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posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Yoiks and away!

Have fun on your journey and please be safe with it as in having an experienced friend around to watch out for you that sort of journey can last many many hours... I had a run in with Jimsonweed(thorn apple) decades ago that lasted for two weeks, I didn't tell anyone and it was going on for so very long that I forgot I was even tripping the conceptual reality back then shifted so many sands I became many animals ended up without a single bit of hair on my entire body even my eye lashes g-o-n-e and so was "I".

There's a pretty funny story about a New World colony that didn't prepare very well for the harsh winter and that's all they could find and were eating it like boiled cabbage... when people came back to check on them; they were all declared lunatics because they were all naked feces everywhere and could no longer talk they all just whistled and chirped with their arms tucked hopping around like birds perching and flapping instead of sitting, walking or running.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I still have to wait a week or so. And I only know it from books and such, it is the shamanic travel kit, so I am super excited! The shop is pretty dangerous though. They sell McKenna kits too.
I go in without much expectations, to be honest, because so far all the stuff I tried where others say whoa was pretty meh to me. Maybe I meet winged frog-lizards.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 02:53 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Quite possible... Joe Rogan the comedian said he discovered giant flying squirrel pussy people.

Just jumping off tings flying around with large vagina lips enveloping everyting yah... you know those those tings they go flap flap I got you(Just channeled Mrs. Swan(MadTV) for some reason)

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posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 05:01 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I've never trusted people who aren't "dog people"

Canine's loyalty can indeed be fostered through their stomach, any animal can for that matter (including humans), but it absolutely is not based on it.

Their loyalty is to their pack, as they know it. Which leads to situations where the dog does not receive proper food, care, or shelter and will still maintain loyalty.

The traits like "commotion making," barking, lack of peace and quiet, etc. are actually more linked to personality than anything else (which links it to training), though breed can make an impact on the overall bell curve of behavioral tendency.

Its quite fascinating really. The behaviors you have ascribed to canines are actually what I apply to animals like feline and fish. Non social, or "lesser social," animals like cats dont tend to have the genetic disposition to fall back on when it comes to social interaction.

Admittedly, my exposure to fish is limited to having them in my house as well as taking care of them when I worked at a pet store. My experience with cats and dogs is significantly more expansive though. There were just as many noisy, disruptive, and needy felines as there were canines. It just manifested differently (yowling vs barking, etc).

What I found is that people are drawn to the type of animal that best reflects how they perceive social interaction themselves, frequently in the most flattering light. Our cross-species relationships don't seem to follow the same introversion/extroversion spectrum we apply to person to person interaction either. Which, is an interesting facet in and of itself.

"Cat people" tend to be non social, frequently bordering on anti social, and usually come from environments where having a "pack mentality" would have been destructive (familial, or repeated negative events later in life). Most approach social interaction as a necessary evil, if even that, because of life experience and that is usually reinforced by some sort of social awkwardness.

"Dog people" tend to operate on the other end of the social spectrum, for equal (though opposite) reasons and life experiences. They will tend to see social interaction as something that has purpose and reward beyond solely meeting basic needs.

I don't really see one or the other as superior, but frequently an attraction exclusively to felines is accompanied by trauma. I'm not convinced there is a direct connection there, but it occurred too often in my experience to dismiss it as completely unrelated.

In many respects, I think we tend to choose one or the other to validate ourselves, our social approach, and our perspective. However, either group can exhibit traits like independence and peacefulness, as such behaviors are not mutually exclusive with the values (or lack thereof) we find in social interaction. I'd also argue that the entire spectrum can be said to be immersed in their own element, though one side looking at the other may be innately baffled.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 05:12 PM

originally posted by: Serdgiam
"Cat people" tend to be non social, frequently bordering on anti social, and usually come from environments where having a "pack mentality" would have been destructive (familial, or repeated negative events later in life). Most approach social interaction as a necessary evil, if even that, because of life experience and that is usually reinforced by some sort of social awkwardness. know me so well

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 05:44 PM
a reply to: Anaana

Well, I usually try to make my ramblings as obscure as possible.. but, I learned very quickly working in animal shelters that not everyone really knows what they want or need in such a companion.

Its hard for people to build an attachment in a week or so, and they would just bring the cat/dog back. Not much impact on the human, but certainly had one on the animals.

So, I started my study. Once the results were being enacted in practice fully, we didn't have a single return! In the beginning, it was tricky to convince someone that they might actually be a "cat person," when they always thought of themselves as a "dog person." But, once enough people listened (and some returns/exchanges) we built a reputation of sorts of being really quite good at matching people with the right species and the right individual animal. Not everyone needed that guidance, but more did than I would have ever expected.

Especially the families getting a pet to "teach responsibility." First, it had to be determined who would actually end up with that responsibility, individual or group, and then what would be the best fit for that specific situation. Rather fun, actually, and I learned a lot about many things.

"Small" victories like that are deeply meaningful in a field where death is rampant. I also learned how much corruption infests such areas, since they hide behind a banner of altruism and any publicized wrongdoing would inevitably hurt the animals as much as anyone.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

We had cats and dogs growing up. I like both, but I couldn't, at this stage of my life, be the primary carer/companion to a dog. Later on though, I'd quite like a little terrier, possibly that English Bull I've always promised myself. Not opposed to dogs, cats are much, much lower maintenance though...and less licky.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 06:08 PM
a reply to: Anaana

Oh, there are definitely less licky cats than licky dogs! The cats that are licky would, interestingly, show behavioral tendencies on the "pack" side of the spectrum. In other words, they pretty much acted like dogs.. Both species "lick" about as much as each other, what/who they lick tends to be the discrepancy.

There was one specific cat that was not only licky, but was even taught to walk and follow anywhere and everywhere without anything like a leash. Car rides, parking lots, hikes in the woods. Fascinating guy that ironically hated dogs. Maybe he just thought he was better at it.

I'm partial to the "big, scary" breeds. I have some unique personal requirements though.

posted on Dec, 28 2016 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

My cat is dog-like. Plays 'fetch'. Follows me around and doesn't like me out of sight. Not a lap sitter.

I have made a toy for her, a load of straws stuck into the ends of each other to form one long straw...with bends, I used bendy straws. It drives her mad. She takes one end in her mouth and then chases it around in circles. Like a dog chasing their tail (she does that sometimes).

She's an odd one. I like her.

I think may be the cats are deliberately mimicking dogs to outmode them. Canny plan.

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 06:19 AM
a reply to: Serdgiam

As said just not my speed; they love me so much they become like a tumor... the ok ok ok that's enough just doesn't register with them it's always more more more. Cats they have personal limitation can put themselves and others in check when enough is enough and I can respect that.

I don't like being around dogs because they try to hump me, put their faces in areas I don't want them, and are basically space invaders always have to be on me leaning on me licking me. A couple of friends had dogs very excitable and barking whenever anyone came to their door, they wouldn't bark at me after my second visit. The friends seemed kinda jealous that when I was around the dogs would ignore them and not even go to them when called to get attention.

That is why I am not a dog person; I appreciate some personal space, some independence. Although, I don't mind if a female significant other has them; I am just not going to take any responsibility for them and don't like them on or in my bed unless small and well groomed.

However cats are my preference for previous reasons stated. As Anaana stated they can break character and become quite humorous in their personality.

I'll likely host another cat at some point, as they make for great friends & company. There's one that stalks around the property I live on, I'll likely just buy some cat food and start putting out a bowl and see it adopts me. I think it a relative of one that ran away when I moved back here several years ago; and a stupid family member did not listen to what I said about letting him get acclimated to the new sights and sounds and smells of the area... I went into town for a few drinks and games of billiards came back and they let him out and he bolted to points unknown.

This cat looks like the same build in breed; and a rare one... a long persian like coat with legs half the regular length. Mine was a tuxedo, black face with white chest and mittens; this one is solid black.

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: Anaana

I have been making some cat toys on my 3d printer. My moms cat, a very "cat" cat, seems to be a good tester. For christmas, i printed a treat dispensing d20, because Im a nerd.

Just got some flexible filament (a bit like rubber), so that should open up some new possibilities. And I can finally make myself a phone case I can tolerate! I would make dog toys, but they need more durability than is worth it..

I do miss using solidworks (CAD), but its amazing what *free* software has come out in the past decade. I've been incredibly impressed with designspark mechanical and freecad.

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 10:57 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Yeah, if the dogs I met all acted like that I probably wouldn't like them much either..

I will say you can preempt a lot of that by your own action and bearing, but it also doesn't sound like they were trained particularly well. I'd also guess they were likely male, and not just because of the humping.. They probably saw you as a darn good person to dominate, as they already dominated their people. And the boss doesn't pay heed to the underlings spurious demands like "stop humping me!" If you want to know more about how to prevent such things, let me know.

Both male and female cats act roughly the same: like cats. Female and male canines are almost of different species though. Of course, some female dogs will hump too, and I've seen cats do it as well. Rather annoying habit there.. If you've never met a cat that does it, believe me, adding those claws to the situation makes it a hell of a lot worse.

Really, I only posted the original snippet because I was thinking of a dog that helped me through a very difficult time (one of my rougher medical recoveries after a hip replacement, severe nerve damage, broken spine, etc.) who was just diagnosed with cancer this week.

I had to stay with my mom and stepdad for several months due to being bedridden. I missed my own dogs greatly and was quite uncomfortable overall. She stood, and laid, by my side through it all and would even lean against me when I would waiver as I was learning to walk again..

During the next recovery, she was there for me again when one of my dogs passed away the night I went to the ER. So, not only is it a topic (dogs/cats) that I feel compelled to provide accurate information, its currently plastered with emotion.

Doesn't help that my dad had to be taken to the ER this morning either. Due to my own health, I have to time things right as I can only spend half an hour to an hour before pain overtakes me, so I can't just head down there to be with him.
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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

It's male and female of all breeds...

Pretty sure it's just an energy thing, I tend to ignore them as if they didn't even exist... same way with people I don't know or have any business with.

That doesn't mean I am discourteous or won't have a conversation; I just don't have any intention other than what I am engaged in. I'm not excitable or easily disturbed; insecure people do not feel very comfortable around me, and typically fidget, babble, stutter or all three.

I built part of a set for an event. I noticed a female staring at me during a conversation with someone; I turned and looked directly in her eyes; her complextion went bright pink/red, then she just turned and bolted... yes, I had sex with her later. It's kind of funny in an odd and curious way; the reactions some people have around me. One fellow just couldn't stop trying to touch me... like throw an arm around my shoulder, patting at my back or giving my arm a nudge and just spouting incoherently, he was a total spazz and irritating. He went to the restroom and I went out for a smoke; as I was about to go back in... The door guy threw him out having seen enough of it himself. One bartender friend is a big ol bear sort of fellow, even he has joked about wanting to dose my drink and have his way with me.

It is what it is; sometimes flattering, sometimes annoying.

Sorry, to hear you're too laid out to be a support for your old man.

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Have you tried adjusting things on your end? I had similar issues during puberty, but eventually learned that I could precipitate any response I wanted.

Anyway, you can bring that peace yourself. Unless you dig the responses even when irritating. Then, you know, carry on
In the context of dogs, I think this is actually touched on very lightly with the whole "calm assertive" stuff that one guy peddles (name is completely escaping me).

Such things can be done in two main methods; a full exerting of will, overpowering the other or acting as a guide like banks of a river. I believe its part of who we all are, like hair, intelligence, or physical strength. Though, there are varying degrees, capabilities, phenotypes as per usual. IMO, its one of the things we slowly lost track of with the introduction of agriculture.

In these situations, canines will actually give the quickest and clearest feedback. I would guess that the same is true for any species that is fundamentally pack-oriented, but I'll let someone else test it on lions. Keeping in mind, of course, that that river can and does pick up debris from the banks. So, it can be a good idea to keep those shores "clean."

Being able to elicit specific responses was immensely useful in a shelter or rescue environment, especially when capable of making permanent changes. You can jump right past all the fear, anxiety, or aggression permanently. It only works down to a certain level though. If its embedded deeply enough, which can be the result of various factors, it changes things.

And yeah, health issues arent fun. Most don't really have to deal with anything too serious, thankfully, just general aches and pains of aging or something like headaches. I've had to deal with this for about a decade now. There are a lot of mystery issues, but the major source of pain is that my bones break and don't heal. They just slowly break more over the years. Specifically, eight vertebra that slowwwllllllly break more and more every day is decidedly unpleasant. FWIW, that's another method to help negate those responses, if you are desperate enough

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

I don't care to manipulate people or premeditate anything; I think that's why people get really awkward around me... if someone is sitting thinking about what they want to say or do; and then they approach with that? It has to be delivered with confidence, and if premeditated; that usually just starts falling apart. Yeah I'm one of those that sort of stares right through people; I know it's un-nerving... but there's little to life I haven't observed or experienced so not much phases me.

I speak off the cuff and cut through the small talk and B.S. if someone is going to dip a toe they better know how to swim... I'm that rock in the middle of the river.

I'm not really a fan of center stage; and I don't like attention, but for personal growth it's something that I will likely take on as an endeavor soon... try my hand at some open mic nights(closet commedian and like to do voice characterisations/accents), maybe find some people to form a band with... I've a few instruments; an electric and acoustic guitar; though I prefer playing bass(left-hand pinky has nerve damage from nearly being severed off), a violin, two harmonicas, an erhu, a microphone, and a couple of amps. I'm told I sing very well... but I'm shy about it, and I've been called a virtuoso on the piano by someone that teaches it at the university level.

There's a suppliment called bonemeal you could take, magnesium is also a good bone vitamin.

I went to college for engineering; 3D Cad is a fun thing to do, I used to do it for a cryogenics company before I retired; I used to get so wrapped up in it, next thing I knew someone would be; "Hey... quitting time." I used Inventor by AutoDesk. But used to know, Solidworks, Regular AutoCad 3D(early extruded sort), and Blender.

Might wanna check out Blender; it's a freebee out of Berkley, that puts many paid packages to shame; it can do 3D, Animation, Video games and all of that sh!t.

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 04:55 PM

originally posted by: Serdgiam
a reply to: Reverbs

Can't really disagree with that

I was immensely curious about what others have been saying in that specific vein of things. Not necessarily in terms of anything "metaphysical" but sometimes we can't be too picky about flavors.

Ramble Activate!

Some day, I suspect that what our culture would perceive as wildly trippy will become the mainstream narrative. It seems to happen with cultural evolution in general, in multiple coincident layers, but I suspect a certain level of advancement in the tools of a species coincides with the greatest shifts. Seems straightforward enough to be possible, perhaps probable.

I also suspect that a fast enough rate of advancement can lead to such a vast transition that it will introduce unique cultural artifacts, so to speak. Generations which have significantly different foundations to their cultural story are certain to have interesting interactions. Even a single change, like computers, may fundamentally alter each age groups pillars of reality so drastically that we literally can't imagine it.

Someone who had matured before computers were around will see the world quite differently than someone who sees them as an intrinsic quality of "life." But, maybe that difference is more profound than we can realize. Its not like we would be able to tell, really, we would still just interact on the levels that are similar like speech or cooking and then make assumptions about the rest. Its hard not to when its something that worked accurately for the first decade or two of life. Those pillars are shared, but maybe the ones that are different result in a vastly different structure of reality. We tend to take it as a given that individuals are different (ironically, a pillar in this context), but not always how groups differ and how that impacts all of us at a very fundamental level.

Sounds kinda neat using poetic license; even if we are only meatbags, our meatbag existence
is such a profound ripple in the surface of reality that it is truly a parallel universe. One that connects through common intersecting planes with other meatbags, as well as many other objects. Where the body is simply a means to an end. A constantly advancing tool for a species to communicate and interact with one another, like speech and construction.

Who then, or what, is that species? Is it.. "us," exploring how better to communicate with one another and then getting lost, maybe intentionally, in the expansive, expressive nature of our own contraption?

Regardless, it would seem it all is mostly rendered moot by the idea that we can't actually understand it anyway. And in the end, someone acting with love will act with love whether they know all the secrets of all the universes omnisciently, or if they have four legs, a cold nose, and a wagging tail.

The why, or even the how, arent necessarily relevant to the experience. We can use those questions to advance our ability, but with some things (like the love of a dog), it might just be better to take in the experience rather than force it into something we can understand and "improve."

yea man.

It's sort of why I confuse language for people.

I had this thing nag at me some time ago that none of my words meant the right things. people think it's the same meaning but you think it's the same meaning too.. It's close enough and for all uses it appears identical.. Over time these small differences leave us not really communicating.

My age group is right on a ledge.. Like we are the middle child of "before" and "after"

I grew up with computers, but they were seen as a very limited time use thing.. It wasn't until around what 7 years old internet came along with people getting on AOL.. Internet was much older but you know first "average" computer users in mass. Well my age group adjusted to it and we were the first youth on internet, but like I said we saw it as separate to reality.. started "taping" music on cassettes, then "burning" CDs, then it was Napster "copying" MP3s all in short order.

the age group before me is more aloof to these changes almost living in the past in a way. Their concept maps prefer devices with one function. computers merged devices into one thing. people my age still resist this to a degree in that I have a desktop computer and a smart phone. I refuse to use my smart phone as a computer but it's handy for bus times or directions..

Now younger than me it's all the same thing.. Where I feel god mode using a windows pc, and inside the maze on a iphone, they feel connected to everything all the time. They have changed so much from what I was, and I look back and anyone older isn't there either..

I don't know how they think.. I don't know their concept maps. I'm just the glitch in the coding trying to get people to write their own coding..

Watch TV the I am my body concept is still the same as it was I assume for hundreds of years at least. but even if it's the same generally certain people have left the wider group. Someone who figures out I am not only a body from my age group will not have the same results as from the internet from birth age groups.

Some could even say they don't even have the same concept of what humanity even is... That's where things will get very very strange and "trippy" as you say.

My world already went full trippy to the limit of my sanity, so I can go past that point now and stay sane, but probably not as far as those younger than me.

if someone older than me says "you can be whatever you want to be" they are thinking astronaut president war hero...
someone in my age group is thinking the same as above mix in famous, self produced self sustaining artist..
And someone younger it's the same as the above two and add in I could be a dragon maybe.. Lol..

I've already decided I won't get in the kids way as I age. I'm just the guy whos wisdom is timeless. mixing and matching concept maps with the ultimate idea that you are free to do as you wish including not being a thing I can call "you"
I'm not in the interest of "holding on" I'm "letting go" Expansion.

I think reality is slippery. And getting even more slippery at an unseeable rate and direction.

I'm definitely

"in my own world"

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: Peeple

(Does his best Napoleon Dynamite voice) - LUCKY!

As bigbrod said, setting is very important. As with any psychotropic, if you feel safe you will be safe. Typically, one time is not going to be much (your, meh, reaction). But as my tag line dude says, give your brain time to recover (at least three days) before leaving for your next trip!

Personally, I like being around a body of water (lake, a river, even a stream) but last time I was at a RHCP concert! But I am psychonaut like that anyway. I spent a lot time reading about the effects before I even tried. And I had my first experience with a psychology major so I felt uber safe. We went and tossed a Frisbee on a frozen lake one nice spring afternoon.

I like having some music near by if I feel the whole freak out starting to happen. Once, I met a fun guy and felt everything going away which I did not want. On went Bleach because that was what I was listening to at the time. It kept the world from going away. The Beatles also work pretty well. I think they have tried all substances known to man and most are veiled in their lyrics (Let It Be for example. I realized that it about a certain plant that grows wild in the southwest and has a relative that goes really well with cornbread stuffing. The shaman use it to "talk to the Virgin Mary" because she appears and whispers to them!).

And, remember the saying...

Quando Omni flunkus moritati ("When all else fails, play dead"!)

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 05:15 PM

I might sound like a crazy psychotropic explorer but I havn't been in years.. My dad wanted to play lucy in the sky with diamonds so I found the song for him and I listened too on my own.. Nothing new came of it except just the beauty of the record player and towards the end of the song falling from god into a decaying body.. Haha..

That's ok..

It's all ok with me.

what turned me off to "chemical carrier waves" was an experience with this dude dimitri.. He collapsed my world and my girlfriends into the same world.. Seeing is one thing.. Seeing the same as another person in "outside 3d reality" is another.. psychic or did the world change in those moments?
The scary old woman wasn't pleased and yelled at us from the corner.. When I saw my girlfriend heard the same "non existent" woman scream I was like oh this is not the usual adventure..

I can think weird enough on my own. There will come a day when I need new reference points to shake up my concept maps again, but now they are still showing aftershocks, and my thought processes alone can shake up reality, the way I view "the world" There is just no need for now.
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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

OMG Mousy.. That's so perfect.

2 minutes in hahaha..

He's on another level for sure.

ok this is golden gotta watch the rest.

the man has "freed himself..."

Some of what I'm saying is tongue in cheek but it's at the same time completely serious.

love what he said about art and life.

and then he said "it comes from an unknown person in my artistic consciousness, that's really in my subconsciousness."

right on man.. Ride that crazy wave.

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