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If "O Presidente Negro! Choque das Raças" is a prophetic Novel, Obama might die in office.

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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 12:27 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

In 1926 an unsual futuristiic novel on American Politics was published in Brazil, although it was intended to be sold in the American Market the fact is that the culture of the racial segregation didn't allow even to be published at that time in English.

There are remarkable coincidences in between the Novel O Presidente Negro! by the Brazilian author Monteiro Lobato and what became the election of the first African American in the US History for the White house: Barack Obama.

Some synchronicities that can be mentioned are:

1) The Black President, predicted to be elected for a year determined by the combination of the digits 2 and 8 when the US population will be about 300 million people. ( in the novel Jim Roy is elected in 2228 , but in reality Obama was elected in 2008)

2) A world interconnected and moved through Internet: “people will not go to the office everyday in a streetcar, they will work at home and will radiate the job done to the office”,

3) In a time of genetic technology and cosmetic industry: " when medicine would be highly advanced, able to create doubles of human beings as clones; and people would have their hair straightened".

4) The fact that the President is black, elected running against a democratic rival that is a blonde woman, but also against the reelection of a Republican white man.

5) The final winner is the “Black President.” At that time, the US population would be 314 million people, while in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected it was approximately 304 million,

6) In real life the republican opposition several times has accused Obama to try to lead America toward a kind of Dictatorship, in the book of Lobato the last name of his black President is Roy, that in French translates King.


7) Also for incredible that it appears, Barack Obama has a half Brother, with whom he doesn't have a really nice relationship, that is named Malik Roy in Africa.

8) In Lobato's Novel Jim Roy became elected first time President running against the feminist Evelyn Astor, a white woman. This is also interesting since no body is closer in aspects of work team to Hillary Clinton that Mrs Evelyn Lieberman, who performed as the White House Chief of Staff when she was First lady and as subsecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs during her time as head of he State Secretary.

Pls Check:

9) In the book Jim Roy Wilde is elected the 88th President of the USA, in reality Barack Obama became the 44th US President, both numbers have repeated digits and are multiples each one of the other.

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As a member of São Paulo's Eugenic Society since 1918, Lobato was concerned with issues of public health that plagued Brazil's rural population, which inspired him to create the figure of the country bumpkin named Jeca Tatu. Lobato's only work of science fiction is his O presidente negro ["The Black President"] (1926 as O choque das raças; vt 1945) [for vts and subtitles, see Checklist], which offers a portrait of American society and Anglo-American culture in the year 2228 as observed by two Brazilians via a Time Viewer machine -

See more at:

The book, however, offers an unexpected outcome: Lobato wrote. 'As the day had dawned The first black American President Jim Roy had been found dead in his work office.

What do you Think? if all these are more than mere coincidences and the Brazilian writer subconciously perceived an actual causal line of future Obama could die in office isnt it?

The thread is opened to discussion for people interested in political fiction literature but also for the ones that are fans of strange cases of paranormal inspiration in Authors of the past.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 06:03 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Going by the logical path you laid out, that of some sort of causality window having opened to the author, the differences between his vision, laid out in the book he wrote, and the actual events leading to, and since the election of President Obama, would suggest that the outcome would be entirely different as well. Obama will die, just as we all will some day, but how, where, its significance? I hardly think there is enough similarity between the events in the book that you mentioned, and the path that real life has taken, to suggest that the outcome of the book will be repeated or even echoed in reality.

There are too many bumps in the road of causality, to make the paths of art and reality diverge significantly.

Interesting topic though, and a bloody good find on your part, so kudos for that!

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Well, there is another factor that has a tremendous weight to reafirm the prophetic nature of this Novel, and it is the undouttful link that it has with major figures of the literature of fiction who have proven exhaustively to be very accurate into predict future trends: the British Author H.G. Wells and the French writer Jules Verne.

Pls check

The Brazilian Author Monteiro Lobato came to America as part of the diplomatic personel of the Embassy of his country, and among all his connections in the social spheres, he had very important and fruitful friendships in intellectual circles, and that explain certain important influences in his style but also in his topics, just two that are very important are H.G. Wells and Mark Twain.

The inspiration that Wells, Verne and Twain gave to Lobato can be traced back to his young years in Brazil, working as a translator into portuguese of their works. This would be meaningful to understand why his novel has had a lot of precision to forecast events more than a century ahead of them.

The concept of time travel that he work in the novel is a continuation of the works of these three authors in similar or analogous adventures in Literature.

The record of accomplished predictions of H. G Wells it is pretty impressive.

Pls check.


The Angel of Lightness

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