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Easy way into area 51? Or not so easy?

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 05:36 PM
Has anybody out there ever got to the border where the signs are and ran past them for a few feet and then back again?

Maybe even 20 or 30 feet? What do you think would happen if you did that? Would anybody see you?

You could then say you have been inside the base!

I am really interested to hear from anybody how tempting it is when you are there to quickly go over and then back again etc.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 05:43 PM
Not to mention there are motion sensors up to 8 miles outside of the previously thought border, giving them a 33 mile buffer zone of surveilance. I agree with those that say that you need to work there to gain access. I hope one day to work there, just to see how ridiculously amazing it is. But dang, I would be in deep to be working there.

They need a bunch of famous people to try to get in. Wonder what would happen if 60 of the worlds greatest actors/actresses suddenly were all the victims of tragic "plane crashes".

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 08:32 PM
After reading about... oh 2000 posts about ways people think about getting in / spying on area 51 / groom lake (Arial reconnaisance/UAV's/Storming the place/running in and getting gunned down)... I've come to the thought that there's a few good ways you could get more information... Now of course I'll post it here, the "powers that be" that read all these forums will see my ideas and all avenues of doing these things will most likely be closed up tighter than fort knox... Hey at least they are fun ideas to think about for the time right? And maybe it'll help the US military prevent some random "bad guys" from doing what I figure out in a matter of days of casual thought.
Y'all feel free to shoot these down left and right - that's fine - maybe the "counter-thoughts" will be just as helpful. Some of these are downright nasty and are well over the line of "espionage" - so if you decide to go try them - hey it's not *MY* fault if you end up in Leavenworth, any other Federal penitentiary, Gitmo, or with lead poisoning.

Idea 1: The groom lake bus. It comes out and is parked each night in front of the Alamo municipal building - sometimes along with vehicles belonging to cammo dudes. This seems to me to be a good place to start some reconnaisance if you're just looking for images from inside the base - nothing specific - nothing terribly exciting - and relatively low risk.
Part A: scope out the bus for a while... find out how long it's parked nightly - dark areas to approach it - times when it may be observed by the powers that be. You're going to need 45 minutes to an hour of unobserved time.
Part B: get your favourite electronics buddy to build you a timing device that can interface with a really nice palm sized digital camcorder and put the whole doohickey in a relatively non-assuming flat-black metal case with a small aperture for the lens. You want the camera and electronics to turn on and film from approx 1 hour after the bus leaves Alamo in the AM until the battery/hard drive/etc. are full - if you can get 2 to 4 hours of video that's great.
Part C - you want *outside* of this small device (we're aiming for paperback book size here) to have 2 or 3 strong magnets. (If the case is built properly it'll shield anything *inside* the metal case from the magnetic interference.) - Go at the "pre-scoped-out time" and attach this small device under the Groom Lake bus in Alamo. Preferrably under either the front bumper or back bumper area where you either get a view of where you're going or where you're coming from. Guaranteed you won't see anything all that interesting - I'm sure they don't have the top-secret test planes or who knows what else sitting out on the runway or in front of the hangars while the G.L. Bus strolls in in the morning and parks.... Who knows how it parks either? Maybe facing a wall? away from a wall? Along a wall? Well if you're lucky the camera will face the way you can see the most.

Part D: Assuming they didn't find the device, it's still there, and it stood up to the drive in and out, go back and collect it the next night without getting yourself caught and thrown into who knows where for espionage. Bingo-Bango you're a super-star. Don't post your video here. They *will* know who you are and where you came from and they *will* knock on your door at 4am with several heavily armed FBI officers.

Ok so that's idea 1 - the least invasive. Now idea 2 is a *LOT* more invasive and probably goes beyond what most anyone would want to do. It involves breaking a *LOT* of civil laws as well as military laws. DO NOT DO THIS! But... for the military folks out there reading this you should think about it and if I thought of it - others must have?

This one goes from a little further afield... and is done in Las Vegas.
Plan 2
Part A: Go to McCarran airport to the Janet terminal... scope it out from a distance for a while... quite a while.. don't be seen. Watch who comes and goes each day... *IF* you can - listen to the pilot chatter on the FAA freq's to be sure you're watching a G.L JANET plane and not just one going off to one of the other various places people commute to on these flights. You're looking for the people getting on and off the JANET planes from groom only. Photograph them as they go to their vehicles.. find out what they drive.. occaisionally follow some and find out where they live... make yourself a nice little book of "the Groom folks who fly Air Janet". You haven't really broken too many laws at this point.... but you are verging on harrassing possibly innocent civilians who just happen to have some of the coolest jobs ever.

Part B: It starts getting illegal. You need some spy equipment.... Serious spy equipment... some of it can be bought online.... but remember it will be traced to you if you get caught... so.. maybe having it mailed to a neighbour and swiping it out of their mailbox wouldn't be a bad idea... Watch lots of CSI so you know the ways they catch people
(Tire tracks, Finger prints, Cloth bits, hair folicles, snot, you name it) So in any case - you need extremely small cameras - with memory devices built in - you can't depend on *any* radio transmissions leaving G.L. - It won't happen. Guaranteed if they detect transmissions on any frequency they automatically jam that frequency if it's not a cleared transmission. Ok in any case you're looking for devices that can be planted in the soles of shoes.. in coat buttons... briefcases... hats.. jackets... just about anything some of your favourite (and now well cased) Air Janet flyers wear and carry to work on a daily basis.

Part C: It gets very illegal - case their houses - watch when they are gone on a weekend/non - work - time when their "work clothes/uniforms" will be in their house. Go plant your devices. (Follow those CSI rules from before about not leaving a trace...) you want in and out and *no* one to know anyone - not only you - but anyone - was ever there. if you got a small digital spy camera planted that photographs every 30 minutes - 48 per day - and can hold 400 or so relatively medium resolution images - that's a week's worth of surveilance - in one weekend - out the next. (If you get something that can burst transmit data back on receipt of a radio signal even better - your surveillance can go on for weeks... every sunday park out front and download the week's images).

So what will you see? Depends where your favourite Air Janet flyer works... if you pick the kitchen or a boring office worker or a Cammo Dude - you might never see anything meaningful. So yah.. this idea invades a lot of people's privacy.. is inherently illegal and pretty evil.. but if you were an unscrupulous espionage type... it's do-able.

Ok idea 3:
There's often heavy equipment going in and out of the north gate - you could easily mount surveillance equipment to anything going in and out of there... similar to the G.L. Bus... you just would have to know where to meet up with it to place it. I haven't thought this one out as much... but I doubt that every bulldozer, backloader, or truck full of other equipment is searched with a fine tooth comb.

Idea 4:
This is by far the hardest.... I wouldn't even go here if it meant I'd get proof of UFO's... go to the EG&G website and apply for a job as a flight attendant with Air Janet. You'll fly in and out of G.L every day and who knows what chatter you would hear on the plane. You'll need top secret clearance.. you'll need to live in vegas.. and you'll need to be a flight attendant. No thanks!

Enjoy my ideas... but please don't try them! I don't want any of the fun people who's posts I enjoy reading here end up with lead poisoning or a Gitmo stay for espionage.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Agreed that the thought of breaking into Area 51 would be exciting and probably suicide. I have read most of the ideas over the last couple of days and I have to admit some of them are really good. Problem is that we are talking about is using technology that could have been devoloped at Area 51 so there is going to be a level of certainty that they have come up with a way to defend themselves from this technology. UAV/Aerial Recon/Remote Controlled Toys (Lets thank Hotwheels for that creation lol) and frontal assault are all things I would be willing to bet anything on they have already sat down, and planned how to either prevent it all together to how to defend the base if something was to happen. I'm kinda on the edge of some people saying that all the neat stuff has been moved to another base. Have to admit, it might not be all that far from the truth. I have been a fan of Area 51 for some years now and I have also looked at the possibility of gaining access to the base. Obviously, my wife gives me a smack upside the head and I come back down to earth.

1. Frontal Assault. There is no way you are going to be able to find the amount of people required to take over a military installation. If you could, they are not going to be trained to know who to take over a installation of that type of security. Even having weapons to ATTEMPT to pick off every worker you see, I can only imagine the number of military personal as well as contracted security that would have no problem frying your ass where you stand. That idea would be not only a blood bath as well as a ultimate failure.

2. UAV. When President Obama was in Ottawa Ontario, the Russians had a WW2 bomber fly into Canadian airspace. Not 3 minutes later that aircraft was intercepted and escorted out of Canadian airspace. My point is thats the Canadian Airforce. I can't even imagine the reponse time the US Air Force would be. By the time you launch your UAV and have it with in photo range, it will be either escorted into normal airspace (which I doubt) or shot down. AND EVEN IF it made it out and you get photos, they are photos we have seen already. Google Earth has ariel photos of the base already. Again another failure.

3. Remote Controller Toys. I played with this idea for a little while. If out of any of these ideas has any way or working, well his would be the one. We all know there are armed guards at the base. First glimps of a 4 wheel mini hummer coming into the base, you can bet your ass your going to find bullets being fired at it or some bored guard comes over and just stomps on it. In any case, if you can conseal that R.C then you might be able to get some ground photos. Thats about it because I'm sure they are letting people just walk into a room with a bunch of cool stuff with out some type of code or door clearance. Again the photos taken might be of something in a hanger, but in reality not interesting.

All these ideas being brought to the surface and I'm sure some authority has seen all these ideas. Will these create additional measures now they have seen all these ideas... I doubt it. I'm not very old and I'm sure at some point the freedom of information act will let people know what is going on at that base...In time.. In the mean time, it is fun to imagine what might be in there. Aliens? I doubt it. Cool planes... I hope so cause if there isn't, then all the websites and all the conspiracy was all for nothing. And that sir would be no fun!

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 12:28 PM
There's more than just two snipers waiting to kill you if you go past the restricted area. If you were able to pin down the two guards, the security camera might see you and immediately send a bunch of reinforcements.

So no, it is not easy to get inside Area 51, the government is very cautious about places like that so civilians will never learn anything about that place.

That is, unless another Bob Lazar decides to come out and tell us about it.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:45 PM
What about the idea of a Hovercraft model? it'll move fast and low enough to evade gunfire and rocks, aswell as evade mines and crucially it'll also prevent setting off the motion sensor alarms.
Fit a small camera to the front and job done.

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