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US officials ‘strongly suspect’ Iranian-backed militia of kidnapping 3 Americans in Baghdad

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posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 12:24 AM

originally posted by: Wardaddy454

originally posted by: markosity1973
a reply to: xuenchen

Well, when you do deals with the devil what more can you expect?

The nation (America) with the history of double crossing everyone it deals with is getting double crossed itself it would seem.

Poetic justice perhaps?

Man just shut up. This is happening because Obama paid up for the other people.

So, we only get upset when they are American citizens I take it?

What about the Alawites who were kidnapped in Syrian and taken to Raqqa?

Does anyone care that they were crucified or beheaded? Or does it not matter because they are Middle Eastern?

posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 01:04 AM

originally posted by: xuenchen
Did not take long after the recent "agreements" between Iran and the U.S. for releases of people being held against their will to have yet another "incident" taking place.

Now we have U.S. Intel "officials" believing 3 Americans kidnapped in Baghdad Iraq are the efforts of an Iranian "supported" group called the League of the Righteous.

Maybe we are not quite up to speed when it comes the "negotiating" with "terrorists".

Who are those guys anyway?

US officials ‘strongly suspect’ Iranian-backed militia of kidnapping 3 Americans in Baghdad

US military and intelligence officials believe an influential and dangerous Iranian-supported militia is responsible for kidnapping three American contractors in Iraq’s capital several days ago. The militia, known as the “League of the Righteous,” has denied any involvement in the kidnapping, but has a history of abducting foreigners in Iraq.

US military and intelligence officials told The Long War Journal that the League of the Righteous is the prime suspect in the kidnapping of the three Americans, who disappeared last week while visiting an apartment in the Dora neighborhood in Baghdad.

“We strongly suspect that AAH [Asaib al Haq, or the League of the Righteous] abducted them,” one official said. “Our information leads me to believe that they [the Americans] are being held by this militia.”

Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq

League of the Righteous !!

Why would Iran do something like that when there is 45 milit-tree bases within about a 10 minute flight from the Iranian border and Israel desperately and constantly wants the US to go war on Iran for them????

Just how stupid does the US think we all are.

Now in the event they did grab their people, given the above facts, how keen do you think they would have been to make such a decision? The Iranan leadership is not stupid.

Given the sanctions against them have only just been lifted and they have put the nose of the major oil producing nations, out of joint because they've started selling oil into a falling market and aggravated the fall in the price of oil?

Does on think they would made such a decision without hesitation? I suggest they would have through very hard before taking such a decision which indicates that if nabbed a few Americans, the chances are they would have a good reason for doing so and would not have made such a decision lightly.

Alternatively, the whole claim by the US is BS.

In another thread began today its claimed NK has grabbed an American too. Compare the approaches the US takes with both these countries and ask yourself why would the differences be so.

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