everything not least of which was my knowing material world was it.. and then boom... I'm talking to god being judged and wow as now I'm fully spiritual .. then in 2014 that was the big one.. everything you described.. Same for me.

I'm half German but let's not forget my German blood ran to America and fought the nazis by building bridges ahead of the allied advance. Then became a chemical and nuclear engineer.. well head nuclear engineer for the biggest power company in the south east or one of..

There are ok Germans lol..

Of course when I feel my German it's like uncomfortable .. dark stern punishing.. I don't know how to describe one of my housemates rented a German movie.. it was so freaking German. Me and my little brother by the end just started at each other.. like nope never doing that again lol.. it's so familiar and yet I've never been or know the culture but that # is inside me..

German makes me think of "angry man" lol

After how many characters my ex played I really thought you were a different people than the people who used to fight me tooth and nail over even a passing mention of anything woo.. then I don't see you for awhile going through my "super woo" I come back new name and all and perplexed isn't people.. the sex change was least of the shock haha..

People might talk a good game about crazy experiences.. but with you it had to be something so out of this world you would be changed forever. No more running silly.

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posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: Peeple

You have heard that the victor always writes the history yes? None of this history is correct; all of it has been hidden and surpressed... ideologies do not want to share the spoils or riches in equality; all of them want to monopolize and be the majority in say so. Where is peace and co-operation going to arise out of such silly and honestly stupid things as conceptual ideologies? This subjective garbage taken as real and meaningful when all it does is make those being fed this horse $h!t subjects or slaves to it... the cycle of ignorance is purposeful it is done with intent. Secret societies etc. want to keep it that way "let the right one's in" sort of nonsense... if anyone gets too close then try to find something in their past to use against or bury them with or manufacture it, technology can easily manufacture anything lets put Peeples face in a ton of nasty porn ruin her rep her credit etc. etc. and with the snap of a finger it can be done...

This is why the secrets of the heart can become important something to guard; or else some will want to use that against you too.

What occured in the "Never have I felt so much bliss and never was I more devastated" everything was fecking annilhated in a global senario and system rebooted in paralell... that's what fecking happened. I saw the entire damned world bounce three fecking feet sitting here in meditation as it was utterly destroyed. Recall what I said about existence and bubbles of concept? The same occurs as the entire god-damned world; all of those attached and holding onto it are like the operating system to re-boot the damned thing.

Of course; that whole new world order $h!t same damned thing... left wing right wing both of them are fecking extremes; but what bird have you ever known ever to be able to fly worth a $h!t with either wing torn off or not functioning? So what is the other option... twilight language? The entire damned thing is "bird caged" controlled and manipulated hacking the system in their favor and using concepts of ignorance to maintain power and control; in order to retain their contrived hippocritical hierarchies... like the global no smoking initiative in the early 90's? Pre-70's practically everyone smoked and drank even in pregnancy DR. recommended ffs no one was all chewed and fecked up from it... look how long all of these pre-and post baby boomers have been living some even smoking and drinking themselves... late 80's and 90's and beyond why is this? They are not buying into the belief or conceptual bubble of BS they are living by what makes them happy of course others feel like they have a right to control or own you don't even ask consent brow beat you to death or take some idea or position they feel as some authority over you.

Mass mind control programming that's all that $h!t is an people want to say they think for themselves... BS over 98 percent of people are sheep and fecking followers couldn't lead wouldn't know how to lead if given the chance... Trump; he doesn't know how to lead he has surrounded himself with a bunch of ideological nightmares... do they shut up those bitching the loudest? Yeah, it's the smoke screen some damned evangelical vice president; to shut those extremist feckers up make them feel represented... etc. and oh Nixon supposedly gave Trump the nod to be a politician; yeah Nixon one of the worst presidents in human history... so look at the 1980's and the Intelligence boom of secret services of all the alphabet agencies rising to power etc. for what is coming... same old $h!t sandwich, smearing all of this garbage in the faces of the youth set to inherit the world as a legacy and yet all of these geriatric feckheads won't let go and let them have it...

Of course they are desperate to maintain control and power; over the masses, are adverse to sharing the world beyond all of these borders hate the internet and want to turn it into a global shopping mall instead of information sharing and errosion of borders... so much so they want to make fecking 50 foot high walls around every border; cause we's number one... like a bunch of fools trying to monopolize the monkey bars so no one else could play on them.

Adults? They are all god-damned children playing a role of adult. Slinging names, trying to get the best toy to play with, get all crazy and jealous over some female or male they think they own or possess like another human being is property... it's fecking madness alright, and it has been madness for a very long long ass time.

Concepts humanity can take all concepts of ideology and shove it as far up their god-damned collective assholes as far as I care.

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posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Oh and erdogan is an idiot. Trying to play the old condtantinople game.. the gateway to Europe.. the mercenaries can fight the hippies but as more and more zombies notice they are being used they will naturally turn to the side that wants to educate them. To empower them.

That's actually a scene in "the matrix" where someone tells neo until they wake up "normal people" until they wake up they are your enemy. They get used. Showing they are used is half of it. The other half is asking what they want and helping them to realize they can do it.

The "war" is going very well.

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

You know what is stupid about the matrix? They could have been running around unplugging and freeing everyone; but no we are going to use the "god/jesus" nonsense for a "one" a perfect savior but oh how long have we looked? While listening to techno and having orgies with a system of government and control even military really no different than the make believe... so what was the point again?

Still a slave to a system; but at least you are not a battery?

posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 03:31 PM
Quick question.

I am listening to Axis: Bold as Love. The song Castles Made of Sand comes on. Now I am pretty good at remembering songs that blew my mind pretty well.

Maybe it is just me because I learned how to play this one and I have been playing it for years. But I swear there was no backward guitar in the intro! None at all. As I remember it, the backwards guitar comes in at the guitar solo not at the start of the song (just before Jimi starts to sing, "Down the street you can hear her scream, "You're a disgrace!" As she slams the door in his drunken face, and now he stands outside and all the neighbors start to gossip and drool"). It is in the left hand channel (your left) and it continues through the first verse! WHAT?!!!

Have I been ignoring that my whole life?!! Even as he comes out of the chorus, I play it differently than he does now which I remember as more funkier. It sounds way cool on an acoustic guitar that way which is why I found it to be my favorite way of playing it--because Jimi did it that way!

Now it seems... different! Then again, it could be due to all the LDS I did back in the 60s! LOL

Does anybody else remember the backward guitar always being there?

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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 10:03 PM

originally posted by: TEOTWAWKIAIFF
it could be due to all the LDS I did back in the 60s! LOL

Unwanted religious ideology does take a long time to boot out of the system... do you ever have flashbacks of Joseph Smith in the woods digging for native artifacts?

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 05:59 AM

Maybe your old stereo wasn't that good? Some songs I've played so often the original feels wrong.

I've found this youtube channel because I was watching the Elisa Lam documentary and on it I found this

Feeding on prana?

Also the poor thing.

How weird is it that shortly after her death tuberculosis breaks out and the test for that has her name?!

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: Peeple

If you're interested in this you should look into "Solar Science", as mentioned here, taken from the book "Sivananda Buried Yoga"

"Keeping to a careful regime, I completely stopped my food intake. For this purpose, I began to do surya namaskar twice a day: both in the morning and evening. At this time I stopped eating food, and gradually even stopped drinking water. During this phase of practice, I live for 65 days in one stretched without food."

There is also this book about the life and philosophy of Yogirajadhhirj Swami Vishuddhanand Paramahansdeva, an adept Yogi in the Science of "Savita", mentioned in the Paul Brunton book "A Search in Sacred India".

"Religion consists of realization; not of the reason, theories, documents, doctrines, scriptures and rituals-which all are only aids to religion. We have to realize religion through constant practice and this realization is a long process. There is no jumping steps, we have to work up the ladder step by step. To attain 'Realization', we have to pass through the concrete and then come to the abstract, like the children learn the alphabets through pictures."

Taken from the article solar based spiritual practices or surya sadhana its techniques and methodology

"Via this solar meditation such a wonderful environment shall usher in that the brain skills, energy and enterprise of all scientists, educationists, politicians, artists, doctors Free Reprint Articles, engineers and religious leaders the world over shall be utilized to lead world humanity towards a life oozing with divinity."

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 12:09 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Yeah, I wonder that too. Some get changed by new technology like U2's Pride. The original has a "wooooooooooOOOOOO" in it because The Edge placed his delay on top of his amp so when he changed chords the thing emitted this cool tone. The remaster has removed it. Same as the Best of. I miss that crazy sound!

This guy named Wolf Marshall transcribed all things Jimi. I remember learning Castles from one of his transcriptions years ago. I do not remember seeing the backwards guitar transcribed. And Wolf is very complete in his transcriptions. So this has thrown me for a loop!

Elisa Lam is a crazy story! I think it was Vigilant Citizen that has a video of her entering the elevator and she is having a conversation with something that is not there! Then to end up locked in the water tower? Very strange that tale! Add to it all the weird coincidences like the last stop of the Black Dahlia Murder victim... again, very strange.

You check out any time you like but you can never leave....

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 12:43 PM

I had lived for years with the good feeling that the Hessdalen lights have been studied and were interaction of the geomagnetic field with plasma. Solid natural phenomenon.
Today I learned it's still unsolved and in the time when I thought they had made their breakthrough the project was paused.

Do you know of any other good mysterious cases like Elisas?

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Not off the top of my head.

Elisa Lam is a strange one! I forgot but the Vigilant Citizen draws on the similarities with the movie Dark Waters where the protagonist's name is Dahlia and her daughter is Cecilia. Both names are tied to the Cecil hotel where she died.

I have not come across something that strange in a while.

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 02:29 PM

Hm then I shall watch the vigilant citizens video. or not can't find anything.
What bothered me the most is the pig Latin graffiti "I'm done with her"
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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The TB test kit name is messed up.

I forgot she walks into the elevator, presses all the buttons, and the elevator does not move! A bunch of electronics did not work around her. There was an alarm for roof access that never went off too.

Possession, more and more, seems a valid answer.

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