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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 04:39 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Well, all babies born to followers of an ideology are in a sense "imprisoned" in it... struggling to get free typically takes shedding all of those ideologies for what? More ideologies then it's the perpetual round and round, until ideologies are seen as empty concepts of attachment... or the "stupidity" that you mention.

I agree it can be frustraiting if one gets in placed in the midst of that arena either willingly or unwillingingly it occurs... I suppose that tallies your banana of the over 400? The trickery involved to trigger for the silly entertainment focused on people as subject gets pretty silly after awhile, as non reaction puts all appointed self and other whether they gods/demons makes no difference back into the wheel where they belong to the cycle of suffering they perpetuate in others with the intent to do so being thusly attached.

Subdue the monster is a fun game, because having subdued it? They fail to see the monster that is themself. Ego has a way of doing that :p Sure the mind can cut mightily... but when one can sit in a void, walk, in a void, act in a void, eat and sleep in a void? All are sucked into it that have intention and fall. Those with clear seeing or pure intent do not, however things relative? It is only a matter of time until they are sucked into it, or become free themselves.

Several people have called me a "drug" the energy I give off simply attarcts them... that attachment is not my doing but their own. Having no intent and simply being? How can one fault or fail... live or die when it all simply is without definition... anyone stepping into such with definition have all of it rendered and stripped away... still attached to duality? Then the higher self rises and the lower self falls, and the battle for them begins again but it is they fighting themselves.

The one trying to give me an entire universe was pretty greedy it left to do it's whatever and the other it promised it too did not expect me there, and went storming off to find them... the same way the one giving it, expected me to cling to that giving... and took of.. when I was simply observing and still am. The same way sitting here I see various life forms manifest out of thin air... from many fruitflies, several regular flies and 3 moths just this week... just spontaneously appear right in front of my field of vision it's kind of neat and always makes me smile... but seeing how these lifeforms are getting larger and more complex as time goes on? Who knows what else will manifest? It's just a sit and observe I suppose.

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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 04:45 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I want to know. With every last fire of will and fibre of being, I want to touch god. Dine with the gods of olymp. Get abducted with my mind present.
I don't know what waits for me and I don't care. But I want to know.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: Anaana

I have three tattoos I didn't really research the placment meaning of before hand... but it's ok. One I have a full circle around my left hand above the wrist, a large lotus in the center of my chest and an anchor in the pit f my throat. A japanese fellow told me that I will not have a left hand in the afterlife due to cutting it off like such as the chi cannot flow through it to form one... one in the center of the chest I discovered through reading will not allow one's soul or energy to leave the body on death, and then a fellow that worked in the vatican archives told me that an anchor n the throat in the placement I have it is very old and rare symbology to be anchored in truth or voice.

So... what an unexpected journey huh? No biggie Odysseus didn't expect his either, re- the inner journey or struggle but then externalised as a story of it. Since I don;t make such things as some character but just an observation of experience? It could be deemed crazy instead of just watching creativity swirl and unfold even when I am not the creator or sustainer of such... when those strongest attached finally are forced to let go through a natural death? I wonder where I will be catapulted? and spin off too?

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 04:57 AM
a reply to: Peeple

That attachment of wanting and desiring such is what keeps you from it... however it does manifest and arise, and one is subjected to it, however simply observing eventually allows one to see it arising... kinda like Blend57's latest story/journal about shadow people.

Taking the role of a scientist? Requires unbiased observation of phenomina... and when is that not ever occuring?
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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 10:21 AM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
a reply to: Reverbs

Haven't you noticed the same behavior in yourself? I have seen you reply to your own posts quite frequently...

is that in response to what I said about layaly?

you are missing the point. See I THOUGHT I was talking to 3 people..
Can you imagine for one second that all the sudden Peeple Anaana and Reverbs are all the same dude?
And you thought we were different because of all out backstories and everything???

Yea that's what she did with 20 accounts..
but jsut today I found one of the ones she revealed to me later.. I saw it was talking to me from the jump, and she would talk to it as her other self..
So I thought me and this group of people were having this cool conversation but it was just her...

When I "reply to myself" I'm just hitting the reply button to say more things to no one in particular. I'm not pretending to be ALL of YOU guys.

Sometimes I wonder about your struggle understanding even simple things I have written like it's on purpose. Something in your way.

Do you not know how weird it is to find out these random people you thought you knew were all the same girl?

look.. here are some of her accounts off the top of my head.
~ something like blue raven ?

whatever I shut it out..

Do you want me to go find all the women who came crying to me because of being harrassed?
Do you know I felt responsible for her, like the other half of my heart was a prick?

Jacy came to me, I had no idea me and Lay's adopted grandmother was still there at the time.. Trying to console me. And Mousey was there too..

a reply to: Reverbs

I'm sorry...I didn't mean to bring up old hurts.

Lately I've had the impression that someone (who used to be a part of this thread, no names mentioned) has been trying to talk to me (in another thread).
I also have somebody here who has been harassing me, so I'm really hyper-sensitive.

I thought if I came here...that person might feel more comfortable talking to me...?
I may have misinterpreted (the person from here), so I thought I would make an effort.


SO I explained to her as many of Layaly's names as I could and that was in fact what she was talking about.
So I put them in touch with each other to try and resolve this issue. Little did I know she was up to her old tricks all over again. See she used to know everything about everyone, and JAcy was one of the top of her gossip lists. Kind of obsessive over her.

JacyGirl talking to Layaly

Actually, I thought you were looking for me.
My username hasn't changed...but apparently yours has, regularly.

How am I supposed to know that all those other names (or some of them)....were you? I am many things hun, but not a mind-reader.

It has taken me a while (and some strange conversations) to finally realize who you are/were.

another one from jacy

Whose outbursts?
What makes you think I want something/anything FROM you?
Why would you say your actions are forget that all I've been seeing is a new member every day who seems to know me...but I don't know them.

Now what is taking place is Jacy came to me so I told her she could find Layaly in "Layaly's thread" at least some version of her. Umm so Layaly was doing this thing she does where she appears dumb and silly and all the sudden doesn't know any of the rules to anything.. She ws in the old acronym game thread.. NO one knows her like I do. We spent 16 hours a day sometimes 24..

so what she does is play dumb. speaks in broken english and writes short posts.. Then you get her alone and all the sudden she speaks 5 languages, writes english better than you do and is some kind of sneaky genius person..

I'm not #ing around

Why do you think to this day I am researching my own history??
Do you get that I have no idea what's real or not..

if you read this Pusinka well tough luck it's just the Truth.

here she is:

It is extremely hard when someone comes around once in a month doesn't say a word just drops in some letters and numbers on a paper disappears without saying a word then somehow has the docentcy to slap you across the face because u didn't know how to act with appropriate response 1 st second u see them

Yes I am having husband issues

See she was having HUSBAND issues.. Which is freaking odd because she may have had an aussie girlfriend at the time or maybe not, but she definitely didn't have a husband.


You know when I see news abut bullies and how someone finds it amusing

There is no other way to put this

I guess people find it funny someone cries they eyes out for hours each night being bullied by someone
The saddest Thing is that u don't have enough self respect to F off as far as u can ( apparently she loves him when he laughs with his buddies slapping her mouth shut good one) and watch how reading this will horribly offend them

JAcy is completely baffled about this because Jacy was only super nice to her, and in return for jacy's niceness that's what she gets back.

Crazy girls make up entire stories.

Maybe you drank too much kool aid darkness.

I know she had a thing for you.

don't know if you ever talked in private.

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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

If you were replying to this post intead of me is what I am referring too... the behavior you said she does is what you also do. I know you are not who you often represent being, as I have addressed this to you before and you got defensive about it. It is what it is; just pointing out the behavoir you say she has you also display... as in if you were not aware of it.

How many you portray yourself as is none of my concern... how many roles you desire to play well, how many faces does avalokiteshvara have? How about the Buddha Manjushri which some have labeled myself as in the myraid of names and forms over time? Attachment to such only suffices for an ego self, sure "you" still exist to all of those that have named you such or whatever over time and what does such a thing matter? To them that is the appearance to others whatever is also their appearance, of course dwelling in form and formlessness what is someone going to know the manifestation as hmm?

What you say you are you become giving birth to falsehood when it simply is arising and passing phenomina does it really matter? No there is nothing to defend except the made up concepts, trying to be master of a house when the house never existed.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:17 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

That is not the same thing. I actually am a complex person with different emotions. I have never misrepresented who I am.

That you continue to defend her is a bit shocking.

you play the same card over and over and over so I can see I might confuse you by not being monotone for you.

Re psychos and sociopaths

I do all kinds of roles - nerd, psycho, nerdy psycho, psycho nerd - and occasionally someone kind of normal.

Monsters are real.. Ghosts are too.. they live inside us and sometimes they come out to say.. Hey you Boo

The devil doesn't come out in red cape and horns.. he comes out as everything you ever wished for..

If you can't win change the rules.. if you can't change them ignore them.. If you are called out then lie, cheat and blame and roll on the floor

I will change my mood in a moment

no you not understanding me is not the same as that psychopath who tried to get people killed.

You can read my posts from 2002 they sound very similar to me now.

you are spinning your tires for no reason.

can you use your words. Let's try this. Say 2 of the me's you think you see. Ok?
and explain what makes them different and not the same personality.

OF course I will defend my own being when you are attacking me from a place of ignorance.

You hardly know anything about me, each new piece of info sends you on a weird tangent.. That tells me you have very few data points.. Like you think you are drawing a triangle but I'm a circle, you get a new point and you think the triangle moved but it's still just the same damn circle you can't seem to see.
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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Wait what? I'm a psychopath and want you to kill someone?

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Do you not remember writing this to me?

You are experiencing the very vessel from which you call home; the writing is on the wall of your own being... entangled in those words and and their various meanings when flipped switched and swapped make it appear as they point to many different things... if they came from the self... then why did you feel compelled to re-read them? If you were the original source of them then how could they ever be forgotten? You are simply a conduit from which all else springs, from your view of what is and what isn't...

Do you see how it contradicts what you are saying?

Sometimes you talk it seems to hear your self speak. I didn't ask you a question.

In any case that's when we met. I knew how to find it because I have a great memory. You actually caught me and layaly in one of our fights. So me and her were speaking in code.

That poem I wrote.. You mention it. It is "Sparkle Angel"

I wrote it in the thread "Angel Sparkle"

So yea that's what your post is referring to.. because I was re reading the poem I wrote. And it's because I wrote it in about 2 minutes. I mean I didn't really write it I mean I did, but.. I re read a lot of what I write to see if I still think the same or if I was being too rude or whatever.. Like holding up a mirror.

the poem was begging her to come back.

She was my sparkle angel.

You'll never know her like I did.
In fact you might have been part of the reason she lost touch with reality.

you thought you knew her, and your tone gives you away how you feel about her.
I will Love her forever but real is real.

Why do I talk about it?
it's like personal note taking, putting all the pieces back together now that my mind is not going 8 million miles an hour.
There was never a break with her, one thing into the next and before you know it 4 days have passed and you never drank water in that time?? whoa..

of course she said I didn't need water because I wasn't real.
She wasn't real either.
but we could become real at some point..
apparently we did.. I'd laugh but it's not that funny.
wasn't long after you were writing things to layaly like this:

everything you are reading right now is not real it doesn't exist it is only a concept given a body to ponder it.

she overdosed me.. blame it on her.. Well that makes no sense, but I was throwing up blood for 4 days fr no apparent reason. She said she did it, and the only credence to that is she knew I was sick somehow and even that I was throwing up blood. I don't use drugs even though it may sound like I do.. And even then I had stopped drinking altogether to take care of my great grandmother.. She was talking to girls on the ceiling and #.. Not an easy job trying to feed her and get her to the bathroom..

So now all I'm doing is talking to people who decided reality has no rules.. That will open the flood gates..
so when she said I died and I had no heart beat it's like yea that makes sense. Of course your heart not beating and having ZERO emotions does make sense.. I felt dead.. (not a terrible feeling, sort of like freedom.. but dead.. very deathly.. extremely cold, but cold has little meaning when you're dead.. I can't describe it really.)

then I begged for whatever made me alive back and she did whatever she does and it was back, rushing in all the emotions all the wants and desires and body sensations.. I could care about things again.. I regretted it like I missed a golden chance to live free.. Course not everybody understands music these days do they?

I'm sure she fooled you. She played the dumb blond around you.. that's her first step (she does that with all of her characters unless you meet the real her), then she makes you want to care for her like a hurt puppy. Once you are hooked in on that line she builds you up calling you smart or whatever.. And then from there it's any choice of her manipulation. With me she went with the great reveal.. all things tangled lines and I was caught up in the web.. She needed me to see it so I couldn't do anything. When you see her posting that reverbs "talks too much." she wasn't being funny or nice, she was warning me. If I was bad she would get very scary like demons in your room scary.. Like people following you hacking your computer and going through your trash scary.. Like what if bigbrotherdarkness is one of her spies scary.. She had me all kinds of messed up.

but as far as me? I am always the same ever sense the god energy stuff I havn't had thoughts in my head. energy flows through me like a conduit.
It is still me. I know who I am..

I am that I am.
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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 11:43 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: Reverbs

Wait what? I'm a psychopath and want you to kill someone?

lol no.. ??

where is that coming from?

Sometimes I don't catch the humor if that was a joke. ?

Funny though you do sound like layaly on the random occasion. (but you don't have her energy.. I can generally feel her if she is around, she's been "dark" for like the last 1.5 weeks) Well I put her in contact with our adopted grandmother WalkIn Silence so at least she has someone to talk to who really cares about her. She just got banned from the other website.. And her alter ego accounts were deleted at the same time.. She's gotten better at faking. I thought one of them may be, but even after all the lies, you don't want to be paranoid at every bush wondering if the bush is a bush or the bush is a tree. Anyway I was right it was her so yea..

she did try to get me to kill people... First me.. Oddly I found her around a few suicidal people.. When we met I was talking to a suicidal person she claims he killed himself, but I was the last person he talked to on ATS.. She made up this story that he was the man she could have loved forever and I killed him..

she brought me to tears and then loved me and over and over..

I was being played so hard.

It would be so Trippy if every single one of you was Layaly.. In this giant elaborate ruse well not a ruse but a test.
A character building exercise. My life got too weird for me to really know anything anymore.

god could come down as chewbaca riding a pink camel unicorn in a a spandex suit telling me that I'm just an elephant that ate too many rotting mangos and this was all a drunken hallucination, and I would be like yea that makes sense. completely forgot I was an elephant. Then I'd go do my elephant things...

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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 12:31 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: Reverbs

Wait what? I'm a psychopath and want you to kill someone?

There's somethings I wish I could say. How can I put it.. She would get people attracted to her and get them to pm her. Then she would say something to me knowing I know it's her alter ego account.. So she will say "we should role play, You'll never know who it is" Something like that with her dontmindme account, so now I'm expecting any random name I don't know to message me for sex.. and then she would get a random person to message me about role playing.. using words only she uses..

So now I'm pretty sure I'm talking to a third party but they are using references layaly used..

I can't even begin to describe the layers of confusion I'm still in.

that's just the mundane..

her explanation later was that I was the shiny horse to her succubus.. Dunno if she was coding something in that or if she meant it flat.. if she meant it flat she was using me like a psychic vampire and the horse is supposed to trick innocents into trusting the shadow, like a pretty mask, and bam they are sucked dry.

I obviously told her I wouldn't do that. She said she worked better alone anyway..

but so the person she wanted me to kill? She maybe meant through energy vampire type means.

She knew he was in the house. She would keep track of how much he slept.. How much I slept.. Her energy even made me psychic.. She called him by a name that shocked me to my core.. She called him airplane man.. Yea what of it?? My uncle is building an airplane in his back yard. How'd she know? it's not even like a one off hing it was everything everyday all day.. "boo are you alone?" yea. "no you're not who is in the other room." oh sorry I thought you meant 'around' me.. "no you didn't, but anyway are you computer boy or airplane man?"

then came all the lets create the universe over again talk. That I'm the new king.. whatever whatever..
who knows maybe black hole girl was on to something.
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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 01:10 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
What is wrong with you? It was a compliment! Get over it. I tickle people to see if they just blah around stuff they read and found cool or if they arrived there on their own.
I'm sorry I kept it short and haven't written a Sonett to praise you. Yet. Who knows maybe that and a boat? Calm down I like you.
I have a dirty mouth and a golden heart, I hate all humans, but I believe they all just suffer from "severe conflicting realities disorder", it's not their fault they're all stupid. Power of improvement through the right tools and frames as blueprints.

Oh, quite a bit is wrong with me!

In this case though, the trap comment was a joke. Maybe not a good one, but the little tongue-stickie-outtie-face was meant to clarify that.

Ill calm down when you calm down! I'm not your guy, buddy!

That's why I love ATS so much. Here people talk about interesting stuff they really have thought about. That's why I love this Café so much, it happened here with Reverbs, with Anaana, with TEOTWAWKIAIFF, with BigBrotherDarkness, KellyPrettyBear,... they taught me something in conversation, discussions, while we exchanged arguments.
Did or do I agree with all they say? No.
Do I value their opinion? Yes.
I am a colourful dumbass with a big mouth, a contrarian, I love that, I won't change it for you.
Sorry. You'll have to learn to tolerate me. Let's see if you still can contribute to a time worthy discussion.

I already more than tolerate you. Remember when I called you a PITA, but that you are one of my favorite posters anywhere?

Definitely *don't* change that for me, your feistiness is part of your appeal. Of course, I doubt ill ever contribute to a time worthy discussion. Hell, I'm still learning how to effectively talk about my perspective. Just jumping right to it has been completely disastrous, historically.

Can we stop talking about me. I was asking why they're not interested in stuff I present. But it has to be personal? Am I bouncing a ball with my nose in a cheerleader outfit?
Do you take words on a screen that serious?

I take this all super cereal. You don't even want to know how cereal.

But yes, there is a chance that it has less to do with what is presented and more to do with how its presented.

Have you ever, after some time has passed, gone back through your own words as if its someone else talking to you across time? In my own experience, it can prove an immensely valuable, and interesting exercise for anyone.

Thank you. I disagree.

To know where I stand is crucial. I believe because I think the second coming of jesus and the antichrist are the same person. Just depends on which side you're on. You know, where you stand.

I don't know what I want, but I got a direction.

Which part did you disagree with? The last part was an assumption based on what you have said, so if it was wrong, I certainly wouldn't argue otherwise.

And what you said here doesn't conflict with what I said, in my perspective, so, "what we've got here, is a failure to communicate."

At least for me, one of the biggest facets of this entire sector of thought is that very thing (communication issues). Sometimes I think that thousands of years in the future, our methods of communication will be so vastly different as to be incomprehensible and unintelligible.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 01:12 PM

originally posted by: Serdgiam

Ill calm down when you calm down! I'm not your guy, buddy!


you are so goofy sometimes.

ahh thanks for the laugh.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

"Unbiased observation" seems to be a paradox to me. While I'd like to say contradictory, I always maintain that a paradox is more likely to point to our own limited understanding than an actual conflict.

As a scientist though, it seems if it touches our brain at all, it gets spun (lots of meaning there).

We seem to seek to eliminate that, to the point that many in (and out) of the field simply tell themselves they are capable of objectivity long enough that we actually believe it.

I wonder what it would look like if instead, we embraced the inevitable subjectivity. In many ways, it might be too far removed from generations of narrative to really grasp.

Just as interesting to me is the downright visceral reaction many have to the very concept that just because something is thought of as "objectively measured," it may not mean the entire process is objective itself.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 01:43 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

I think that a lot of the time, people take me (and plenty of others) entirely too seriously. The little faces are helpful, but not a surefire solution.

It probably doesn't help that I enjoy making statements in ways that will make people ask, "is this guy serious?!"

The answer is a resounding no. Probably.

I've gotta keep laughing to retain my unsanity. Its the only way Ive found to look at my situation without becoming permanently despondent, hateful, and very, very angry. It only seeps through occasionally this way, which seems really quite normal.

I mean, I take some things immensely seriously, but still try to tinge it with levity so that the ideas can really take flight.. Sounds poignant, anyway.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 01:53 PM

originally posted by: Serdgiam
a reply to: Reverbs

I think that a lot of the time, people take me (and plenty of others) entirely too seriously. The little faces are helpful, but not a surefire solution.

It probably doesn't help that I enjoy making statements in ways that will make people ask, "is this guy serious?!"

The answer is a resounding no. Probably.

I've gotta keep laughing to retain my unsanity. Its the only way Ive found to look at my situation without becoming permanently despondent, hateful, and very, very angry. It only seeps through occasionally this way, which seems really quite normal.

I mean, I take some things immensely seriously, but still try to tinge it with levity so that the ideas can really take flight.. Sounds poignant, anyway.

How many people are you?! What range of emotions!!

hahahaha sorry really bad joke. But I constantly write haha, and
my avatar, which my ex gave me, very fitting she knew me inside and out, she also gave me this picture from her iphone of
that I used to use as my signature.. Like how much more can I do?! ..I even re read what I write not because I don't know what I said but so I can see if there are varients of subjectivity on the other end I didn't account for that changes the meaning.

I think we are similar in that way. I'm more serious than anyone I know, but I'm also the most goofy person I've ever met. And yea laughing I guess I picked up that trick when life became so unreal all I could do was laugh.. I thought it made me insane at the time, but I quite like that trait about me now..

I can imagine being dead, shot in the head, and looking at my body and thinking.. "well # this sucks.." and then I would start laughing, and probably making a sucking sound imagining my soul going into a vacuum as I did it, which would be even funnier than my dead body already is.. Gawd..

Life's way to hard and way to weird not to laugh.

oh no lol my roommate just gave me a weird look from my bedroom door.. I re read what I wrote and burst out laughing..
I don't think I want to explain what I was laughing at..

See there's my dead body right?


I love being me.
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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 07:17 PM
So I guess I took a nap?

I was at this guys house it was weird. He had a "chair made of a cooler and a smaller cooler, that was one chair it even hada ramp on it so it more looked like a miniature bunk bed? All his furniture was like that I think two trash cans made up another piece of furniture.

I am talking to these different people. One is layaly. Didn't look anything like her, but dreams so whatever.

I was arguing with these scientists about life and death and heaven. Their faces I'd like to look up but they looked like Tibet or Mongolia or I don't know somewhere in there. they were saying that heaven couldn't exist because it would perpetually leak energy. So I started saying well it's not like you can prove it, people may just see visions right before they die and then poof you're gone.

They didn't like that answer either so I just said maybe it's powered by souls haha.. that got their attention like oh I hadn't thought of that.
there are like 15 people around coming and going. I think we were there for this one guy to find out if he was lying or telling the truth about secret space missions.

So the problem with him was what we knew about him made perfect sense and he had the right history to be that kind of guy, but what he said about it seemed like he was a crazy person. So then layaly is there asking me how old I think she is.. I say 302 and she giggles. I remember picked that number just to make her laugh.. Like I almost said 1,000 but I changed my mind.

what makes the dream weird is that while this is all happening I'm either seeing this on a screen or through a wall I can't tell but I get the vibe what's taking place that I can see must be close by.

so some old Japanese man with blue hands like he was almost rotting or something had these blindfolded women sucking his closed fists. It was part of some ritual or something. it involved lots of watermelons. Like watermelons cut that form an entire boxing ring sized area with all red watermelon insides.. People are crawling on this sucking blue fists.. They look disgusted.. Not sure why they are doing it..

Then there are these guys laying with a square of watermelon boxing ring behind them. they take a knife and swing it behind their head and it goes into the watermelon. they only thing I could think was it was some sick Japanese suicide game. Many dudes walked past with double eye patches.. Not like black eye patches almost like lace? almost like something knitted loosely.. Weird..

yup still miss her.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 07:46 PM
God, internet drama never gets old...
Romantic types are awesome anyway.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 08:11 PM

originally posted by: Mousygretchen
God, internet drama never gets old...
Romantic types are awesome anyway.

haha.. I'd rather avoid all the drama.

but being romantic? Yea I think anybody is romantic that wants to show that someone else is special to them.

oh well.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 08:21 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

I once believed one female and one male soul make a soul atom. And like with DNA there is only one possible love match.
How cheesy right?

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