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Scientific indoctrination

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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 01:04 AM

Chemical change is simply chemical change and images change in the chemical state. Does this make a human being wrong for having their chemical brain changed by the atmospheric radiation? No...we are not wrong at all, the scientist is wrong for altering the cooled radiation of our natural atmosphere.

The human mind is not the same human mind that the ancients used to gain this awareness for ancient technology. Any dimwitted occultist should have already gained this awareness through all of the experimental programs your occult studies performed. Human beings nowadays do "hallucinate" for the modern chemical brain is not the same as the ancient chemical brain.

Our brains changed when the ancients using this technique changed atmospheric radiation light and sound. Therefore you should have considered this information before you decided to attack your family and cause so much atmospheric destruction.

The changing of the atmosphere allows for information of chemical changes to be stated as a warning via imagery...why prophetic advice arrives by this interaction, and why it also is spiritually advised to relate to bleeding unnaturally from the cell and skin functions....via changed chemical wavelengths.

As my own life...and the life of Nature was attacked, this attack allows the occult scientist the last and only warning for their own life.

What you consider by your collider experiments to try to hold as a constant is what I gained as a small advice, as a review of what you imply taking your family's spirit interaction away from their life and given to your machine as a held and fixed state. This constant also involves the removal of old stone radiation fusion...much colder than dust.

I do not personally own DNA....occultist, I am 1 single human being who you are experimenting on, but the conditions of the experiment and data you do not witness is huge.

As you are now using our atmospheric condition as if it is your are you controlling the information and data occultist? You aren't...therefore my own spiritual aware consciousness has heard the huge record in past life memory that relates information to human consciousness about spiritual self destruction.

I have already proven that I heard the information.

Luckily for my own person, surviving the experiment was only due to the condition of ice melting. Ice melt can only support the existence of life up until a particular temperature is gained in the atmosphere....after this temperature is gained then ice is not going to save human life.

I was lucky just as you state....but I was lucky for my family, not for you. I was lucky that I survived so that I could warn my family about your evil occult practices...before you activate an experiment that will attack their lives just like I was attacked.

You seemingly do not agree with the data that my life experience gave you as occult awareness...obviously you believe that you know everything yourselves even without the self experience. You should therefore gain the self experience so that you can know...for spirituality is about knowing by self experience. As your own persons did not take the spiritual journey to know about love and should have honored and respected your family who already suffered all of the spiritual data advices to advise you of your evil occult practices.

Yet you choose to ignore the suffering of your families spirit...the suffering of the Christ....a new Age suffering.

You imply by virtue that you honor your family...where is your honor? You have never honored your family for you would murder them for any reason to support your own presence. You know that if your family were not alive you would have a great civilization status for self represented egotistic virtue...yet you consider to destroy their lives whenever you are you honorable or a self representative of humanity?

As you so choose to destroy your family whenever it suits you, you cannot possibly believe that spirit would save you by your pleas and prayers......why would spirit allow you to survive to continue the occultist practice that you dishonorably recreated? You had one last warning and your own ancient persons knowing how evil minded you were chose to murder your brother so that his occult practice could not continue in the past.

You reinstated occultism only on the premise of greed and was not reinstated for the virtue of a spiritual life.

When you have choice and reason and allow greed to motivate your decisions, then by the review the spiritual advice states that you have to honor and serve your family as an equal...when have you ever applied this status?

It is not the fault of humanity that our brother overthrew our life....and it is not the fault of humanity that you consider to do the evil practices, but you continually blame our family and our life for your own considerations, as if our presence has no meaning or purpose other than a consideration of causing you stress and anxiety.

Who asked you to control us? We did not...we were all forced into being controlled.

If you honored your family, you would never have accepted an occult theory to steal the spirit of their life from out of the atmosphere for your own occult science practice. It simply would not have been accepted...why was it accepted?

If our life is so holy that it should not be harmed...then why did you harm it?

Why do you have one review as a personal consideration and then not actually apply the review to your family? Because the review states that you have always been self motivated to destroy. Our ancient brother as a higher consciousness was very aware of his evil minded lower brother.

Why is it that our brother always considers how holy our life is, only when his own life faces destruction?

Why do you consider your own holiness and not our holiness?

How many times does a consciousness have to witness such spiritual horrors before they accept that they are wrong?

How many spiritual attacks have to happen before a brotherhood states, that spirit evil is real...and that the only real evil is the evil choice to apply occult practices?

Life is reviewed as if it is a learning lesson....where is the learning, what has been learnt?

The same choice and the same application to do occult conversions has existed in human life for as long as life has been lived.

When we review status we know that our occult brother has never considered his own presence our equal...he has always considered his own presence as a representative of the higher wisdom and higher awareness and higher spiritual statement.

Yet higher spiritual awareness is to do no harm....the higher spiritual awareness is to change as little as possible in life and to honor the life that we were given. How does this status belong to any organization as a religion who still practices occultism......nuclear conversions?
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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 01:09 AM

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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 06:17 PM

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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

So you are a robot then?

Thanks for clearing that up.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 06:56 PM

originally posted by: TerryDon79
a reply to: beenharmed

So you are a robot then?

Thanks for clearing that up.

Are you yourself suffering from some form of mind problem?

I am a human being and always have been human. Just because you created machines to make contact with the human mind...if you did not have your machines...where is your consideration about my life being AI?

Remove your satellites and remove your computer programs and you are just a snide human being making comments about a condition to which a human does not belong...ownership of another's life presence.

Each human owns their own body...cell functions and formation. Just because you studied chemicals and the brain own your own life don't you...operator of the attack program?

If you own your own life and consciousness and then make snide comments about robotic human consciousness then obviously you belong to the human beings applying the program...simply by your statements and self belief.

I am not your program...I proved that I can still think for my own person...and just because we share the same consciousness as concepts and are still communicating to me via a concept of human mind contact....being the study you did relating to the human psyche and psyche control.....personal choice.

Hence you believed that if you had the personal choice signal...then you had the will of God. We were never God...God created Satan....we were never Satan, we are a human being considering what Satan means to our considerations. We then attacked ourselves with the irradiations that belong to the Satanic wavelengths and hence humans like yourself believe in the occultism transmitting interactions as if they are part of the computer program.

But the computer program does not own Satan or the irradiation radioactive wavelengths....they only communicate through different radioactive wavelength you have no direct ownership of Satan as you believed.

Satan by the way occultist is only sound O...split sound that exists in a non split sound reality. The spirit records you hear have nothing to do with the chemical reactions...they are simply formed by increased irradiations.

You can never own an evil also can never own a human life....for the organic presence owns its own presence by its organic presence.

As our occult brother placed our life condition into a life lived as slavery and servitude he has finally come to a spiritual occult mind possessed consideration that he could then own our spirit also. This is as far as your evil mind considerations take you....and then self destruction follows, simply because you believed that you could own an angel.

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 07:00 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

So a robot that wants to take away all satellites and computers?

How ironic!

How would you be able to post this nonsensical gibberish if you took away the very thing you are?

posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 07:34 PM
link would you...occultist?

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