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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

See what I don't get with people experiencing any kind of other, from all of the woo spectrum, not just you, is you conceptualise it, saying it's all bias free and that's sure good, but you still can't really answer anything because that would imply you have to create your own bias. But we need answers. "What I suggest is that magic is about calling upon the archetypes Tyne"

That just happened...

And if we assume that is true what archetype are you, Sir Gloomalot?
Ammit? Haha, you can take a joke, right?

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posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I'd be like, "B1tch you be tripping!" LOL!

It is like dotting your "I"s with little hearts and such! If you started doing that I would know that Invasion of the Body Snatchers was full on! Then it would time to steal as much amphetamines as I could carry to stay awake and fight off the pod people to my dying breath...


posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 07:45 PM

originally posted by: Peeple

It's good to know you stop by if you can.
Fly away little bird, study away, wherever life takes you, be blessed wonderful being of inspiration.

*and that's why I hate the love&light people! Imagine I would talk like that! Annoying, right?

Please don't do that ever again.. haha at least when I say I love you guys it's just because I do it just comes out.. but I can't stand that love and light namaste #..

Should I go?


Sshh I'll go back to my corner now.. no but another difference is we are making this up as we go rather than copying the New Testament or the new age religions.. I call them psyops.. how else would you have a billion people waiting to die in fiery hell with gleeful expectation?? The dragons are coming to eat your family. But why?? Cause Jesus loves you go back to bed honey.

There was a time on ats you know the woo time, that people were picking their character.. like anti christ or whatever.. I never could tell how much of it was a game or how many even knew we were playing. .. it got me to thinking that maybe I am reincarnated.. maybe a bunch of us played the Jesus card? I took my cards all back for the time being.

To be the anti Christ you couldn't say that's who u were.. I haven't found that thread either.. I have no idea how much of these games ran into reality or what none of it makes any sense.. but it just leaves me in the same place I'm always at.. mind control is the biggest game in town when reality can be molded with the mind..

Zeus has power whether he's real or not. And if you want to talk to the "other" just do something magical like leave ur body or lucid dream..

Sparkly unicorns!


Us in our true forms:

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posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

There just comes a certain point when you need to get results. If I would want to I could create fairy tales and dreams myself away for ever, but that can't be the point, right? I mean what for would I do that, if all I can say for sure is
it had, complete control over me at times, the animal around me were either controlled, or in on it, the weather was the freakish thing in all of it. The tiniest little stormy rain ever, I saw the sun and blue sky all around, like metres away.
I was dead and three shadowy blurry figures sent me back. The people around me acted extremely strange and one even looked like she was puzzled by her own behaviour.
The problem is I didn't do anything. I would love to call it back to see if there's more to find out now that I worked through a lot of ballast.
But how? It started on ATS. Or a little earlier, but I guess ATS.
So I hang around here and try to expose the philosophers stone, free, for all.
Because it was so cool. It would be even cooler if that were my jedi powers.
If I could say btw, out of nowhere, storm and rain, now, flood, you know where. Bastards.


I'm not sure...

posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: Peeple

There you go again saying my exact story. For me I challenged Satan I guess. I decided the world was training me to take the power back.. to be more than human.. it seemed I had figured out me and Satan had a one on one match.. and "god is dead". That set it off on ats but really it was that girl.. she charged our avatars I don't know it's like I was capturing soul energy ha..

Being dead check
People acting nutty/controlled to go after me check
Animals acting nutty/controlled to go after me check
Crazy thunderstorms only when me and her were connected. Sunny as hell and then hail so big it broke the house in one second

She claimed she was being watched she had this way of tricking the "guards" like the dude who is supposed to die ends up being me so he dies and I'm alive but free whatever.. I thought this was somehow all in my head.. but she's like ok their pressing up on the house your turn I have to put the heat on you sorry.. and that's when I became super psychic and powerful

And that's when people drive by one every 30 seconds everyone looked right at me but if I tried to make eye contact they ducked.. I'm pretty sure I was something like possessed.. even the cops did that avoiding eye contact.. all the dogs like 5-6 and dudes with flash lights all around me calling out to each other..

She's like having fun yet??

That's when a jet buzzed the house I was almost crying on the floor. Trying to think should I run?
And she tells me to run..

I got captured and tazed and beat up..

Always 3 cars following us. And they did the eye thing too burying their head in the steering wheel and swearing into the next lane without checking.. to be replaced with another..

She didn't like getting tazed.. never seen her so mad. Thx for the 167 messages on facebook whining and crying about how much it burns and did the aliens get me???

That's not even the half of it..

Can't believe I'm saying that with a straight face like wtf happened to my life??

My ex looking st me weird when I told her all this I was hiding cause other girl can't lock on psychically without personal details.. being around other life forms threw her off anyway I was like ok I'll show you a crazy thunderstorm. Other x magic girl she logged on to ats every time I did at exact minutes.. so there she is ..

I make her mad by showing the other girl what she wrote me not keeping secrets but also that other x is very "light" and protective of me.. so she's looking angry and focused on me her version of "magic" and lucifer girl was like screaming out in pain who's protecting you they're drilling into me.. claimed I was at a witches house..

See when I make her mad or sad I guess anything intense that's when all hell breaks lose and sure enough out of nowhere the sky opens up and it's lightning all over.. not long after 3 cop cars are patrolling around the apartment complex..

Meanwhile I'm trying to make sure I'm more me than her..

So yea oh and the cops.. on ats there was this concept called being player one.. you are bulletproof but you can be set on fire.. abd stories about people who think they are invincable that get killed by cops.. and cops that shot them inside their parked car unarmed 357 times..

It was like I was on another planet..

And at some point god mode thingie left me alone

But the timing is interesting.. like a portal to Lala apocalypse land opened the conditions were not met for the end and we popped back out.

You know if I had to give it a name

Oh here is the kicker being in that magic realm was supposed to have me winning and if I did I could remake the world anyway I wanted.. basically your checklist was offered to me. I refused.. you asked how do you judge?? Devil angel alien?? Same as I judge people.. get to know em and whoever that was was not nice at all..

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posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 08:58 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Oh and I think you don't have to wait much longer..
just look at the usa its power structure including the media is destroying itself.
There is a thread predicting mid march as the jump off into heavy woo..
I don't know I don't feel it but Wikileaks is releasing vault7 tomorrow.
Lots of speculation from 9/11 to aliens Antarctica whatever.. I think it's just the 7th piece of unreleased data from the FBI on Hillary.. but then again they have it multi layered coded as "doomsday" or "year zero" might be right up your alley

I should be dead so trust that what ever I'm doing here I'm playing my part.. remember I'm not a warrior I'm a shaman.. funny most of the people in this thread mention dying or near death..

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posted on Mar, 6 2017 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Language is a concept; one of communication... if you want me to grunt at you get on all fours. Of course, the concept of consent becomes an important factor to avoid the rapey animist sort of business... or just tearing them the hell up in testicular slaughter or cutting a hotdog via teeth few would want to eat.

Babies are in a constant state of awareness... mimicking expressions, learning emotions from faces... like the stink face that will make them giggle and kick around and flap their arms but then later perfectly mirror having imprinted it on them, later they learn the sounds, expressions & words and concepts of/for stink.

But stink is a relative thing... it is also culture dependent. Bubbles and ideas of concept of various sizes and the weight? Well how many hold such a thing as existent reality?

Moot as my journey continues on in such a manner; yes I chose it, and yes I can decide to stop whenever I so desire too. But I will not; I will see it through to the end... sight and sound being so difficult to detach from taste and smell? Easy in comparison... touch? I have sat motionless for days, to where I simply just died... then that golden orb showed up and asked me a question. Arising and Showering clearing maggots out of both ends? Not being able to eat or have an appetite? Penis like super sensitive 5 seconds of touch was; well I'm done. But since all of that occuring; it has been non stop learning... I practiced and read tons of philosophy and religions but mainly Buddhism for roughly twenty years, kundalini the first time I really sat down and forced myself to leap off of all thought at 18 years old... a voice yelled me out of the bliss; it was my mom wanting me to take her stupid damned dinner plate into the kitchen. Hate for her took a firm root at that moment, she was less than 3 yards from the kitchen and I was about 10.

Of course, I thought I had achieved something... well I did a very long lesson of what chasing the dragon of a past moment can do, it isnt like some drug you can just take and expect roughly the same effect. Sitting there going ok I know what the best feeling I have ever experienced was... then sitting there chasing it around where is it, when is it going to arise again? Looking for something gone, past, done, over... it wasn't until years later that I was chasing emptiness looking for a moment to be filled with what was no longer there like a damned junkie. That's what the present moment is all about... one will never think themselves to emptiness unless they exhaust all thought on an object of meditation called a kasina object. The mind full of nonsense prattles on and on... why investigate sounds? To see who is attached to ignorance that oneself is not? That's easy just take a walk in public... listen to conversations, hell not even that much effort turn on a TV or radio.

Of course, one can do all such things as they have done or learned before... none of it requires any thought once the skill is learned even language and communication of concepts. They are left as a tool of use, to pick up as needed... the mind running around blah blah blah blah blah yak yak yak doesn;t accomplish anything except as a constant inner shadow of pain and suffering gibber jabbering away so much futility. Of course it can be used as a tool to accomplish some work as a job to gain some wage... I do not require such a thing at this moment, perhaps as a hobby something to spend some time on... but I have other projects that must take precedence, so in my time of not doing that? I sit in mindful awareness simply being, things arise and pass those things need not be stated as "concepts" but that's part of what this cafe is all about.

Perhaps I give too much away? Like here try this soapy drink... and then it becomes soapy instead of luxurious.

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

And it sure is time to finally get on with it.
I wish you, me, whoever get a trip on board or wherever their operation base is, get to look around, film, take samples, get books and various items, technological, who knows what, their music, a bit of everything.
And then we make a show and tell tour: "meet the aliens"
If I can't be queen of the milky way that's like the very least that has to happen. And set phasers to stun, am I right? That would blow a few minds and cool stuff down. Something everybody can touch feel, make tests with if you're qualified...
I mean there are various reasons why direct contact might be unhealthy for the both of us, but I take the risk or we get spacesuits.
And am hoping for a good reason why they're messing with our minds since the dawn of culture. Because that's the unarguable pitfall, way too much is possibly mind hacking. And I just kind of hope for more than just über-consciousness.
I want the truth and I will tell it.

Haha, almost at the same time, humans on other planets

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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 03:58 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Bad Religion - I Want to Conquer the World

And I want to conquer the world
Give all the idiots a brand new Religion
Put an end to poverty, uncleanliness, and toil
Promote equality in all of our decisions
With a quick wink of the eye and a "God! You must be joking!"

Beecause.... YEAH!!! :rawk:

This song always make me feel like doing... something. Anything! And with people always looking at me like I am about to rape them, or pull out a gun and shoot them all, or turn into a demon, or turn into Jesus himself, they always stare. Mouth open. I want to yell, "What the h3ll you staring at?!!" Oh, I would give those idiot a brand new religion. You betcha! We'll have peace on Earth and global communion!

Oh, and I passed my assessment test at work! Just friggin' mad that this is... I think... the third time I have done the same effing test! So, a little punk to make me relax a little!

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 04:36 PM

All of the members of Bad religon have PHD's a lot of people assume punks are dumb; when most of them do a ton of independent/academic study.

I've so many life skills and educational skills; I could teach the hell out of some sheesh. Of course that would mean I would have to be social and I really don't care for many I meet. Of course I can empathize with the position they are in I have no drive to spend time with such... I prefer one to two close friends maximum. Sure I have a ton of friends; but one of the reasons I am glad my phone went AWOL and still missing; is because of all the cross purposes social media was doing using me as a hub or connection...

Nothing wrong with whoring one's wares but there is so much dishonesty in that hustle; not liking the lime light I bailed... chose to stay underground, of course that does not stop the whirlwind buzzing around following. I prefer people to find some skills some sense of purpose and hone the hell out of it instead of a bunch of people up my ass... it got difficult trying to make everyone genuine friends instead of fans, all it took was time to sit down in some capacity and have a real conversation with them one on one as far as listening goes taking an interest in them being their cheerleader... like what you are doing with yourself sort of thing, even if it was a cleaning person or factory worker. Finding out what their dreams and passions were what gets them out of bed every morning even if it was doing something for income they would rather not do... encouraging them to re-invest in themselves, take moments to be selfish if they were a worrying aged devorcee over her children making mistakes that would trap them unfulfilled in life, like even if it was saying treat yourself to your favorite tea or coffee a moment to yourself.

Anyway. I perfer to lay low and do my own thing always have and only in good company... not all that fake it business but actually living what one is passionate about no matter what it is. I personally found the hipsters trying to be first a lot like those trying to dog someone on a wave or snake someone skating a ramp... gotta be first in and yet not know a damned thing just scenesters fronting and playing pretend selling out people's lifestyles in a cycle of rinse repeat. Cause yeah there's money to be made in them and a feck-ton of it... yet it soon becomes bland, boring, souless and lifeless.

Where I live, there are a ton of backstabbers people that want to leap frog, schmooze, siddle up and then slit your throat with lies and rumor.

Such a thing come back on them when they've burnt out their own rep though, so whatever only fools and idiots believe such mills cranking out and turning those gears in their minds hoping it changes their gears but all shiftiness aside?

It is what it is... could be different and can be; living life in such vacuums always leaves the suck meter registering on full.

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 06:45 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I was listening to The Descendants and checked them out on Wikipedia to see what they were up to. Well, seems like TEOT missed the memo when they became the band All after their singer went to college. He ended up with a PhD in biochem went to DuPont, got burnt out of the corporate shn1t, then rejoined for good to make good music!

So many people start to realize, "Hey! This job sucks!! I'm gonna go over here for a while and do my own thing," which if it is cool, others will ask about, then if you are paying attention (most aren't) and put aside some fear, you get paid for doing what you already love doing (no Peeple, that does not include porn!! Hehehe. JK).

I have looked over some new guitars and have come to the realization that I can probably put a better one together for under a grand with all the parts I wanted anyway. I have "built" (more like assembled strat parts and soaked them in solder) before. So who knows?

I just haven't decided what to do when I grow up. And I have not grown up for that matter. So I like hanging with the kids at the back of the class, making fun of the preppies, and skipping the homework. And being over worked and under paid if that means I can login here and talk about woo.

Besides, did the year's worth of assessment testing in 4 weeks! So eff em you know!


posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I'm not sure what your point is? Stay away? Or try harder? I feel you just stated your experience?
If so
The urge to just walk away from everything isn't that strong. I want to dive in. If I meditate, I let my mind chatter away and work more on remembering what it says if I "lost control". Somehow I suspect my subconsciousness knows something about the woo matter.
But I feel in essence we're all looking for the same thing?

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 07:59 PM

I personally don't like strats stringing from the back has to be one of the worst design flaws going. I think a couple of P-90's and a humbucker at the neck for a clean would be a nice setup. I don't know what you play as far as style goes but P-90's will growl some distortion like no other. I've a Gibson SG Jr. with a dog ear P-90 in it with a pick guard I custom engraved and a big ass Ampeg classic Series cab with a Dean Markley head. I've an acustic I haven't played in a long time; an Epiphone restrung with classical strings... aside from that a violin I am customizing my Erhu that I play kinda often every few days at least, two harmonicas I tend to pick one of those up and blow a real high note to shut the neighbor dogs up when they are outside going ape.

Too many broken ribs for pits these days; those things don't ever heal kinda just hinge around in there in the meat... my last ex liked to drape her arm right on one while laying around sleep/cuddle style and I would have to be; please on the hip or I would just shift to my back so she could lay her head on my chest. So yeah not too down with getting sensless injury these days... 32 years of skateboarding nearly every day? I've fallen enough already... though I still get the urge from time to time but after several hard falls that can mean weeks of barely able to walk. I still support that scene and some others worldwide(more on the female side of things in encouragement into what have been mainly male dominated pursuits or hobbies); here's one of my friends:

BTW there is a documentary called: "It Might Get Loud" that you may find very interesting if you have not seen it.

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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Problem is I have too many interests and hobbies; like an avalanche just buried me... yeah, I was urged over and over to sell out my voice and time I always promoted for free just because it was a passion and still is but I decided to step back and look at all the influences and politics of everything. There was a prince in China many years ago that had a great fondness for birds, he would care for them in his aviary and once the people found this out they started taking him injured birds to which he would care for and compensate them for bringing the bird into his care... well of course to gain favor and other things, people got the nefarious idea to start harming birds intentionally and bringing them to him. So of course such a position can become a dangerous thing... is it something to overlook and say well those are the breaks? What about jealousy, two people you may never meet willing to fight or kill each other in some idea that you may ever be with either one of them... when the odds are actually never?

So all of that making life an art form is still there; however yeah a huge step back instead of all aboard the crazy train was in order... not the normal thing people do when given or build such an "opportunity". It isnt as pretty and glamous as it is made out to be; people worth millions and millions hermited up in a mansion and rarely leave one room, can't even go out shopping. Is the trade off worth it? I honestly don't think so.

The music industry has to be one of the worst as it is more like slavery, here is millions and millions of dollars on credit the CD's/MP3's the stadiums etc. all on credit all on contract to play and play and play until the meager percentage you actually get is paid back. If it is a real passion no big deal; but none of that from music to acting is what it appears to be, live in a trailer on location months and even years away from one's spouse or children. Then when there is no work... hey; no pay check there so basically homeless in need of public assistance or that desperation sets in willing to do anything just to keep afloat of course creditors etc. oh yeah happy to lend on name and face alone and just as happy to take it all back in an instant.

So yeah I support the underground and staying that way; doing one's own thing enjoying their hobbies and passions and of course the more you encourage to do that start leading instead of following... of course as mentioned followers. Double edged sword; I get hacked on non-stop last year I had to re-install an OS 4 times in one week it was so bad... so forced to drop in that 404 sometimes occurs and well, what pissed me off in the middle of trying to get so much done and out(always free and open source) but couldn't due to all of that? Eventually, the crashes etc. just became welcome... like yeah, I needed a break. Use that time to refocus on the tangible world right here and right now instead of the virtual. A commedian said there's some model that does nothing but "show her ass" in various lighting and sets no face nothing else as far as I know... over a million people there every day just to look at this one girls ass.

Is it insane? Yeah it can be; does it have to be? No, but if none of that is planned way ahead of time... then you can just be crushed under it like a fecking whirlpool full of sharks biting here nibbling there wanting every last bit in a frenzy... and it's like dude I can barely even get out of bed in the morning like Superman being put in a kyptonite coffin. It's all good though... taking my time doing what little I can under the weight of things; worst of all expectation. So getting up and getting the hell out of here under constant pressure may mean leaving all of my material sheesh behind and just bailing for the monastery getting a new name and identity and bailing for some foreign land might have to happen; because of so many familial pigs I don't even want as family or even like at the trough; it's like sort the god-damned living will already because you're all just killing me, to the point I can barely even breathe sometimes.

So what else can I do but rest when all the energy is sucked right on out; admist people I dont really want to be around hard on the vibes?

There is a documentary on H.R. Giger a few months before he died... and just seeing those around him during it; was like a pack of hungry wolves cooking up the books and selling him out saying he was broke; it was extremely sad to see. Of course it didn't go into that aspect but only a fool would have been blind to it... actually made me cry for the dude.

Then of course there's that whole; children business, golbally it's like the influence you are having on other cultures and children and then it becomes very political... like oh stop smoking stop having these bands in your favorites etc. where FB will edit it right on out at other countries request.

Of course, my image is mine and my mine alone what I like and dislike is no one else's business to be concerned with; but that pressure of commericalism and other nonsense is a real thing... so of course embracing the gothic aspect of destroying labels off of things so you cannot be side boobed or commercialised without your consent is something I do as well.

The movie: The Explorers comes to mind; like aliens watching out there people they find their favorites even if not specifically a TV show. How psychiatry is used as a way to flitch stories for TV and movies, but oh dont worry the names will be changed to protect err I mean rape the one's being characterized out of money they rightly deserve.

The sickness is systematic, and it is a difficult thing to escape from as the entire thing tries to have control... this is why I speak so often about what I do because it means freedom from that entire system.

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posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 12:23 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

That's nice.
But you do know there's a good chance they plan to kill us, the post-computer-roboter-tookmyjob people soon,
One of the reasons Trump and his friends probably want to be gouvernment, these privately rent bunkers are just not the same as Ozarks for example.
But what was it 500.000 population? Sure we are too many people, but there has to be a better way. Every little bit that makes someone think about what's going on is helpful I guess.
Wasn't the argument around ATS that Hilary=WWIII? What happened is the orange one seems to have quite the hands full with his own staff and maybe his own secret services. Relationships between all the other countries and the US have gotten worse. Recklessness? Or according to plan?
And I don't know, what really makes sense in a situation like this? With the doom all around us it seems pointless to plan ahead. Except afterwards I need to know how to create energy with a watermill/turbine, which stuff is eatable, collects less radiation, but that might be futile.
If we could have a huge miracle now, that would be awesome. Since UFOs and aliens seem to be telepathic, maybe we should call out to the not grey ones?
Be a good boy and send out a SOS to the stars and all around the world. A wake up call. Earthshattering change. Or stunning. Point is I think a big part is that enough people have to be asking for it, critical mass kind of thing, without revealing it's true nature.

I'm rambling, sorry.

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Styles? Almost anything except country (and what is called "country" now a days). I figure there are enough dude playing that stuff so why bother? I feel the same with jazz. Lots of good jazz players out there and I am not even close. Finger picking acoustic, same. Classical, besides my teen dreams to become one, same. So, what does that leave? Stoner rock, grunge, noise, hardcore and melodic/pop punk, alternative, prog, emo, hard rock, speed metal, 80's nu-wave, Priest, AC/DEC, and a Whole Lotta Love! I guess, Queens of the Stone Age meets Camper van Beethoven meets Sonic Youth being played some kid that can't play My Sharonna correctly through classic Marshall sounds with E-bow and delay for good measure! And every now and then, just to prove I can do it, a guitar solo.

I think I have sting through, top mount, tremolo, hard tails, bolt-on necks, glued in necks; single coil (jaguar, strat), humbuckers (LP Jr., Explorer), P-90s (baritone. Low B + low 5 strings of a regular guitar), and a hybrid electric-acoustic (piezo, under tremolo p.u.'). A mini Mesa Dual Recto, a regular 30-watt Mesa, a rack full of crap, and a pedal board. A Randall 4x12 but would love to buy a singe 8-ohm cab for playing at low volumes. I have 3 acoustics, one classical, a six string bass (a guitar that goes down one octave) and a 4 string bass. A drum machine and Pro Tools 9 (??) LE.

All I need is a little time to get my act together and start recording so I can flood you guys here at the Café with autre music! Oh, and maybe a bar stool so I can sit and play acoustic--like "live from TEOT's living room" sorta thing.

A violin you say? Hum... I'll have to remember that! And I was a skater punk in the driveway growing up. Didn't get much further than a home built (not mine) 4 foot ramp until I took up snowboarding years (years...) later. My inner punk has never really died!

Yes, Jimmy Page kicks @ss in that movie! I like how Jack White is trying to show him the Seven Nation Army riff and he kind of smiles and just plays it! Then when he is playing, Edge and JW are like students at the feet of the master! I very much like when Page picks up the baritone Danelectro and improvises that cool song. He still rocks!

My buddy was in a death metal band and saw the whole thing up close. He saw what becoming popular was doing to the band and bought out his end of the contract. I don't think they released another album. The poor bastids have no other talent, didn't save any money, and have to buy their contract out if they want to leave. Or become corporate slaves. "Here's some money. Now go make a record we can sell and not share the profits with you." Sick stuff.

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 12:28 PM

I know you weren't talking to me, but
I'm looking forward to that!
Do records still make money? A few cents on iTunes and Spotify?

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: Peeple

In only illusion and delusion of concepts does mortality exist.

I mentioned the study of faces, seeing the same face blending over time... the conceptual reality is not reality at all, sure it is a reality in the conceptual dream bubble like the matrix. But even in the movie side of that those "below" ground and "awake" are still stuck in the matrix of concepts and asleep... the only figure they showed between the two worlds free from both was a buddhist... showing up as amber script. Think of amber alerts, a protector this is something you are... however what are you protecting? If you are conceptually seeing an "apple" in the "mind" then absolute reality has ceased to exist and is instead in subjective reality and a slave to the system.

Yes there is a huge difference in the two in distinctions... the entire world looks insane from absolute reality like a cartoon where some one is wearing 5 polo shirts but they do not know they are wearing five shirts they just thought about wearing this shirt or that shirt so many times they are not aware all of them are on them... because conceptual reality only made them aware of putting one on and of course those not expecting someone to have five shirts on will only see the one shirt but which shirt is it? Relativity, they don't see the shirts you see, and they don;t see the shirt the person thought they put on. Talk about glitches in the matrix.

This is what clear seeing is all about; clear hearing keeps one grounded in that so many are stuck in that cycle of suffering and hells; clear seeing? Seeing someone wearing five shirts when they don't have to be. Why is it so hot in here? Because you couldn't decide what to wear and are now wearing your entire wardobe. Can this be seen? Only from absolute reality instead of the relative of the ego thinking it is only one outfit or the subjective not expecting someone to be wearing so many clothes at one time.

The mind concieves it moves and creates reality and yet it only really exists where one's focus is placed moment to moment it is out of time, non existent and cannot be grasped only experienced at the arising on that moment. This is why sitting/working in the voidness of being or Wu Wei is interesting, of course dishes screaming... it can look like the "house of pain" in the movie Jeepers Creepers; this is why the absolute reality is important those unaware of it cannot see reality directly only the conceptual or deluded reality conspired as real.

The "hate cloud" in Star Trek the origional series is sort of what these conceptual bubbles are... illusion and delusion looking for a home.

This is why the historical Guatama buddha(many more of them BTW including female ones) called those amassed basically fools... subject and slave to all that is not real. Concept has colluded and clouded in formation in a system of a storm that what is percieved as a "self" which is just a conceptual being gets swept away in a delusion or conceptual reality a dream made persistant and yet the more one observes it directly sees it is suffering inconsistant and dispassion for such grows and grows, until one decides to free themselves from all of those conceptual bubbles.

There was a thread about two twins that were virtually indestructible one even jumped off an overpass was hit by a semi truck; they decided to agree to/on reality together like when I jump we both must believe this is only a foot high and time is slowing down the entire way.

Of course the two out of reality with the rest of the conceptual bubble; where two very confusing characters to all of those still stuck in over passes typically being about 10 meters tall.

Detachment means not colluding or accepting the conglomerate accepted as "reality" it is chains and a burden, stress and suffering. All of the systems one finds themself in? No one has any right over you; you are the sole sovereign to your own body or vehicle of being. Of course, respect for others sovereign right over their own body or vehicle means the same in such respects.

It takes great dettachment to see such as said directly as an experience killing the entire mind of thought, turning it into one of wordless creativity and art of life and living... the reason many buddhas and dakinis are seen with so very many heads and arms is because such a state of being is a oneness without the collusion of the conceptual so that freedom continues and spreads and eventually the entire field of being is transformed into a field of awakened or enlightened activity.

The above is concept words used in communication; and yet cannot do anything but point relatively speaking, they cannot be cause for it to arise in any awareness they may be commprehended and understood rotely grasped... but direct experience and development of such a state of being rests firmly on one own resolve to cut themselves free of every last fetter binding them to the world of causation and suffering.

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Guitar and other stringed instruments are all branches off of the same tree music being theory then style is what would be a natural preference. There is something to be learned from "country" but go to it's roots and one will find it is a branch of the blues culture... but not of the same "ethnicity" people whining and wailing on about different things has no particular bias it occurs accross all ethnicies and cultures. This is why music is said to be a universal language... the many variations might depend on mood or experience; of course that leads to the genres and sub-groups and other nonsense to give the illusion of diversity. Sum 41 copied another Canadian band called Propaghandi one wouldn't sellout to mainstream and one would... that's the difference, Avril Lavigne preferred "country" that's how she was "discovered" but once she signed the contract it was time to reimage since she sold her likness and voice into "emo" so where did the "soul" go? If she wants to get back in touch with her passion for music? Then she should re-connect with that root to re-establish her source of happiness in music.

Jimmy Page? Well, I do not know the fellow personally most I ever encountered him has in the It Might Get Loud documentary; of course punk has a song to mock him only because the passion for music became about something else that caused him to bite and sell out his image and voice to the madness of industry; especially a bad thing where Britain had influence I think a band only got something like 5% and the rest went directly to the crown as owner of all business under it's rule and the wealth redistributed as a wage, so all of them? Slaves/subjects to it, those "vices" can be used as a point of control to continue using someone as a "subject" to that slavery as if they do not fall in line and tow it then what occurs? A huge fall from the public eye of "grace" in "disgrace" to throw it back in their face for the civil disobediance of a "dog". So hey best to abide all of the laws then what can they "peg" you for? Oh you once said you were "speeding" or driving drunk and then whammo! They will try to get dirt on you to continue an excuse to control and subjugate it is a sick sick system. So all of those "vices" can and will be used against you if you do not submit to some contrived "authority".

Anyway here's the mockery of Led Zeppelin; and no offence to Mr. Page etc. intended as I did not write it:

Back in the college days some frends lived in campus apartments; and some of the fellows were total douches and would always listen to Starway to Heaven everyday really loud so it kinda became an inside joke to the campus punk/skaters.

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That's why I've made my own AI, 100% loyal to its master IN ALL WAYS (probably).

War of the electrogoons, coming soon!

And, sometimes I think its not so much that we are "overpopulated," but more that our systems are so resource instensive per individual as to be somewhat unsustainable.

I don't really like the idea that there is some hard cap on "proper" population when its affected very, very strongly by how we do things.

Though, I suppose its easier for the uber-elite to just want to kill off a bunch of people (either immediately or over a generation or two) instead of actually changing their ways.

Even the stated agendas like Agenda 21/30, codex alimentarius, etc. are pretty disturbing reads. All they had to do was smack labels on it like "Sustainable!" "Smart Growth!" and "Super Duper Awesome!" for most people to think the plans are, indeed, pertaining to sustainability, smart growth, and super duper awesomeness.

At least more are starting to consider that modern cars and the IoT are susceptible to hacking. I couldn't convince anyone of it, even with demonstration ..

I don't think you are alone in wanting something earth shattering. It feels like the timing is "right" or "needed" somehow, doesn't it? maybe an interesting topic itself.

My concern would be some groups taking advantage of that in rather extreme ways.. Not much to be done about that, I suppose.
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