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The Golden Child is born

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posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 10:55 PM

originally posted by: kenzohattori69
g g g g give me the knife.golden child fo sho

I appreciated that if no one did

The name is the same as Irene , She is an ancient goddess, and Irene meant peace

posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 11:00 PM

originally posted by: kenzohattori69
g g g g give me the knife.golden child fo sho

It's "I I I- I I I I I I-want the knife"
Or something close to that

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 03:52 AM
Irene is not the mother. I assure you this.

I know EXACTLY who you are speaking of.

The Vatican no longer holds the keys. Therefore nothing they have attached will continue, or live past their 'passing'.

All they have built for their own 'new age' is going to be destroyed. Because they did it without permission.

They are still talking and acting like they will be allowed to continue, but they wont be. There is just something massively wrong with their understanding. They don't get that they are going to die. It doesn't compute in their warped, diseased minds.

They still think they will come through this. That they will be saved. When it is the ones that they think will save them, that are going to destroy them.

The last pope. Just like the prophecy.

No more cycles! They didn't ask permission from the seed. So the tree is going to be destroyed.

Irene and Adonai are a conduit for the current filth, which need to be removed.

If they can't be cleansed of their connection to the current filth, they will be destroyed along with them.

Which will be a pity. So much beauty in them.

She will never be 'The new Mother'.

The Mothers name begins with a B. The Fathers with a 'S'.

B & S: Corona Borealis and Corona Australis. The Crowns.

No Irene.
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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 04:33 AM
The child born outside the Vatican is a regular child. Nothing more.

They are trying to self-fulfill their own cyclic prophecy.

Like seeding clouds, so that it rains when they go out to wash their car and they can say, "I knew it would rain the second I went to wash my car."

Of course it rained, that's exactly how you set it up! They are trying to make themselves look amazing, for getting something right they couldn't possibly miss on.

The sequence is bound to happen, so lets make that cyclic sequence 'ours' in writings so everyone will think we are powerful when it happens!

Shooting fish in a barrel and calling themselves fishermen. A joke!

The biggest re-legion joke in history of mankind.

They are a pathetic waste of existence.

They are a disgrace to everything they are supposed to represent.

Don't believe in them and their rubbish.

There is not going to be any golden child. Or Christ.

The 'pass' is being discontinued. Their service is no longer needed or wanted.
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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 09:19 AM
GFDI, I was hoping that this thread was about "The Golden Child" finally being available on BluRay.

Some of you younger folks may not know this, but Eddie Murphy used to be really really awesome. Just because Pluto Nash tanked shouldn't mean they never release "The Golden Child" in HD. They could have called that movie 'The Golden Touch' because man, Eddie Murphy had it back then.

I, I, I, want the kniiiiiife....

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 09:21 AM
a reply to: marg6043

Reminds me of that story about the man who kept praying fervently to god: "Look at the state of the world,Why do you not send help???"

and god answers saying:"I did. I sent YOU"

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: Raxoxane

love it.

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 09:35 AM
Bumping to get "The Golden Child" a BluRay release.

It's a feel good movie, and one of Eddie Murphy's best positive role model type characters. The world needs it.

Come on ATS, let's make this happen. It begins here!!!

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