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How Bernie Sanders pays for his proposals

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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 10:44 PM

originally posted by: matafuchs

We need real jobs. We need lower taxes. If you lower taxes you allow more take home that allows more to be pumped back into the economy.

Isn't that exactly what he said he's trying to do though?? Create jobs was one part, something like 13 million jobs or whatever.

As for your taxes, he's not raising your taxes. He's trying to collect on the taxes that are already being owed but are being offshored through loopholes. In other words he's collecting on taxes from those who are defrauding the system. So unless you're some massive corporation who's cheating on your taxes he's not going after you.

BTW, lowering taxes doesn't create more jobs. Nobody just decides to hire more people because they have some extra cash to blow. You create jobs and hire people because you have increased business. Even then paying someone else is usually after you've tried other cheaper ways to meet the increased demand. We've already seen that lowering taxes on the Rich doesn't mean they then go hire a bunch more people because they have extra money. If that is what happened then all that money being held offshore would be used to create all these cool new jobs now wouldn't it?? But that isn't where it goes does it??? NO, it get's hidden away from everyone.

FYI, I do kinda like your Mr. T idea though.

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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: mOjOm

It is not about taxes on the 1%. A small business that employs under 100 employees is dying right now based on business taxes and ACA requirements. I work in this industry. I have seen companies that were around for 30-50 years pull back and then close. It is sad. Very sad. I am speaking about what I am seeing.

I understand your point but it is tough for the person who wants to carve out a living as a small business owner and that is what has sustained the US for decades.

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 11:31 PM
a reply to: matafuchs

I agree with you there. Also, lowering taxes on small businesses and even the middle class in general would help the economy because small business and middle class would then spend that extra money.

But there is still a very big problem with the super rich cheating on their taxes and funneling money away out of this country. So you should be concerned about that. Yes, some of your taxes are going to the poor. But you seem to blame them and give the wealthy a pass. But the wealthy are the ones screwing everyone not the poor. The poor are just poor and we all are expected to help them whether we want to or not.

Personally, I don't fault them for their position and being in need and I'm talking about the ones who are really in need. So it doesn't bother me that I am forced to help them. What pisses me off is that when these companies cheat the system they cheat all of us too. The poor at least spend that money they get pretty much as soon as they get it. So it goes right back in the economy anyway. Funneling money away, out of this country and way from taxes doesn't help anything. It makes everything worse in fact because our money not being spent here messes up our economy.

The Government basically is a big money distribution system. What they take in they spend. So when they tax us they also spend that money on us, typically and in theory anyway. When they lose it or it goes to other countries it's similar to these corps hiding it. It doesn't help us here. It just puts more burden on us. Same as when they keep borrowing but that's another issue I guess.

I'm rambling. I'll shut up now. I did have a point to what I was saying but I seem to have forgotten what it was exactly.
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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 11:40 PM
I think the biggest problem in America is how many people are too afraid of lifting a shovel.

After years of switching jobs to find an easy one to do myself I see thebgeneral population of America doesn't want to do any heavy lifting even to stock shelves in grocery stores.

Call me what you will but if we want a better America we actually have to create it brick by brick.

Stop whining and start digging America.

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: mOjOm

Check Trumps tax plan...there are no loopholes.

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 11:58 PM

originally posted by: matafuchs
a reply to: mOjOm

Check Trumps tax plan...there are no loopholes.

So you support Trump removing loopholes and think the Corps. would allow him to stop their cheating ways but don't support Sanders doing it or think the Corps. would find a way out of it if it's done by Sanders but not Trump???

I don't think I get it.

Why on earth would you think Trump of all people could pull that off and Sanders couldn't???

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 01:43 AM
Berney sanders is an idiot. Why, his brain is burned out from all the drugs he took in the peace movements back in the 50's and 60's. He just needs Help. Not President Material. He needs to concentrate on how to bring America back to it's original Glory From the top all the way to the bottom. OH WAIT, lets spend more money and get into MORE DEBT with INTEREST. That sounds logical. NOT.

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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 08:00 AM

originally posted by: matafuchs
We need real jobs. We need lower taxes. If you lower taxes you allow more take home that allows more to be pumped back into the economy.

Taxes take nothing out of the economy. Tax money doesn't disappear, it just goes to the government to be spent by them. Wether the money is in your pocket or the governments it still gets spent in the economy.

Right now you pay about 28% of the your salary to income tax for the Federal Government. This is why they want to raise the minimum wage. To collect more taxes. They don't care about you and I mean the DNC and GOP. Bernie wants 15 bucks an hour and that would double the taxes collect in the US. Kiss my ass!

Raising minimum wage has nothing to do with tax increases.

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 08:14 AM

originally posted by: tothetenthpower

originally posted by: matafuchs
a reply to: tothetenthpower

He can reject it. It is easy. You say don't do that. If you allow it to happen you will eventually have to pay the piper. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

What you just said makes no sense, and just sounds like talking points from Fox mashed together.

He has told some super PAC's to stop campaigning when they've gone rogue and promoted negative ads etc.

I mean...the dirt they have on Bernie, it's so minute, it's so little.

Oh gosh he hired friends and family?! Say it ain't so. Let's go back through 2o years of elections and find me a POTUS who didn't hire friends and family for their campaign.

Man people who don't like Bernie are really grasping at straws at this point. I almost wish there was a real scandal to taint my view of him for once.


I'm pretty much in the same boat. Nobody has anything against Bernie, so they resort to propaganda which does nothing but reinforce my support for the man. I literally went through his past voting history and the man is consistent. When gay rights weren't a popular political tool he still was there to support. The same applies to many other controversial topics we have going on right now.

He also is a man of the people and not corporations. It's to bad that most conservatives are so closed minded to actually read the facts instead of a biased interpretation they receive on their daily conservative news.

The Super Pac propaganda has been debunked to that specific poster numerous times in different threads. Basically trolling at this point.

What I don't get is why Bernie's competition hasn't debated the economists that say Bernie's plans will save America 5 trillion dollars over the next decade. I guess that would require more than just posting some pointless one-liner.
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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: Gumerk

This is very important to me and I'd think for most Americans as well. Here's new information added to Bernie's website describing how he will pay for all his proposals

Rebuild America Act: Sen. Sanders has proposed a $1 trillion plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and put 13 million Americans to work.

Paid for by making corporations pay taxes on all of the “profits” they have shifted to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens, which the Congressional Research Services estimates may currently create losses that approach $100 billion annually, and other loopholes.

How Bernie pays for his proposals

Good luck finding 13 million USA citizens that want to work. Why should they when Bernie's other plans all involve the govt taking care of those same people while they sit at home on their couches?

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 03:58 PM
a reply to: jjkenobi

Can you point out which of Sanders' proposed policies encourage people to sit at home on their couches instead of getting a job?

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 01:57 AM

originally posted by: Spider879

originally posted by: Wardaddy454

originally posted by: pl3bscheese
a reply to: Snarl

So let me get this straight. You would rather stick to a defeatist attitude then elect a commander in chief who would try to clean up the mess we're in.

Got it. Thanks for making your message clear.

The problem is you guys assume that Bernie's way is the only way.

Perhaps, perhaps not, but I've yet to see anything of substance coming out of the Republican debates alot chest puffing and one upmanship, and I am not being dismissive from an ideological stance either, at least on the Democratic debates, we can see clear policy differences between the leading candidates.

Well they've touched on a few of their policy points in the debates, with the entire scope of their plans on their websites.

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