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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 02:29 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

None of that provides any proof that reality is just an illusion.

Just a very elaborate way to say which bias train you're on.
Gravity doesn't fit in the equations to unify it with quantum mechanics. Chew on that.
Does that mean the measurable thing, with obvious effects is wrong? Certainly not.
Does that mean the math fiction you call quantum theory, maybe takes of under wrong premises and that's where the gap comes from? It sure is coherent in itself, but unfortunately outside of reality.
To some extent, right, always an integral. Maybe it's just missing something, but point is: it's pretty much everyones guess, or favoured opinion. We don't know since relative gravity.

Now you declare all of what you perceive is not there at all and claim that's based on science? Have you met science somewhere before?

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: Peeple

wholly understand that, some monks in monasteries have had the living sh!t beat out of them as that's what their karma was requiring for them to be humbled out of an extreme egoist position... if you don't kill the Buddha on the path and think one above another as a Buddha and not all the same in equanimity in such a community you'll get your ass handed to you so you can see just how much interdependence there is because thats all life is interdependent, because of this that arises and because of that this arises in one huge chain or conglomerate when energy and matter are combined and never really separate. I have had the sh!t beat out of me I didn't think I deserved it at the time... cognitive dissonance via the ego tends to do that to people.

Of course I had just bottled so much up it finally exploded in an unhealthy manner it took nearly a dozen police officers to subdue me... strapped to table several hours after being heavily tranquilized took the fight out of me or broke that spirit. It was a good thing... or else I had likely commited murder or continued the same sick sh!t I had bottled up inside of me as abuse. I broke the cycle and that beating helped me that strapping down and years of anguish did too... didnt help any of those that injected that abuse into my being that they werent strong enough to over come and still havent, so of course anyone using labels or anything to hide issues as justification gets my goat... there is no excuses when someone is personally responsible for their actions be it word or deed, if you have done it own it and accept the consequences this is how I feel about it...

over 20 years ago I pulled the My Name is Earl and apologized to every single person I had wronged that I could humanly possible face to face no excuses, then those I couldn't reach came in a life review the last time I died... there was an experience of hell and torment even over small tiny slights I couldn't even recall even those out of jest because it hurt anothers well being... of course the good I had done showed up as breaks to that torment in shear elation and happiness, an understanding of what it meant to truely live.

Well, the thing about the multiverse deal is all of those fragmented selves appearing as you in them to others dissapear or die in them over time coelesing into one and that only ceases as soon as one steps off back into causing pain and suffering onto others intentionally via the ego self separate spreading pain, hate, greed and misery only for ones own well being...

Of course others may have experienced similar to what I am mentioning, and some not but to me it isn't a guess it's truth and I've zero doubt, remaining objective to all of this has been the key to not getting hooked in and carried off by anything that has arisen, from ghosts and spectres, to devas asuras and gods, super natural powers or jhana states arising and passing in the frame of reference of the sense spheres... all of that objectivity in my view of it has been the hurdle that those encountered have tripped over and have stopped moving forward, or have taken as a detour for some reason or another... but personal experience made public ceases to seem as any truth to anyone unless there is a similar experience... to myself such objective observations are moot, and not really a good thing to discuss as they can become that hurdle when taken as the truth of existence instead of a small part of it of course if thats what someone wants to do?

Free will obviously but knowing it can become a chain or bonfdage instead of freeing? Best to avoid it real or not, to not subject oneself or others to it.

Continually being reborn moment to moment and dying moment to moment seems to be the gateway or opportunity of realization itself... at times I feel like the worst kind of asshole having taken the Boddhisattva path to aid others instead of complete dissolusion due to being aware of these other bubbles of reality popping, seeing those that love me suffer in these many realities due to these deaths their voices echoing across time and space yet not in this reality of form the one they are not experiencing that is a hell unto itself... and embracing that pain so that they may be free from attachment and go on with their lives in that reality... yeah I can wholly see why you would avoid it it takes on all sufering as ones own in all of these worlds and that energy manifests as a channel into the one you exist in as the self in the middle, of course if I step off it is likely this one pops and existence shifts into the next moment for another try to keep going.

Sorry if this makes no kind of sense but it has been my observation of things arising and passing moment to moment unattached yet there is still time that must be filled with something or else direct consciousness into disolution and not be able to ease those suffering at that loss, that may blame others or even themselves as many of them in other worlds or bubbles of multiple realities have... I have seen a life support cord yanked about by my son because everyone was arguing over whether I should be let go or live and it became too much for him, I have seen EMT arrive countless times from my death in various ways from being murdered to set on fire by arson, stabbed to death and on and on... but in clear seeing? Reality as it is those were selves that needed to go, like branches trimmed out... talk about high strangeness with no high involved? There's mine.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 02:38 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Having just read this post of yours despite the progenator of this thread titles name... the terms or dogma we've used seems to run extremely parallel same sort in many ways and yet not and I personally find that neat.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 02:44 AM

originally posted by: Reverbs
a reply to: Peeple

that's just a matter of language.. We don't disagree. (re- god, and the "oneness" of things)

I'm more or less just admitting what I've been up to..

the thing that happened right before I died and came back to life and all that mess.

and no ww3 isn't inevitable. Turn in your free will at the door as you leave. The other souls are itching to use it.


Don't mind me. I'm in a weird mood.

I wrote this the first time I broke through:

" it's the whoever that whatever should endeavor, like never, before, because the door, is closing... not choosing is a choice not sewing, your knowing into existence, with no resistance, what do you expect? Your mind unused, your purpose is fused to those who chose, and used, but you froze...
Come with me now, while time is still now.
Let's make life beautiful some how."

In awareness have you ever experienced the whole world bounce from all the bombs striking? I found it very curious that another member in this very thread had experienced a "bounce" but neither of us elborated on the cause... in my awareness it was from a ww3 reality that ceased to be that as reality almost immediately after.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 03:16 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Sorry if the following is leading astray from what you posted, but why does trauma of some kind seem to enhance the open mindedness towards woo?

Is it maybe if you perceive your environment as hostile it sharpens your senses, high-alert-status?

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 04:36 AM
a reply to: Peeple

It doesnt have too... before the age of roughly 2 children cannot physically differentiate themselves from their parent or parents this is where the terrible 2's come from they show you yourself as they start separating their physical being into one of independence yet their mind has not yet detached, then in ones teens the mental programming starts to detach where the teen will hate everything their parent does in order to have a separate identity also known as the rebellious stage... of course not everyone detaches the physical or mental the same, and then of course sometimes later, many times after having a child themselves see either the wisdom or absolute ignorance their parents raised them with.

I think the trauma is what makes us more individual, as in order to escape it we go into our own little worlds or bubbles of course those escapes vary like drug abuse as self medication instead of recreation to celebrate life in good company... clearly one is abuse and one is to enhance what is already good... theres a fine line to that division or distinction, but it is easy to see that masking or covering problems only tends to make them worse and can in many cases become a perpetuation of the very same cycle of abuse one is self medicating to escape in the first place.

So health and healing as it evolves out of the cycle and abuse self and other inflicted, will eventually culminate back around to where all of those things that we used as an escape, whether it was art, reading, writing or whatever will be something we have developed as a talent... many times during that it will be self effacing like it's all sh!t or all crap as we are projecting those emotions on it instead of into it... it isn't our job to appreciate our own art and talent if we put it out into the world then that becomes the worlds job to do and then we take any and all criticism as constructive so that we can use that to progress and grow the art or science of whatever that is a hobby or interest... when many artistians reach the peak level of a field they hit a wall and another perspective can be appreciated that isn't batting eyes and doting on it as it pushes one forward for better, unless they are all wabi sabi in acceptance and say yeah I can hit or achieve such and such level but here's my voice or style of it and thats good enough for me...

like the motorcycles I have customized werent made for anyone else one was but I doubt my ex would want my son near it once it is finished how I want it to be... of course I would be concerned too but still his choice no matter the outcome and I would hope any advice I give him from my years of riding would echo in the moment he would need it as a reaction to the situation... of course some think that hate and greedy practices should be passed along for survival in the same manner as the motorcycle advice I would give my son or anyone, but that sort of thing would lead to the destruction of all of us, and just taking a minute to look at the world we can see that such a thing has done us no good what so ever and actually is what will lead to it continuing instead of putting all of that aside for better.

Happiness is really the main desire behind every single action one does they may go about it in various ways rational or irrational and suited only to their own personal taste but yet that is the inent behind all action humanity does happiness... to have ease and comfort of the body brings happiness, to not struggle for food, shelter or fun brings happiness, of course those things are vast and varied person to person with a lot of programming towards ideals of it to be achieved, well sure they can... but leaving everyone else to struggle isn't what equality and equanimity means, of course being in a position to help others struggling no matter what side of the material form fence of bum or you have it made can still occur... fear may arise though from never knowing the bottom, and well fear can arise from never knowing the top either... fear becoming self limitation on both counts.

Nothing to fear no matter what occurs but everything to learn at least that has been my experience... when top or bottom are at such extremes some understanding is required to bridge the gap so it gets better for everyone with everything to lose and it gets better for everyone with everything to gain... win win.

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 06:41 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Look you are getting confused again..
I think maybe you are confusing the word illusion with non existence.

You also seem to think I'm trying to prove something to you?
I was providing things for you to read, you asked for it..

Look if you understand physics the past present and future are here all at the same time..
If you can wrap your head around that, and realizing that time and space are the same thing not separate..
Just use your head lol..

The rest of what I was talking about is based on my own travels, It's just not for you.

Do you remember what this thread is about?

Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 07:20 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Sorry if the following is leading astray from what you posted, but why does trauma of some kind seem to enhance the open mindedness towards woo?

Is it maybe if you perceive your environment as hostile it sharpens your senses, high-alert-status?

For me it started as a life long quest to figure out why the rest of you think this world is acceptable.. Like I was tricked coming here cause there is just no way it wasn't a set up.. Yea I was 4 and was in the car and it hit me that cars frive to work so you can make money so you can buy gas so you can get to work so you can buy gas, and the roads and traffic lights like a circle path... What's the point?

I kept that to myself..

Then also around 4 I think I was standing at the back door. I was inside the kitchen looking out the screen door and all the sudden I was behind myself.. and that was actually the normal part of the experience seeing that back of my body it wasn't even weird, but what was weird is that right at that moment I wasn't me. I was anybody.. I could be john or michael or anyone what was it that made me me!? It was the scariest thing.. I can't explain this one either you just had to be there to understand how hard that hit me. I questioned my whole existence.. It's not that I thought I wasn't me, or I couldn't figure out who I was.. I literally was not the thing that is "me"

I kept that to myself..

Also when I was 4 and maybe before then, but 4 is when most of my real solid memories start.. Anyway that's when the demonic things would torment me night after night after night.. The sort of dream hell experiences I went through were worse than anything that's ever happened to me in waking life.. THings like being whipped in dreams for hours in darkness without being able to move while this devil thing is screaming at you that you are worthless.. and other times I would be lit on fire while paralyzed or my head would start exploding energy patterns so strong I couldn't think in the dreams.. Flying teapots/pans/anything with hot water would fly around and scold me with boiling water while other dreams were going on, like the demons would just crash the party.. And the worst was this weird thing they would do to me that I would shrink and fall at the same time.. So essentially I was falling forever while also becoming infinitely small.. and when you get just a billionth of a centimeter from the ground you "bounce" back up growing and moving upwards at the same time, until you are your normal size and start shrinking and falling again.. All the while I'm being screamed at and the screams are what's powering my fall and rebounds, and the voice feels like hot sand ripping through my body..

I kept that to myself...

I think the main thing about people who experience woo is that they are independent.

You would think I used to be like I am now, with all the strange experiences including demons or ghosts in "the real world" But no I was hardcore materialist/atheist know it all... I was able to keep that up and be a total ass until I was around 19.. Somewhere in there my mom mentioned meditation.. Said you just sort of sit there and you can either have a mantra or just sit.. OK I try it and find out I'm really good at it.. My head starts buzzing and it's making this high pitched EEEEEEE that I now recognize as the correct angle to get out of my body and into my whatever..

Anyway it turns out I was accidentally doing many parts of what is called Kundalini meditation..

So obviously mr know it all who hated christians at the time... Obviously my first choice of words in one meditation setting was "Hi God" Yea that's something I would say for sure, but it wasn't really me, it was just my body/mind saying that.. I mean it sounded like me I felt my mouth move and the words come out, but I didn't do it.. LOL I was actually in the same position as my body but I was bigger than it, and then when I merged with the golden liquid oil love light stuff, I was god. I was everywhere. Everything was better. My entire life of pain was meaningless, it was just some weird backwards tiny shard of Eternity that is always here always now.. This is when you realize you can see without your eyes, and you can think without your brain.. then I was back in my room, well "I" was there the whole time, but "I" was everywhere else too..

That's what really flipped the script. From then on I've been straight mystic and I try and see if science has anything that meshes up.

And by the way anyone wanting weird things to happen, just make that energy shoot up your spine.

but so this is where the illusion of this comes into play.. When you glimpse outside of it and see how spacetime, is kind of like the crust just the weird small outer layer , of existence.. It's but a fraction of what's there, the illusion is that it's the only thing that's here and it's the most real..

the illusion is you think this reality is the only choice.
Mind control makes that choice for you.
And I'm really not quite sure I landed back into the right place I was before..
It seems very similar, but so did that "other world"

I got chills writing that.

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

I actually had a similar childhood experience I was half asleep at home and opened my eyes still in that state, I was at my grandmas in her kitchen. Able to sit up and move. "No this is wrong" I snap back and wake up dizzy in the right place.
That's pretty messed up, right?

Liked the first hand report.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 09:10 AM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness

In awareness have you ever experienced the whole world bounce from all the bombs striking? I found it very curious that another member in this very thread had experienced a "bounce" but neither of us elborated on the cause... in my awareness it was from a ww3 reality that ceased to be that as reality almost immediately after.

No I havn't. Well, I've also been trying to limit my "awareness."
I have sensed this really scary thing I might be able to find my post about it at some point but what it was..
Something changed.. in 2011..I described it as this dark ominous oh we just switched lanes.. The future is now different..
Like that part in Star Wars where Obi Wan all the sudden shudders luke asks him whats wrong?

Obi-Wan: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

I felt in urge since 2011 to change the course it seemed we were now on.. But when I got to the point where it seemed like I could have some effects, well then my world blew up this was 2014-2015.. Now I'm back to normal, slowly re-learning what it is I even think I'm doing here.

And the weirdness while completely tame at the moment.. I feel like it's going to come back like a hurricane in the next few months. But I can't feel it.. Don't know what it is.. not like that 2011 thing.. That was clearly very very bad..

So I'm just basically trying to avoid ww3 haha.. And I tihnk that makes "things" mad at me.. 2 separate people now have accused me of being john titor.. I find that funny. I'd think I'd know if I was john titor, but wouldn't it be funny if I wouldn't know such a thing? That I was sent here on a mission, born into a new life with no way of remembering where I was before or why I'm here now?

And over time 11:11 and synchonicity start me down a path that ends here.. When I tried to avoid this path in the past after some time a giant bitch slap from the universe refocuses me in this same direction everytime.. Why does it all lead here??

Well that's what I'm here to find out.

it's Very much like a magnet is at the end of my life pulling me, rather than it's me at my current time pushing into the future.. As in there is some ideal goal I set up before hand and my god part is pulling me to it. But the me that is my local body/mind that guy is a freaking rebel.. Stubborn to boot.. Always trying to figure out why "fate" won't leave me alone.. Angry at the universe/God/my other self whatever.. Well we chilled that dude out over time, he's quite well adjusted and happy, but he's still a freaking rebel.. So yea I get shown the path again a lot.. haha

Now see magnet pulling me from the future.
Me pushing me from the past/present..
Freewill meets fate, and they are the same..

like this part about creating "the dream" and experiencing "the dream"

On a lighter note..

Maybe we all came here to rewatch the end of the world!!

Hahahaha I mean so many people seem to be on the edge of their chairs waiting for it..

Maybe I get such bad dejavu because I can't stop watching this movie it's so dang good..

I can just imagine waking up in some chair covered in sweat to some angel technicion dude going ok man that's enough, and me without hesitation going right back into it eeeeeeeerrrssszzzzwwwooopppp.. "Here's your baby ma'm, a beautiful healthy boy."

"why isn't he crying?"

"oh that's just reverbs again he hasn't formed his self Identity (mind control example) yet, don't worry he'll be your son by the age of 2 or 3."

Can you imagine??

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 09:40 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

the restaurant at the end of the universe

1995 Douglas Adams
That's how old the idea in its core is.
But I like all of what you said.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 01:05 PM
Oh and by the way
happy Freddie Mercury day.
Yes the 5th again!

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: Peeple



posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

I am sure you have read the axioms of insainty is repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome each time and perhaps the one of looking in the same drawer several times after losing something expecting it to be in there every new time you look when looking for it... the answer as you said isn't in the container but flows through it.

I avoided that golden business... I saw it first come very close and buzzing and humming with all life encircling it in perfect harmony all golden in color it kept beckoning me in each time it appeared in this odd after death sort of state it would be in a different form... the last time it opened like a key was inserted into it and now from time to time I have to look up like did I leave the light on and it's off. But after that experience during meditation it occured that if my imperfect self had entered that light or world of perfect harmony then I would have been the rock or posion in its mechanism knowing I still produce karma that is not good for all life seen buzzing on the surface... that staying in the one seen as imperfect was a better place to work on what I need too... I didnt choose the path of Buddhism to stop not in this life and not in the very many past lives I have seen, it means to continually move and strive forward even if that stage is achieved it is let go just the same in equanimity as all life is just that life... so making it suffering for others in seeking comfort for only myself which is the very way in which it appears broken runs wholly inverted or counter to what needs to occur in fixing it...

So I flap these lips and tap these fingers in as best of an expression of that opposite to what has broken it in order to heal it, and in turn it also heals me and thats the balance I have seen arising and passing, diving into the wreck or body over and over in order to accomplish this, embracing suffering instead of running from it enduring it because others are and attempting to be the strength those suffering or going through it find ease freedom peace and happiness... thats my purpose and why I have no doubts about it it's like a vessel that has fallen over being set back upright again so that it functions as intended to function yet that functioning still needs work and of course there are many many beings doing the exact same thing so theres no alone in it and nothing special about it it's a choice moment to moment to moment and eventually those choices turn into a habit to where theres no other way to exist and past is only a memory called suffering an ego that is no help to the entire world or life on it other than ones own self... and knowing what that was is being part of that sickness or rock in the mechanism I avoided yet the very same sickness that ignorance teaches all of these beings new in form by giving them another shot at it only to fall into the trap of the senses grasping after impermanece as if it is something permanent... that doesnt mean enjoyment ends that means every single moment is fresh and brand new right then right there no poision in it until we try to add some from past clinging pain and baggage... quit consuming it and quit sharing it and better called healing arises.

When you were 4 and innocent what baggage did you have to be tormented by so many hells? Karma from the last form you were in from not letting go... so going through all of that has led to your present state of being and awareness of the world you said "For me it started as a life long quest to figure out why the rest of you think this world is acceptable.." it isnt each moment making it acceptable for all life is though yes? Everyone you encounter everyone you see struggling met with compassion and empathy in the best way you know how to give it? Self effacing because as you said what self? Sure there is a distinct personality that is like the fruit of your own personal tree growing in life that expresses it's own uniqueness that is wholly you yet when not attached to the container or even the human form? Every blade of grass all life as these energies and personalities flow through you become the water of life that flows through all vessels open to such an experience and thats glimpse is what I understand to be what people call god but no one is ever separate from it just closed off to it by the very pain and suffering they inflict on other forms seeking ease from suffering only for ones own that is duality of being actually is... awareness is not being it is conscious.

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

I read your comment in the shadow figure approached me thread, I don't want to ask there (in front of everybody haha), but
Are you scared?

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:14 AM
a reply to: Peeple

scared no.

I pretty much ran out of fear in 2015. It may come back.

Why do you ask?

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:25 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

I don't know, I say I am not scared, as long as I say it is just me and I am just crazy. But honestly if all of this is just one big builld-up towards what's coming, then... Holy # I poop my pants.
The worst part is how normal, peaceful and quiet every day is.
Nobody has a date, knows what to prepare for, or anything.
Maybe nothing, right?

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: Peeple

oh that...

That used to be the only thing I focused on.

But then I almost died twice probably did once of those two and had about 17 death threats and the cops and the tasers and the hospital and being homeless and ugh..

I have an entire new life.. Like I died and came back. So everyday is like a new lucky extra icing on top of the cake sort of thing.. Like I've lived enough thank you, now the rest of my life can be peaceful.. Mmm

And you are right it could be nothing. One of the things it could be is that society has sped up it's accelerating growth and accelerating technology just feels like it can't keep exponentially growing so there are all these cut off points that are not far down the road and everyone feels like it's going too fast and our innate human tribal psychology isn't ready for this and the feeling you have of empending something is just that fear of things going too fast and uncontrolled and now that train is too fast to stop in time CRASH!!

and those fears could be wrong.. Just feelings..


I liked that part of the matrix you just reminded me..

And since you read my personal stories of being four and freaking out...
Can you imagine how flipped out I was when I saw the above scene like 10 years later? When I spent all those years constantly going back to trying to figure out what was wrong?

that movie was like my life story minus the whole actually waking up part..


posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Just a splinter...

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 08:47 AM
a reply to: Peeple


you mean a splinter cell of demonic shadow people terrorists right?

wouldn't it be kind of fun to be christian with all these last days youtube videos and such, and to top it all off you already know you are on the winning team? Goda Army is coming to set all the wrongs right! Well murdering everybody but for the good of the harvest of course.

Sounds fun to me but I missed that boat.

Or maybe it would be more fun to not be a christian and for them to be right... It would be the biggest "No Freaking Way!" moment in history..

I want to see dragons!

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