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who do you belive?????

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posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 05:11 AM
ok, my "sightings of unexplained? things,
back in 1983, while working on a trawler in the gulf of carpentaria,
i saw a strange light in the night sky,it was more the way it travelled,(than being a light in the sky), its movement was west-->east
but it appeared to be ascending, not decending(like a falling star does)moving faster than any plane i had ever seen.
i told the rest of the crew next morning at breakfast and was pronounced the looney of the crew.
didnt fall for that 1 again(tell no 1)

several years later, '86, while working off the west coast (just nth of broome) i saw a bright light, move in a nth east to sth west direction,
then change direction, and head nth, to dissappear,(all up, bout 30-40
seconds )i knew it was not a plane,no blinking nav lights, and no planes could manouver in that fashion.also ,the speed was not in
tune with any comercial/military planes,it was fast,
both times the weather was quite good, clear sky's, not much swell, (if u have spent time on a boat, you'll understand.)like a duckpond.

recently, as in last year,late october,.. i was down at the beach fishing(4:30--5:00am)still quite dark,(no morning glow yet)me n the dog r sittn there,line out,... and to the westrn horizon,lookin up at 'bout 35deg, i see a vey bright(almost fiery like)light ,pass from the sthwest to the nth, and dissappear.(again, only 'bout 30-40 sec)
it was more the way it appear'd and dissappeard(like it came into our dimension, and passed 2 anuther,)that was just the thought in my head directly after i seen it.
it travelled in a lateral motion, unlike falling debris
(i'm lookin out across the indian ocean)

now, i consider myself a logical thinking person,
i've seen shooting stars, watched mir pass over, seen satalite's,
and watched halley's comet pass over(nt qld border region, 3 ways)
but i have no logical explanation for the events i listed

i know there is sumthing/sumone out there.(i'm sure there's no "stop.go back" sign down past pluto, or east of jupiter)but 2 just beleive sumone when the say,"i've been in contact with sznert n he ses blah blah blah, well,,,,,
i would'nt straight discount their story, just call it for what it is,.. a story,
story without factuall proof=a story,... sum told better than others

so,.. there u have "my story"
true in my mind
fiction to a nuther

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