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posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 09:35 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

Still what got considered roundheads... perfectly coddled and modeled after ideals instead of developing their unique individuality.

Those not round heads beaten and abused for not getting with the program so their heads aren't as perfectly round, due to not being a sheep happy for the slaughter of the self.

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posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 09:48 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

don't count me out yet

this thread means more to me than you guys realize. I don't have any local friends or on social media or anything. I have social anxiety and have trouble connecting with people, so I would very much like this thread to keep going.

thanks for the soap recipe. I'm learning that goat milk is healthier than cows milk, that's why I suggested it.

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 10:47 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

Have you looked into A2A2 grassfed cows milk?

Rather interesting stuff, A1 and A1A2 being quite common but a result of a mutation likely occurring around the time of domestication. Given my opinion of many modern problems originating from this era, I think it adds an interesting tidbit to the equation.

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

That is interesting. I rather think of cows as disgusting animals in general, but am certainly interested in looking into that grass fed variety.

lol, one time I poured coconut water in my hair, thinking it was pure and clean, and I just ended up with sticky hair.

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

I was teasing on you it's my adult version of pulling on pigtails...

That's likely because they are not in such a high demand for their milk and cheese that they haven't been industrialized as a living GMO like cows and chickens have.

goat cheese/milk etc can get a gamey odor that's why I suggested salt as a natural preservative and well when eating goat mint rocks it out so I'd approach soap making the same way as cooking in what pairs well when eating it

Here's another recipe adjust accordingly for amount of people that will be eating:

Large potatoes

A stick of butter

Goat cheese

Milk of some sort or heavy cream(add equal part water) can even be rice milk, almond milk sheep milk not goat milk although it makes pan's flute happy.

Herbs/spices (hope you have a mortar and pestle to grind the larger spices)

Black pepper





Sugar or syrup whatever you prefer

Leeks(just the stalks plant the bottoms to grow them yourself)

Ok you need a large fry pan small fry pan and a sauce pan with a cover

Slice the potatoes thick enough to not break up when frying them but don't get too worried about thickness around a 1/4" or 6mm or less allows a faster cooking time. Soak the slices in a large bowl(this removes the starch you can save the starch and use it in your ironing if desired there's a recipe for homemade play dough/clay using it too search the web for that)

Add the *milk to the sauce pan and slice the goat cheese(it's very sticky so a small bladed thin knife makes it easier) and add it and half the stick of butter as well as the leeks(rinse them first salmonella is bad mmkay) you can cut them to the length you desire to fit in your mouth.

In the small fry pan add the cardamom and other spices except the cinnamon, black pepper, cumin and sugar.

In the large fry pan add the other 1/2 stick of butter and sugar or syrup leave the other pots and pans off the heat for now

Ok heat the skillet(large fry pan) and start stirring the butter and sugar/syrup add some water to keep it kinda thin if it gets too hot as it heats up keep stirring til blended do this on medium heat as we are making a caramel but want it as a coating not a candy.

In the small fry pan heat it up and add the cardamom and coriander to release some of the oils and aromatics this is a very quick process done on high heat and stirred around and soon as the bouquet releases cut off the burner and let it set with one last stir.

Now start adding the potatoes do not layer them on top of each other flip each one immediately after it goes into the pan. Let them sizzle on both sides now is a good time to start the heat on the saucepan of milk butter and goat cheese add the cumin and black pepper stirring in the cheese and butter as it melts into consistent sauce then toss in the spices out of the small fry pan and the potatoes as they are fried to kinda flexible but not break apart done keep coating and frying until the potatoes run out if the heat is too high the caramel will too so make sure to add water and sugar/syrup as it seems to get too low in amount when frying.

Ok once all of that is done and in the large sauce pan reduce the heat to low then go have a smoke and a glass of wine a good red such as cabernet, shiraz, or malbec pairs well, stay away from whites with white sauced colored dishes it's improper you might even want to add a splash into the sauce pan to add that certain je ne cest pas for dead homies as when you've tasted it and put the tasting spoon back into the food to stir that's where the love comes from.

After the cigarette(perfect timer) go sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the entire mass like you are blessing it with pixie dust used liberally.

After a few more cigarettes and glass of wine or two depending on your love for vino or about 15 to 20 minutes it should be ready to serve.

Bare in mind this gets way way better the longer it sits so cooking it a day ahead and refrigerating is best for impressing any dinner guests it can be a main dish but makes a great pairing with a nice thick cut and well seasoned char of beef that was marinated in (worcester some vinegar and a splash of soy sauce) I'd avoid teriyaki same reason for a less sweet wine looking for food balance not food all being sweet that's the potatoes job when pairing food (red from the meat on potatoes is unappetizing to look at when cooked on the rare side that's why it typically gets marinated)

There is no such thing as a "side" in real cooking of the gourmet variety... the goal is that each thing on the plate could stand wholly on it's own and satisfy the palate all on it's own not just some filler because you are trying to stave off hunger and one thing may not be enough to do that for long.

I didn't add specific amounts because I don't measure anything I look for consistencies and know how strong such spices etc are on their own and what they pair with by eating the herbs and spices by themselves in such a manner you can develop your own palette and be able to pair them together into a symphony of flavors instead of cacophony of bam! or blandness.

I've a secret for herb selection and food pairings for dishes but some chefs have to take some secrets to the grave...

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 11:19 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

...I don't smoke THAT since you took the time to type that up,

I'm going to try that recipe for sure. Just being completely honest, I don't pick out my ingredients. I will have to run it by my "roommate". Teasing is good. I'm glad you mentioned domestic cows and chickens. This is snobby, but their lives are tragic. Animal activists usually forget about them, even though they are suffering as much or more than any other animal. American agriculture produces lakes of their blood.

Its getting colder so, do you have anything hearty? Like, bratwurst, beef stew, chili, kind of recipes? I love celebrating Autumn because it makes me feel all warm and cozy.

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 12:10 AM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

Does your roomate lay out your panties too?

This is basically what "I don't pick out my ingredients." sounded like to me and I'm George in the situation...

What? You said teasing is good... Order up! and delivered.

Like, bratwurst, beef stew, chili, yes those are good.

As for the thread Woo? Woo it's now recipes how freaky is that threads shifting and drifting haunted by the resident spirits.

Here's what I would do with bratwurst I would break it up and fry it rolled up in a potato dough where I swapped all the water out for beer and deep fried them after rolling them in bread crumbs( not panco that is the bane of my culinary existence when dining out way too hard on the mouth like eating something coated in glass shards and a bad texture to boot)

An easy beef stew from my grandmother: grab a couple of cans of mixed veggies a small can of corn a small can of stewed tomatoes and a can of corned beef you can substitute beef cubes, chicken or whatever meat. But corned beef from the can is the family traditional add some pepper and salt to taste after serving. Sometimes I like to toss some curry powder or old bay in it for a slightly different take on it. But that can feed an army on the cheap and best started in the morning to very very low simmer up til lunch time with regular ol saltines to accompany.

Chilli isn't difficult several varieties of beans precooked is best as soaking can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes and takes a long time depending on the weather relative humidity etc. of course they can just be added to a crock pot and slow cooked but energy savings... chili powder is the secret for making spaghetti sauce recipes or that in the jar to taste like chili. Brown the beef with minced garlic strain it very well or squeeze it out with cheesecloth and then toss it into the pot make sure it is very crumbled large chunks of hamburger meat is not really desired in a good chili the beans are supposed to be the bulk texture not the meat chili sauce works too instead of the powder both add to even more "chiliness" if you have that some ketchup or catsup(sweeter it contains sugar ketchup doesn't) and some shaved horseradish then that turns into cocktail sauce if you like shrimp.

You can add some red pepper to bring up the heat I lost my ability to get burned by hot chilis peppers etc so I'm not a good person to add that for people's taste. I made some chili with some sauteed canned chipotle peppers mixed with chocolate for a mole chili it was spectacular had no idea the peppers were rated hot sitting there scarfing away and my ex GF is sitting there with tears running down her face and sniffing... I said crying is it that good? I feel so proud. She started laughing and said it's great but it's extremely spicy I said weird I didn't add anything hot to it. She said chipotle chilies are a pretty spicy pepper... I had never known I can't taste the heat and it wasn't on the can. :p

Oh and some shredded cheddar and fresh minced or thin sliced onion as a topper is a great addition. Corm meal or corn powder will thicken it up when going the cans and adding water route. I like to add a tad bit of sour cream to spaghetti sauce when making that a little bit of sugar cuts the acid out of sauces that are tomato based that can lead to heart burn and or gassiness without it.

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Sorry for the woo eruption:

The only thing I find extremely tempting is "Earth is conscious" that is not new, I know. But it's so beautiful!
Also scary, but whoa!
I mean they are very complex. Those planets. Huge. The same goes for blue whales. Imagine some whales becoming many hundreds of years old, drifting along the curences, the biggest worry a full belly, you just have to drift with an open mouth to achieve that. Hundreds of years deep meditation.
Everything is communicating and the sum of all of it, plant chatter, bird gossip, fungi talks, powered by the earth core is self aware.
Since it's nine, but they are one. Since it's much bigger than we are. What do you do, if you suspect something is turning into a threat? You think of counter measures, like: sure try one and that one that tried is no more.
Like mother earth is saying:
Guys I love you and all but it's time to leave. Time is up, you were supposed to build your arks you didn't. Yes civilization is at that point again. Say Atlantis.
The flood, it happened before, it will happen again, you already achieved that a couple of times. To spread life throughout the universe. That's what Earth does, why it's so uniquely overflowing with life, like the sun it has to have some output towards the universe, like suns, just the earths contribution is much more solid.

Tempting to just swallow it, right?

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 02:50 AM
We need to know. Are there solid crafts? That's disclosure in a nutshell.

I love stuff like this.

But I got the very strong feeling it's all just rock and rolling tides.

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:06 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Yes indeed it it beautiful down to every last grain of sand and that twinkle in someone's eye talking about such things.

If I suspect something is turning into a threat as an individual I stand there and take it if it appears as an unavoidable... like yay middle of ocean no land no boat just floating best thing to do? Exhale all air possible plunge under and then inhale the water and done no struggle no fight. That was the way considered honorable to drown in ancient Japan embracing it without fear. Otherwise stepping out of the way of such things to begin with by not putting oneself in situations conducive for a shtf or just ignore the entire situation that appears to arise out of nowhere as if it isn't even occurring focusing on something else as that is reality too and a much better one than whatever some nonsense is trying to pull you into it like a blackhole.

Being a martyr for human stupidity as a casualty isn't noble. So if whomever insisted the situation to become a reality in violence then I'm more than inconvenienced already giving them an out once... It would appear that someone just wants to act like an animal in society... so out of kindness; they will get a lesson in what being an animal really is... missing chunks of flesh, eyes popped from sockets, broken/missing fingers just demolished in an instant. Same deal if I had someone that depended on me... I'd fight tooth and nail without that first pass; because I have a responsibility to someone other than myself to defend and protect.

That encompasses the entire world now not restricted by asinine borders and ideologies, but as soon as it's not just me then that bubble shrinks just to my S/O. Significant means not someone that would simply get off on instigation just for their personal kicks to see someone get destroyed... I've seen it and know what it looks like; any manipulation that tries to dance me like a puppet immediately makes that person insignificant as it is disrespectful... blink of an eye forgotten because who they were presenting before wasn't ever real.

There is that option of bodhisattva for those that care about others... I haven't said to anyone but I recently renounced it having embraced so many countless times in protection already, something I still do and will continue to do but no more incarnations in lower realms after this one next period... it was discussed between myself and my ethereal connected higher "self" after this next life period I'll ascend to a pure abode that they made while I was diving deep into a hellish incarnation for the most progress on the path towards buddhahood as that emanation; the immortal womb has been kind and the only place that feels like solice the more consciousness has grown in awareness. Renouncing any vows that bind one to the form made in the past to others is an important thing to do to move on. Those are the one's I keep mentioning as having me fettered here even though mine are cut. I have already seen my life with those called parents try to go into a repeat cycle in their mentality as if they were on a loop a bit over a year ago... so less than a year left as it rolls backwards through that repeat and out of this mortal womb creation having learned all that could have been learned in the situation chosen... into the new cycle or more needed, dhamma eye perfected and ear working it's way towards it but Avalokiteshvara has that duty in the buddha body in this current realm

Gate and destiny can be calculated against human nature and propensities someone had before incarnation karma cannot as it is tricky to go to a mortal womb again... so pure intent makes things go much much faster in progression. The silly thing is the Buddha Shakya even said in the Surangama sutta that no one had ever left the hall that attended and are still there... being nobody going nowhere is sometimes a choice to dream a dream for however long in progression so that all of it gets better. As Avalokiteshvara has stated not until every blade of grass is liberated meaning buddha grass
So progression depends on what the Buddhas in charge of the next cycle decide to dream or weave for us. Easy to forget that all abodes are pure abodes until the entire self transforms into one. Exterior formation may not look pure but that's a matter of focus...

Well, contracts are about to expire on this set for some as repeats are a sure sign of the script running out, I don't suggest letting others cast roles for you if you like easier paths, when choosing to incarnate the ones for one life realization are a doozy but more beneficial than could be suspected without direct experience of it. It's nice to see arms opening in a new embrace as the next stage of family... as this path was nothing but shun and alone crash and burn with no help except here and there to make it this far from time to time... those turning points that weave you around the loom like a shuttle as a new pass through to begin a new pattern.

Well, on with the show... the old one is holding up the new, and there's some set decoration to do where I don't have to run into "those" people simply because the next part of the story doesn't take place behind bars and i've had more than enough and they have too.

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:23 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Funny thing is buddhists never meet demons. I think it's because as part of nature you get over the evil spirits thing pretty fast.
Good and evil that's the mass delusion which makes it all so doomy. It's life and death. Death means transformation get over it. Something always "survives".

Messed up thing is, then there would be still some dinosaur souls out and about. Haha, have fun with that!

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: Peeple

More like thought bubbles but that thought bubble can take any form the imagination can. Best to think of this realm called samsara as a hell for progression of the "self" the greys etc. are just evolved beings not stuck in this realm but part of it... some hell's are much much worse depending on how far you descend whether for learning or punishment... as this is more of a proving ground. But impermanence no matter what which means dimensional phasing is always connected and occurring.

The vimana that temples are built around are an imitation of the ushnisha, or the place where one's conscious vehicle escapes the body of bondage from... this is why you're never supposed to touch a buddhist or anyone else on top of the head without their consent. Some people exiting the body through meditation with extreme force have exploded their entire head in the process... this conscious awareness bubble is what has lead to paranormal investigation of spirit bubbles or "ghost lights" even though most of those imaged are just dust. Color determines the incarnation it is headed towards, rainbow gets to only manifests in the highest realms unlike the solid ones that remain in samsaric forms and clearlight is like a spirit being can be anywhere at anytime on thought alone and manifest a form this is similar to that of a buddha body once all 5 senses are transformed or transmuted. As said I've a couple more senses to go...

Edit to add: As a side note that's one of the reasons for the pyramid shafts and the elaborate entombment and ancients having their crap buried with them... the shafts directed where that bubble would jet off too for the next incarnation and well all of their crap would manifest there the pyramids complicated and hard to breach so that they would have time in the spirit body to manifest what they needed to and what needed to be done to transfer their junk with them to have a rich existence in the next realm. The terracotta soldiers etc. were supposed to house the energy of all the loyal body guards that ritually killed themselves so that they transform back into their form and immediately into service in the next realm to fight and serve their emperor then too... because occupatio already. The practice was of course eventually abandoned as it was seen as myth and the esoterics never taught to those lower or not privy to such secrets.

The universal 404 in my opinion is when you are trying to break bonds that they dont want you to break or consider those not yet worthy for them to know.

Of course, ignorant people have no idea what the hell you're on about anyway and it just looks like mad rantings and jibber jabber. So it's kinda moot to place those caps and locks but if they aren't prepared they have to stall somehow to tie up any loose ends.

So yeah free will as long as you don't mind hurting yourself until you learn what you need too... otherwise keep breaking the stupid bonds and sh!t trying to cap you off because the world system becomes to fragile to contain you like a giant Rancor in Star Wars speaking of dinosaurs or basically cutting off the monkey tail in Dragon Ball Z.

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:29 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Haha that's because typically they are your family so that you run to renounce as fast as possible :p


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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: kibric

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 05:49 AM
Blummin'eck, chaps and chapesses, you have been having wide ranging chats...loads to catch up on!!!

However...I reserve the right to just pick up where I left off...

originally posted by: TEOTWAWKIAIFF
a reply to: Anaana

I never really thought of it much either. I am semi-eidetic. It is kind of strange because it mostly pertains to the written word. It makes schooling pretty easy for me which means I am pretty lazy learner! I do not like getting full up on facts. Now that I think about it, probably why I like beer so much--keeps me from remembering everything!

Did you read the North Bend, Oregon report from the random ATS link? It was very strange! People hallucinating due to unknown chemicals and it is passed on through contact! Reminds of _9Mother_9_Horse... story!! What if it was true! Strange place we inhabit. Where did I leave my flesh interface...

My son and I decided to have a Halloween movie night, he chose The Blair WItch Project, which neither of us had seen, and I chose Poltergeist, it being the tamest of my consideration of the "classics".

It being a good twenty years since I last watched it, and not having a visual memory as such, I had totally forgotten about the womb-like-closet-portal, complete with umbilical rope!!! Doh! and double Doh!

What struck me most, other than my hand hitting my face, was how the Poltergeist portal is obviously the inspiration for Stranger Things, which has been compared with the Flesh Interface, but what Mother Horse Eyes described in words does not describe either except by process, and in that it is only related to Poltergeist tenuously. That might not make sense. It is a subtle distinction and it may be peculiar to those of us who don't recall in a visual way. The only coincidental I found between Stranger Things and MHEs was the little girl and the experiments, not the portal other than in it being a created bridge between worlds/realities/realms, but still not much, I didn't see it as vaginal (which I do in Poltergeist though because that is symbolically inferred as a birth canal). From MHEs descriptions of the Flesh Interface I certainly never imagined it to look like either the one in Stranger Things or Poltergeist, but those two do look very much alike to each other. It wasn't until I saw Poltergeist that I realised what was happening.

The difference between having a ready picture to insert alongside thought, and not, and how many "share" a particular image and will therefore project the same image, from memory, upon stimulation, feels fundamental to any number of woo phenomenon.

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 06:07 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
Guys I love you and all but it's time to leave.

If we presume that the planet is a conscious being, capable of unconditional love, (because given our behaviour towards the planet, it would have to be unconditional) then love must be magic.

If, however, we presume that the biosphere is an adaptive organism, fighting for survival in a hostile environment, and that we are integral part of that being and that process, of learning and adapting, gaining conscious thought and planning skills in order to aid our collective survival in this hostile environment, then love is an evolutionary by-product that enables us to care about not just our own survival but to work collectively to improve the survival of a whole. We, therefore, would be what makes the biosphere, as a whole entity, conscious.

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: Anaana

I know what you are getting at... here's the interesting thing about the human form in meditation. Penis that's what the asana takes the imitative form of and well that bliss that occurs is the cosmic orgasm into the void and eventually seeds the inner cosmic egg as the immortal womb zygote cells divide shedding all the ignorance and attachments of the illusory life and then you die but you don't die the conceptual does as the cosmic water breaks and flushes you out of it from the mortal womb into the cosmic to grow and then into wholeness of being.

That circle deal and rod in classic art is a symbology of such portaling like a finger around a wine glass or singing bowl changes the vibrations and opens up portals or cosmic dimensional wombs or tunnels based on that frequency or vibrational rate.

Like ripples on a pond changing the entire surface structure so stillness in what is already disturbed is the other extreme that cracks the foundation of this delusion or conceptual ignorance that covers all of this up.

I think it is very neat that movies and creations tap into such thing on the collective unconscious level because that's where all creation itself arises from the all or undifferentiated mass thought bubble of connectivity we all share throughout all time and the form an individual expression of it... many seem as nothing but programmed clones with no independent thought but respect is a given as no matter how they express themselves they have a purpose and a function but are typically not aware of it being closed source and resistant to any new information other than that that comes from their controllers or programmers that they have attached to through chosen labels and belief.

So there are advantages to waking up but disadvantages when there are some very far along the path that would rather abuse a sense of power whether mundane someone boss or over bearing parent or loved one, or siddhis so they can abuse power to play gods and other nonsense instead of a straight shot past all of that by remembering observation is not becoming subject or slave to any system nor anyone else, despite whatever powers anyone thinks they may hold over another. I think that it is humorous and yet sad at the same time because they find out they don't have control over others as much as they thought they did and as with any power hungry descending into the mode of being a tyrant spreading suffering instead of alleviating it and the cognitive dissonance parent like that says but it's good for you... well they're the one descending due to that abuse aeons old doesn't matter the amount of sheep or slaves built as supplicants don't either as they are just as ineffectual since they don't like or want equals.

They never suspect someone living among everyone else to be immovable and their will to move them impotent because they stopped on the path as there is much more power if they had kept going, but that ends in equanimity so any assault they do is immediately thwarted or reflected back on them. Like when Devadatta or the main power abuser in the Buddhas time attacked him and died just from the intent to harm he thought rolling a boulder onto him as he sat all roadrunner wylie coyote... was a good idea as soon as the boulder touched the Buddha Devadatta dropped dead. Was it a Schrodinger's cat scenario of who was dead in the box? You bet it was but Devadatta likely was left feeling he had won only later to find himself in a hell quite unexpected as another example of portaling or cosmic wombs birthing reality via karma the entire wheel of life or bhava cakra is a depiction of one inside the wheel and having never been outside of it? Not free "gods" included.

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 06:59 AM
a reply to: Anaana

Just how far does it go, exactly. Conscious planets and what's our role in it remains undetermined.
The universal connection between time and information, how entangled are our sub systems?
The Hessdalen lights are natural. Maybe a lot is "sub-natural" in origin? Like dreams and a lot of communication we aren't aware of most of the time.
For example the over population is spiritually speaking directly proportional to the extinction of species. Which would mean some posing as humans are really cats, rats, dogs, snakes, this level of consciousness.
If there is a hierarchy. A food chain, whatever. That's where it falls back to the question what is consciousness?

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Since you and I exchange funny life stories. I say I "channel" I don't even know how it's done "properly" I just make stuff up as I go.
I suffer from splitted story disfunction. Stupid reality just doesn't want to obey.
So I asked who are you?
I am Tarzan. That's either prove my subconscience has more sense of humor than some peoples reality persona, or stop asking, from a whatever-dimensional super being.
I say the second.

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